21 May 2008

Heroin seized in Bury Park Luton

The start of the snowball effect.

If there are any Christians reading my blog then please pray for the situation the town faces from the epedemic of Al Qeda Heroin that is rampant on the streets and that the Police will get the leads that they need to take them all the way to the top of the chain, pray that those who are caught will open their mouths.

Luton on Sunday

More drugs arrests made

Officers in Luton have arrested two more men and recovered 16 bags of what is believed to be heroin with a street value of £2,200 following an operation yesterday(Monday) as part of the national 'Tackling Drugs Week'.

The arrests were made in Dallow Road after officers from the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) team saw the suspects drive past, prompting their suspicion.

They stopped and searched the car, and the Class A drugs were found. Both men are currently being questioned at Luton Police Station on suspicion of possessing Class A drugs with intent to supply. The drugs have been sent off for forensic analysis.

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Anonymous said...

are you saying that a tiny haul of £2,200 worth of drugs is at all significant in medium sized british town like luton?

"The drugs have been sent off for forensic analysis."

that's just funny - what do they expect to find? traces of dna from osama bin laden's beard?? lol

Lionheart said...

The snowball effect boredluton...

2,200 is nothing but its a start, the one end of the long piece of string.

Anonymous said...

bored luton, you are not dumb?
If the guys in the car had a few grammes, how much is sitting in the ""warehouses"" where it comes from?
And how much of it is in the ""pipeline"" into towns like Luton?
We know that 98% of heroin comes from Afghanistan.
Does it take a genius to guess who is doing the importing?
If a few doors were ""opened "" by the cops, they would not only cop the heroin, they would let some big cats out of the bags of your community.
That's not good for social cohesion, now is it?
How much do you get paid to comment on this blog, and others?
Or does it come with the job?

Joanne said...

Cops usually do not bother with small hauls, so it seems to me that it was probably just a random check that turned up drugs, and the media got a hold of it.

I knew a drug pusher who was a small fry and the cops watched him until he made contact with the big boys; then the coppers swooped in and snagged the whole lot.

The police probably just got lucky this time; hopefully, they will get some leads from the haul.

Anonymous said...

This is the first bust of Heroin in Luton for a good while.
Funny how it comes after many comments here about the ineffectiveness of Beds police against these pushers.
The officers on the street know where it is going on, they are discouraged by the upper echelons, not to act on their suspicions, and after all it causes too much paper work and aggro.