2 May 2012

The face in the tomb

I thought I would put this picture up as a little light relief from darkness and horrors of Norway I have found myself wrapped up in, and the corruption in high places protecting the real people behind 'Operation Breivik' that leaves me smeared around the world as the English 'mentor' because I am not afforded such protection from State actors and their controlled mainstream media.

The picture was taken when I took a pilgrimage for prayer and contemplation to the burial site of St George in the Holy Land on St George's day 2010.

As I was praying a woman came into shot and you can see the clear outline of a face. Make what you want from it, it's encouraging enough for me. I was going through all of my old pictures looking for one I needed and found it amongst them which was nice and timely.

Video: Giving up is the easy option

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