22 May 2012

Norwegian Armed Forces getting involved

Dagbladet: Breivik

The indictment against Anders Breivik Behring is designed in that he is insane. Armed Forces want to change this, but then it could be proved that the first report based on an erroneous basis, says legal commentator Egeland.

I dont know whether the google translate is correct but if it is it looks like the Norwegian Armed Forces are stepping in to the legal case against Breivik which in the scheme of things is the right thing to do now considering there is a State sanctioned cover-up of the truth taking place.

All the unanswered questions that completely contradict the Norwegian State script writers case surrounding Breivik.

As the quote states the case against Breivik is designed to enforce the 'insane' label on him rather than allow the 'rule of law' take it's natural course through the judicial process which is the usual and normal workings inside a Democracy.

If this does not happen then the Country cannot claim to be a Democracy and is nothing more than a Dictatorship with the rulers abusing their power over those they rule over for their own purposes and in this case white-washing the cold blooded murder of 69 innocent Norwegian children for political purposes.

Breivik is guilty of his crimes against humanity that saw him target a group of innocent children in the name of right-wing politics and he should be punished with the full force of the law for the crimes he has committed but to refuse he is connected to anyone means that I was not set up to be the fall guy for the events that day by others, and I was.

All evidence proves my Norwegian Police witness statement to be correct only the Norwegian State script writers who are in control of the State's case against Breivik disagree and claim he is a "solo terrorist" connected to no one which means those who set me up get away with it.

You must be mad to think Breivik the son of the Norwegian diplomat to London and step son of an Army Major was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who was recruited, radicalised, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mother's home who carried out the worst terrorist attack in Europe of the 21st Century calling it a coup de tat.

Not only that but he was also an avid international traveler which shatters that illusion in the eyes of anyone with half a brain, only the Norwegian script writers do not think so and discount everything because it goes against the story they want the public to believe.

The 'insane' label would make it seem convincing in the eyes of the public though who do not know the full facts to the case, and would mean the real truth behind Breivik and those connected to him would be hidden behind closed doors by the political rulers of Norway.

And those who set me up would get away with their actions towards me, along with their complicity in Breiviks atrocities.

How is that justice?

You ask any lawyer with some 'balls' willing to speak in the interest of the integrity of the 'rule of law' whether or not Breivik's first psychiatric report has any legal basis to be in the courts proceedings when you look at some of the key points it was created upon that the psychiatrists then passed their clinical position over and place that in the Norwegian newspapers for the public to read.

To criticise the integrity of the first psychiatric report does not mean you support Breivik it means you are passing a professional opinion on a legal question irrespective of the case.

I am not a lawyer and it is blatantly obvious to me.

If from a legal stand point it has no basis to be in the court room then why have the judges not thrown it out?

Is that not criminal in nature and intent from a legal standpoint for it to still be there if it has no legal basis to be there?

The whole thing stinks!

It is about time 'truth & justice' prevailed...

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