17 May 2012

Some more questions for Norway's PST and Police

Seems there is a bit more steam left in the tank.

VG: Norway's PST's report on Knights Templar network

Behring Anders Breivik (33) claims "Knights Templar" made a full background check before being included. Police do not believe it.

In an analysis report says the police that if the Knights Templar are - and have the resources Breivik outlines - they would probably not chosen him. "If the founders of the Knights Templar carried out investigations of Breivik in 2002, they would have found that he had no sodium, the he had not been in the military, that he had worked as a telemarketer for six years, he had started three companies, all with deficit, and that had been taken by police for graffiti and driving while intoxicated, "the report said. breivik claims Knights Templar emphasized the extremely gifted individuals when they recruited people. Police believe it rhymes well with Breivik's CV at the time.

Breivik was not recruited by the historical Order of Knights Templar, he was recruited by a political group of right wingers as part of a neo-Gladio style network.

They have wrapped up Breivik and his/their political agenda against Left-wing Marxists in the clothes of Templarism in an attempt to gain wider support because the old style neo-nazi ideology would never be acceptable to mainstream right wing politics.

Breivik admits himself that he is a part of the Gladio network that has been around since the Second World War and carried out more than 50 terrorist attacks in that time span.

The people who recruited Breivik were not looking for someone with the ability to make money through business or someone with an upstanding reputation like the Norwegian police think they were. They were looking for someone who they could trust, and considering Breivik's family background that they had access to because they are part of the intelligence community he came to the top of the list.

Father was a diplomat to the UK so there is the connection to the London Gladio grouping, and his step father was a former Army Major.

Breivik came from the right family stock in the eyes of others...He could be trusted because he had a lot to live up to with the right brainwashing.

The people behind Breivik have all the money they need, look at the links into international banks, so Breivik was not recruited for his business skills, although he raised $600,000 from somewhere so he could not have been that stupid unless it was the financing of international terrorism from external sources.

Quote: Progress was to recognize Kosovo as an independent state, and supported the NATO bombing of Serbia. According to Breivik's explanation was bombing one of the main reasons why the Knights Templar was re-established in 2002.

This brings in the Serbian angle to the neo-Gladio network and the reason why a small European group with a larger supporting group came together with a mutual political agenda, with Breivik recruited as an integral part of that agenda that resulted in July 22nd 2011.

That means there are other Breivik’s out there as part of the same network.

The group is not a Knights Templar group in the real sense of the Order, they are a group of politically minded people dressing themselves up in the clothes of the Knights Templar (in my opinion).

They are a neo-Gladio group which is extreme right/left politics formed to influence the political debate through terrorism in whatever Countries they are operating in.

Wikipedia: Operation Gladio

Quote: Brevik has changed the explanation from the Knights Templar was a pan-European organization with at least 25 -30 members to be a network consisting of six persons.

It does not take 25 – 30 members to create Breivik and the aftermath which is laid down in the “2083” manifesto and accompanying video. All it takes is a small group with wider political support. They want to start a terrorist campaign along the same lines as Al Qaeda with real solo terrorists rising up and committing right-wing political terrorist acts.

It only took a small group to create the English Defence League with Alan Lake who I believe is Breivik’s real English ‘mentor’ involved, so numbers are irrelevant. Someone’s actions and the right propaganda exactly like ‘Operation Breivik’ can create a much larger movement than the original fewwho started it which is exactly what ‘Operation Breivik’ is all about when you look at the whole thing.

The 25 – 30 claim was Breivik’s pompous claims to bolster the image of ‘his’ attempt to create a much larger organisation in the eyes of others, but under intense questioning the truth was revealed and that in reality it is really a small group of intelligent individuals which is in-line with being a neo-Gladio group where secrecy is paramount so small cells of politically/financially influential people are essential for secrecy, with Breivik being a part of the cell operating out of London.

Who helped create the picture perfect English “2083” manifesto is Breivik is a “solo terrorist” connected to no one?

