20 May 2008

Is France on the way to becoming an Islamic State?

Info courtesy of Nika Jane

Daily Telegraph

France, wrote Luigi Barzini, wouldn't be the great and endearing country that it is, la lumière du monde, if its quarrelsome people had not been "moulded down the centuries by antagonisms and tensions between tribes, clans, cliques, classes, coteries, guilds, camarillas, sects, parties, factions, regions..." The French are ever at the barricades.

Last week the barricades were at the prime minister's office, the Matignon, where the government was discussing the awkward business of France's proposed new law designed to ban the Muslim headscarf from schools. The Bill, portentously named "Application of the Principle of Secularity", will go to the National Assembly on Wednesday, with a peppy addition to ban beards from schools as well.

Dominique de Villepin, the foreign minister, gravely explained that the law is not aimed at any particular minority, community or religion, though there is, he said, some difficulty in making the essential tolerance of it clear to Arab countries.

Domenica Perben, the justice minister, felt the whole thrust of the issue revolved around the equality of men and women - which clears up why the French may be forcibly shaving prematurely mature Sikh schoolboys: they are a gender offset for de-scarfed female Muslims.

France is facing the problem that dare not speak its name. Though French law prohibits the census from any reference to ethnic background or religion, many demographers estimate that as much as 20-30 per cent of the population under 25 is now Muslim. The streets, the traditional haunt of younger people, now belong to Muslim youths. In France, the phrase "les jeunes" is a politically correct way of referring to young Muslims.

Given current birth rates, it is not impossible that in 25 years France will have a Muslim majority. The consequences are dynamic: is it possible that secular France might become an Islamic state?

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Anonymous said...


An article dated January 2004?

No offense mate, but is this retro day or something?

I read this years ago!

I know it's a follow on to your previous article, but if your looking for updated news from France, well pick up Tiberge's blog here...


Mother Effingby said...

Is France French. I rest my case.

Joanne said...

Well, if France was in this state in 2004, then just think what state it is in now. The French are not actually a tolerant people; I cannot understand why they are waiting to crack down on the violence. I wouldn't doubt if the French are oiling and sharping the blades on their guillotines at this very moment.

All Europe needs is for Muslims to have control of France's Air Force. Tick-tock!

Lionheart said...

You never know RP it might be a fitting article, who knows what might be around the corner for France.

Anonymous said...

The scary part is that France has nuclear weapons. If these lunatics take charge its quite possible they will use them on the rest of Europe.

Joanne said...

anonymous - I thought that too exactly after I posted my comment. I am sure taking over the military, government, country, and nuclear arsenal is all on their agenda.

France is going to need to wake up and smell the blue cheese before their allies have to pull the wine stopper out of their back sides to get them mobilized against their enemies within. It's not like they haven't had to step in before to save their sorry backsides.

Anonymous said...

Hey, when it comes to the boil, the French are more than willing to take to the streets.
Their nation is based on Revolution and they removed a generation of their elites not so long ago.
Nearly every night, across France in small towns, cars are set alight and street trouble happens.
That is why the crypto Marxists of Nu Labour give in to so many demands of such a small minority.
They know they cannot keep such low level violence under control in our tiny island.
With so many having a Europassport, it will be like cross-border football hooligans but 100 times over.

Anonymous said...

In 2004 in France it was still possible to write something, these days the situation with Muslims is much worse, but anybody who dares to criticize it ends up losing his job for racism charges. French PC gone crazy - now French are forced by their goverment into adoring so called "arabic civilization", everybody who doesn't praise muslims is immediately silenced by the socialists. It's simply disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Because you idiot, not all muslims are violent or terrorists duh, so generalising an entire religion is just plain stupid. The catholics are guilty of years of violent percecutions, do you think its disgusting to respect the christian culture as well?

Anonymous said...

The problem with Islam is it respects no other religions, Christianity over the years has matured and respects all faiths. You wait until Islam takes a stronger foot hold in Europe and you see the heads rolling of native Europeans, it will all come to a crunch someday when the liberals of Europe stop blindly helping Islamists.

Islam is not a religion of peace it is a religion of total destruction.