24 May 2008

Anti-Terror police criticise the Exeter Nail bomb white wash

Within hours of the failed Nail bomb attack on a busy shopping centre in Exeter, the liberal politically correct police force in Devon along with the all of the main stream media went to work on their white wash of this failed Islamic inspired bombing campaign by claiming that this was a mentally ill man who had been recruited and radicalised by extremists.

I should think that considering how quick this story and the subsequent white wash had hit all of the major news outlets he had not even been interviewed yet.

But the common consensus from within literally hours after the attack was that this was a mentally ill man with the mental age of a 10 year old who had been duped by Moslem extremists.

As Scotland Yards anti-terror police have pointed out, in cases of such magnitude this type of information would never be released so quickly, and definitely not before they had done their thorough job of investigating the facts first.

So why were the British public treated to a white wash over the events in Exeter?

Is it because Labour are in control down there and as soon as the news hit about the attack the libearl elites multi culti propoganda machine went into play so as to protect the protected species within today's British society, the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain, and cover up the true horror of what was narrowly avoided?

Scotland Yards anti-terror police are the ones on the front line in fighting this horror in our midst, and I am sure that they really do see the picture of reality which we do not, as truly a horror of undescribable magnitude that our innocent society now faces in relation to our new civil Islamic enemy.

Thank God that Scotland Yards anti-terror police are there for us and that they are willing to speak up when something reflects badly on their important work, especially when a white wash takes place that looks like it is them doing the white washing.

Its a shame the Daily Mail only mentioned this in their very last sentence, probably a very touchy politically correct subject at this moment in time.

Daily Mail

The Muslim convert held after a nailbomb restaurant attack had been under surveillance by the security services, it was claimed last night.

Counter-terrorist officers suspected mentally-ill Nicky Reilly had forged links with known Islamic extremists at an internet cafe near his home.

The revelation raised serious questions about how he was able to travel on a bus with 54 passengers for the 44-mile journey from his home in Plymouth to Exeter, where the home-made bomb exploded.

The 22-year old - who detectives believe was exploited by militants - even received a text message of encouragement before setting off on his failed suicide mission on Thursday, say police sources.

The bomb was a 'viable' fireball-type device constructed of drain cleaner, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails.

It was extremely volatile and may have been detonated by shaking. Reilly suffered severe cuts and facial burns when it went off in the lavatory of the Giraffe restaurant in a Plymouth shopping centre.

Police suspect the terrorists who built the bomb, and two similar devices found at the scene, thought they would have been powerful enough to blow out the front of the restaurant - causing untold death and injury.

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Anonymous said...

Yes but in reality, most people of common sense will see through any white-wash, and understand that there can be little more cowardly than getting a mentally ill lad to do such dirty work for them.
I noticed some papers today are claiming that this young man was recruited in his local chip-shop.
"Do you want salt and vinegar on your chips, or do you prefer something with a little more poke?"

Seriously though, I think this shows the importance of the observations you have made on a previous post concerning halal fast-food outlets and their extremist owners, who operate outside the law, even when they are watched by the Anti-terror services.

As I walked through Luton's Bury Park today, I saw pasted onto bus shelters and lamp posts, printed warnings to the Muslim people living in Luton, to avoid the "International May Carnival Parade," this Bank Holiday Monday.
These posters state that "it is forbidden for Muslims to attend the Carnival" along with a quote from the Quran saying they will be condemned by Allah to eternal hell-fire if they do.

So multi culturalism doesn't work for these Muslims doea it?
After all they would have to stand alongside Africans and Hindus and even Jews. (And even some white British Lutonians.)
Surely it would be better to offer assited passage for these miscreants, back to the Hindu-Kush mountains for their own good.(and ours)
It would be the most humane solution for these racists who do not want to mix with other races.
Why is Islam the most racist of all religions?
Practically thoiugh, I did not see many people taking notice of these printed rantings, which shows how they are regarded by the majority of their own community as the majority of them are ignorant of the comands of their belief system.
It only takeds a few who are aware of the religious commands to fight the un-believerers to break society apart.
They have demonstrated their intent to destroy us as they did the Hindu s that lived in Afdghanistan before the Muslim conquest of about year 1000.
After all, the name Hindu-Kush, means Hindu-massacre.

Lionheart said...


Joanne said...

I wondered why the information on the fella was 'out' there so readily just after the event took place.

People aren't as big as fools as the Nu Labour thinks. This fella couldn't orchestrate the bombings himself - he was helped by clinically mentally stable - if one could refer to them as that - Muslims. The Muslims were basically using this fella, who apparently had been involved with Islam for a couple years, to do their dirty work.

If you look at who has committed or intented to commit acts of terrorism in Britain you have the mentally-ill Muslim convert, Muslim doctors, Muslim school teacher, Muslim police officers, born and bred Muslim Britains, etc. and all those Nu Labour traitors and enablers. Really, can anyone trust any Muslim? Who is the moderate Muslim anyhow? The truth be told, a non-practising Muslim is the only Muslim the British can trust, and even then I wouldn't trust them to be telling the truth about that.

Muslims do not want to assimilate into British culture; they want to be separate, but still be in a position to commit modern day raping and pillaging of all Britain has fought and bled for.