16 May 2008

Jailed for Life - What do you call 15 - 19 years?

Pathetic and shows British justice for British people in 21st Century society.

This gang of four plotted and then robbed an innocent man, killing him pretty much in cold blood, because one of them was actually stating during the attack that "Im going to kill him" or something along those lines.

Then the innocent victim died of his injuries that were sustained in the frenzied attack, with the gang then convicted for MURDER.

Life should mean life, yet this gang or murderers have a tariff of 15 - 19 years to serve of their life sentence, so will be able to carry on their adult life once released.

The family of the victim will never have their loved one back, so will live the rest of their lives with this void created by this gang of teenage robbing murderer's, and any family that will come after will never know this part of the family.

Life should mean natural life, or at least 30 - 40 years, and in other cases why keep people alive at tax payers expense when they have committed heinous crimes against humanity?

I hope and pray that this family and their legal team appeal against the tariff set for the sake of their loved one because why should this gang be released in 15 years when they are in their early 30's ready to live the rest of their adult lives.

You do the crime you do the time, and everyone knows the consequence of cold bloodied unprovoked murder.

6 months down the line we will hear of their appeal and their tariffs cut by several years, while the victims family is still picking up the pieces and coming to terms with this savage and brutal murder of their loved one.

Daily Mail

Four youths who kicked and beat a former soldier to death, three of them while on bail or serving community sentences, were jailed for life today.

The four teenagers had gathered in a lonely motorway underpass and rang a friend to say they were "waiting to beat up someone".

They had been drinking brandy and strong beer and smoking cannabis before they launched the fatal attack on 55-year-old Stephen Green.

Sentencing Judge John Bevan branded the youths' behaviour as "feral" and said it was "chance" that Mr Green was the first person to come along.

Mr Green, a bachelor, was cycling home from work late at night when he was ambushed. He was kicked, stamped on and battered by the yobs, who had been drinking heavily.

He clung on to life in hospital for nine days before dying from a blood clot in his lungs caused by his injuries.

His rucksack, which contained just £5.65 in change, was found discarded near the scene of the attack with the money still inside.

Nicholas Garland, 18, Shane Liddy, 19, Richard McNamara, 19, and Darryll Bennett, 18, all of Luton, were all handed life sentences for murder at Luton Crown Court today.

Bennett was identified as the ringleader of the pack and told he will be detained at Her Majesty's pleasure and must serve a minimum term of 19 years.

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Anonymous said...

these murdering thugs are a symptom of a morally bankrupt culture... - you can condemn them all you like but they are exactly the kind of brain dead animals that subscribe to your world view.

Joanne said...

boredluton - can't you read; Lionheart condemns these random acts of murder just like he condemns the acts of murder your brothers subscribe to. England may be morally bankrupt, but at least they have a living God that will wash away their sins when they repent of them. What does your God do for you - 72 virgins - give me a break.

Findalis said...

joanne is right. These thugs should get life without parole. Or bring back the death penalty. Either way, they should never be seen again by decent, law-abiding people.

Anonymous said...

So boredluton has finally shown his bigoted true colours.