19 May 2008

The test of our British justice system

Dangerous ground...

Will those in charge of the Crown prosecution service have the guts to press charges against the first Moslem peer Lord Ahmed for killing someone whilst he was driving dangerously, and placing him before the British courts system with prison at the end of it if found guilty, as they would with one of us mere mortals, or will this be another case of the two rule British justice system that seems so prevalent in today's day and age?

One rule for them and one rule for us.

Lord Ahmed said yesterday :
"I would strenuously deny any allegation of death by dangerous driving. Other than that I cannot comment."

He drove into the back of a stationery car and killed someone, how much more clear cut can it get? Also ontop of that there is the belief that he was texting someone whilst driving in the fast lane of the motorway based on his phone records.

If nothing else the records prove that he was texting whilst driving which is a criminal offence under British law.

Dare they strip the first Moslem peer of his Lordship as they did to Jeffrey Archer?

Daily Mail

Britain's first Muslim peer may face charges of death by dangerous driving after allegedly sending a text on the fast lane of the M1 before ploughing into a stationary car, killing its driver.

Lord Ahmed was at the wheel of his gold-coloured X-Type Jaguar when it ploughed into a red Audi A4 on the M1 near Rotherham on Christmas Day.

The Crown Prosecution Service is now trying to decide whether he should face the charge after a traffic police investigation led to the suspicion that he texted a journalist friend at the time of the crash.

As part of the investigation traffic police examined Lord Ahmed's mobile phone on which he made a 999 call from the scene. It is alleged that shortly before the emergency call a text message was sent to a journalist friend.

Police investigators have now completed a file and have submitted it to the CPS who will decide if there is sufficient evidence for any charges to be brought.

Lord Ahmed said yesterday : "I would strenuously deny any allegation of death by dangerous driving. Other than that I cannot comment."

The peer's 28-year-old victim, Slovakian Martyn Gombar, died instantly in the impact and Lord Ahmed suffered severe facial injuries and shock.

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The test of the British justice system


Anonymous said...

It is indeed one law for the muslims and one for the rest of us.

A muslim up here in Scotland who caught speeding says was allowed to keep his license after a Sottish judge heard he needed it to spend time with his two wives.


Anonymous said...

"The Crown Prosecution Service is now trying to decide whether he should face the charge after a traffic police investigation."

If it is Bethan David reviewing for the cps he will NOT be charged.

Lionheart said...

One more thing to add to the list then.

Ducky's here said...

Must have been drunk.

Joanne said...

In my neck of the woods, the person who rear-ends another is at fault automatically - following too close. If the driver kills or injures the occupants of the car struck, then the insurance company of the driver would make a large pay-out, and if the driver is found guilty of some offence, then the driver would also find himself in court for damages, pain, and suffering.

Striking a stationary car, in itself, should make this an open and closed case - guilty.

I would like to know why the British feel Muslims should be handled with kid gloves. Is it because they are afraid to make Muslims mad and possibly be subjected to extreme violence? What is it? I would much rather see Muslims throw a violent hissy-fit just to slap them in cuffs, jail, and throw away the key. To bring Muslims to justice in Britain, obviously doesn't fit into Nu Labours agenda of destroying Britain from within.

Anonymous said...

Joanne, it true in England too.
You crash into the back, it's your fault.
The guys as guilty as sin.
Even Ducky knows that, and for once he has cracked a good joke!
Now wouldn't it be funny if this guy says he had had a nip of an alcohol based cough medicine!
He must be stretching his brain to think of some such excuse as that.
They are all the same,.. deny-ers.

Anonymous said...

slimy little shite-bag

Anonymous said...

what was the dead man doing by running across on the motorway. can't u see his role of negligence by risking his life... its not a matter of muslims and non mulims but a matter of upper and lower class. or matter of parliament, perhaps the most sensitive issue

let police do its job, I have my faith they will bring the justice no matter wat it takes........relax

Lionheart said...

When was the last time you heard of any of the political class held to account for their criminal acts?

They make the rules up as they go along, thats their job isnt it?

Anonymous said...

imagine, u ran across 3 lane of motorway, u get hit and get injured, wat compensation u get from ur or other peoples insurance...............zero penny. is that right????

but I hope justice does take place. None of us have the right to take anyone' life regardless of our status and position.

it is a test of the british justice system, u r right. c wat do they do!