Quote: Breivik had economic motives for their trips to Liberia, Lithuania and Estonia. At the same time it can not be refuted that Breivik may have met a Serb in Liberia, three people in London in 2002 and people in Lithuania and Estonia in 2004. police are clear in their report that they have no faith in the organization Breivik talking about are .

People are leaving Lithuania and Estonia for greener European pastures because of the economic situation in those Countries so why would Breivik's trips there be for economic reasons?

That does not add up.

You have to look at all the historical evidence in light of the events of July 22nd and the PST’s conclusion does not sit right in the scheme of things but that is their logic because they have a script they are working with that was created by someone (plural) and involved me only my part did not go to plan (explained later).

Just because they say they do not believe something is true does not mean it is not true, it just means they have no evidence either way to confirm or deny so the statement should be they are keeping an open mind until all evidence is gathered to see how it fits together or doesn’t fit together.

It fits together for me when looking at the evidence: Breivik’s bomb making skills

Further reading: Breivik’s Liberia London connection

Further reading: Some questions for the prosecution

Quote: "Since the terrorist attack on 22 July saw the police main goal was to uncover whether there are assistants to Breivik and cell 2 or 3 exists. As of 9 april, there is no information indicating that "

Further reading: A Question of doubt

Have the 3 points covered in this post been completely and thoroughly ruled out, meaning there is evidence to the contrary or are they open ended points with no firm conclusion other than the PST or Police saying they do not believe there are others involved even without evidence to state that as a fact?

Quote:"Police Security Service since July 22 priority to work with the possibility that Breivik has held an organizational affiliation and that the Knights Templar is an international organization. PST has found that the Knights Templar exist in the form Breivik says

It is not a Knights Templar Order it is a neo-Gladio style group dressed up in the clothes of Templarism.

The script for Breivik was written from the very beginning and that script has been to have Breivik labelled as a "solo terrorist" linked to no one who is insane and was radicalised, recruited, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mothers home because beyond that script there are people in high places hiding from the truth.

Based upon all of the evidence that script is in tatters and whoever wrote it should be held to account because they are complicit in a cover-up of the truth when there are 77 people now dead, with 69 of them innocent kids on their summer camp, with many more injured for life because of Breivik's actions as part of a planned coup de tat.

Nice how the leader and deputy leader were removed before Breivik arrived on Utoya island don’t you think?

They almost got away with it with me being arrested and locked up as his inspiration which would have made it a nice clean story only I have been allowed to defend myself and show my truth to those who want to read it.

I was their fall guy for a nice clean media story which if you look back to the beginning you will see very clearly in the media where the journalists tried to fit me into the box written for me in the Breivik script with their smears, lies and half truths...Only I never fell because Jesus Christ is holding my arms and feet and I stand on truth in righteousness in this and have done since the beginning.

Now let others judge what is truth and what is falsehood as people look for the truth behind Breivik.

Quote: You have made a conclusion based on that since you have not arrested anyone else, or located on other so can not Knights Templar exist. If you use that logic, it existed still does not know prior to 22 July, he pointed out already during the first week of the trial.

Further reading: Norwegian Police logic

If the Norwegian Police or PST really want to get to the bottom of the truth then they should offer Breivik's mother a deal for her immunity from prosecution for laundering $600,000 through her bank accounts for her son then they can start joining some of the dots together. It is said that the money was from Breivik selling fake diploma's but my money is on it being for the financing of international terrorism from external sources. Either way there is no way out because it is the proceeds of crime which is a criminal offence so the Norwegian people will expect her to be arrested.

She has been given protection by the State up to this point in time, protection not afforded to the children of Utoya on July 22nd 2011 who are now dead or injured.

If Breivik does a deal for his mothers immunity it is going to shatter that State script that has been written for the public which is probably why no action has been taken against her up to this point in time.

They should also reveal who Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is and see how this fits into the picture seen as though its integral to the investigation.

I wonder how things are going to look when these 2 points are addressed?

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