12 May 2008

Labours database of its opponents

Something has struck a nerve within the cabal who are presently in charge of the British Government.

Everyone is now a prospective 'Enemy of the State' if they do not toe this Marxist Labour governments political line, and is a political opponent within society.

21st Century "TYRANNY" in a supposed Western democracy is the only word befitting.

I wonder what our Royal Family think about what is happening to their Country and people, those who they have a divine responsibility over from the Lord God Almighty who has placed us and our Nation into their hands to rule over and protect.

This government are the ones who have created our present problems in British life, and who are now using the force of the State which they control, and their manipulation of that power base to target those who threaten their political agenda that they are inflicting upon our society - TRAITORS to the British people, and leaders of the gullible British sheep people who vote for them is the only response.

Roll on the General Elections so that we can have a Conservative Government in power, hopefully they will have the Salvation of the British homeland at the heart of their politics.

Boris J was the first giant leap into power and I pray that God will use him within his role, and now it seems the house is crumbling down around them with Gordon Brown being sacrificed by his own people.

I wonder who is keeping a database on these present leaders and their crimes against the British people so that they can be tried for High Treason once the 'English Civil War' is over that our future contains?

That is if we win of course, otherwise the United Kingdom will be an Islamic State, The Islamic World's Outpost UK, the Western Province of Eurabia, and stepping stone into America, the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century.

Daily Mail

More than 10 million people are to have their everyday disputes, their politics and their business lives checked by new "tension monitoring" committees.

The committees are to be set up to try to cut the risk of riots or disturbances in the aftermath of terrorist outrages or outbreaks of local racial trouble.

They will ask for and file reports on named troublemakers whose political activities are considered to be raising community tensions.

Reports on the behaviour and attitudes of local residents will be collected by community workers, neighbourhood wardens, local councillors and provided by voluntary organisations, according to a paper published by Communities Secretary Hazel Blears today.

It will then be considered by the monitoring committees run by town halls.

A sample "tension monitoring form" for use in checking on the likelihood of local racial or religious trouble asks for details of individuals considered to be making political trouble.

The monitoring committees will ask for information on those identified as troublemakers with includes "age, gender, ethnicity and faith" of those being reported on.

The call for monitoring of everyday life in the cause of "community cohesion contingency planning" was made by Mrs Blears in a paper aiming to help identify "tension hotspots" and improve cohesion - the Government's buzzword for reducing racial and religious strife.

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Anonymous said...

LH, the problem is that, as Stop Common Purpose pointed out in the previous thread, common purpose it too embedded in our society and I'm fear the Tories will most likely have people affiliated with Common purpose in their ranks.

I had heard of common purpose but until last night, I did not know anything of them but when I checked their website, it frigthened the life out me particulary this paragaph of their 'vision'

Quote from link:
'Common Purpose is all about finding, encouraging and developing these leaders: wherever they are and whatever they are currently doing.

We have always believed that, fully engaged and properly informed, individuals are capable of changing and improving society themselves rather than waiting for others to take the lead. We believe that with the right information, skills and networks, they will find the money, build the buildings and solve the problems. '


There will always be suspicion of conflicts of interest whereby government workers may be tempted to share sensitive information to other members of Common purpose outside the government.It reeks of secret societies like the Masons even though everything is out in the open.

I would be very wary of who you voice your opinions to, not for the fear of a knock at the door by the police but the door being kicked down by 'unknown persons' who mysteriously got your details from this database.

Anonymous said...

lol, you're supporting boris johnson as the "first giant leap"? you do know the "first giant stumble" comes next right?

the hooded crazies with their "islam, the future of britain" poster have more credibility than that blonde haired bafoon.

Joanne said...

Gee, boredluton, I'm amazed you haven't gotten a knock at your door yet; I guess they're just keeping watch.

Man Of The Woods said...

"I wonder what our Royal Family think about what is happening to their Country and people, those who they have a divine responsibility over from the Lord God Almighty who has placed us and our Nation into their hands to rule over and protect."

If they have a shred of honour they will be thinking about how they have failed their people. If they don't then they will be thinking.... "la la la la la la..." and so on and so forth.

All the best Lionheart.


Anonymous said...

anonymous is right about common purpose.....

boredluton, maybe we are lulling you into a false sense of security.

It may look like you are winning but the wind is changing direction.

we were always strongest when the odds were against us...


Findalis said...

The Gestapo did the same thing. They had thousands of files on everyday people too.

Isn't it wonderful how history has a tendency to repeat itself?

Anonymous said...

This woman really is as stupid as she looks.

Anonymous said...

ah i see, so you voted in boris to lull your enemies into a false sense of security and then what?

what, are you saying boris is only pretending to be bumbling scatter-brained toff with no idea of the difference between his arse and his elbow?

... yes, i have definitely been lulled.

Joanne said...

I have one word for the people of Britain - "Underground."

"ah i see, so you voted in boris to lull your enemies into a false sense of security and then what?" by anonymous/boredluton

Is this a taunt? He is mocking the British - fool!

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Bukovsky, a former Soviet Union Gulag prisoner, revealed in this speech, confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirmed the existence of a "conspiracy" to turn the European Union into a socialist organization.


Anonymous said...

Marx laid his plan for eternal revolution way back in the Victorian Age.
Since then, his ideas have destroyed and disrupted individual rights and freedoms in scores of Countries.
Far from bringing equality to the masses, it subjected vast swathes of people to slavery and tyranny.
For all the faults of |Globalist Capitalism, it is a far better outcome for the human spirit than is despotic conformity.
Common Purpose is the Globalist answer to the future problems of controlling even greater masses of people.
right now, you are freer in Russia than in Britain, because there the rules are clearly marked, but here, the rules are hidden and used in a way that gives more power to the State and disestablishes all the past Constitutional Rights and even Common Law itself, the foundation of British Democracy.
Boris Johnson, far from being a cretin, is a great historian like so many of the Conservatives before him. Churchill included.
From the past, we can predict the future.
Right now in Ireland, the Euro-Dream is fading as skilled workers are facing a lack of work and we are likely to follow.
Unlike us, Ireland has a referendum on the Euro Constitution.
It will be interesting to see if they can scupper the advance of the creeping Euro Socialist State, Marxisms answer to Global Capitalism.
I am confident these paper dolls of the Nu Labour enterprise will be swept into the dustbin of British history.
Good Riddance To Bad Rubbish.

Anonymous said...

I am heartsick to see what is happening to the country of my birth.

How did British people get to be so complacent and, let's face it, stupid enough to elect anyone as bovine as Blears?

British people must come together and defeat the traitors at the ballot box. Do not worry about being conservative or liberal, think about being British and rid the land of all the quislings, appeasers, and neo-Nazis by unelecting traitors. Vote for your interests not the INVADERS!

Life in the Neo-UK will not be worth living. You must stand up now.

God bless you all!