16 May 2008

"Plane Hijacker" working at Heathrow airport

Don't you feel safe with the competence of those who are leading our Country at this time in its history, a time where the very future existence of the Nation is now at stake.

Last week we were told that Abu Qatada Osama Bin Laden's right hand man and Ambassador to Europe is now free from prison and being supported by the hard working British taxpayer, now today the Daily Mail have revealed that we have a Moslem plane hijacker working in Heathrow airport.

The list of this type of modern madness is endless, these are just two examples within 1 week.

>Daily Mail

One of the nine Afghans who won the right to live in Britain after hijacking a plane is now working at Heathrow airport as a cleaner, it emerged last night.

Nazamuddin Mohammidy was one of a group who took over an internal Afghan flight in 2000 and landed it in the UK, where they threatened to kill those on board unless they were granted asylum.

Now it has emerged Mohammidy, 34, was recently arrested while driving a car around the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport.

Police suspected he was an unlicensed cab driver but were stunned when checks revealed he was one of the hijackers. He even had a British Airways pass on him.

Mohammidy was among the gang, who claimed they were fleeing the Taliban, which took over an Ariana Airlines jet on an internal flight in Afghanistan in February 2000 armed with firearms and hand grenades.

The Boeing 727, with 160 passengers on board, was diverted to Stansted Airport in Essex. There, the hijackers kept police and SAS marksmen at bay for four days before giving themselves up.

All were jailed, but later had their convictions quashed by the Court of Appeal.

They have since been living in West London rent-free and on state benefits at an annual cost of £150,000 to the taxpayer.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Nu Labour, now we are in economic difficulties, you still find money and the gall to support terrorist sympathisers.

Anonymous said...

Remember this hijacker was fleeing from the oppressive Taliban - the Taliban was in control of Afghanistan in 2000.

the British Government should have shipped them back in 2002.

Joanne said...

Why is this man working at Heathrow Airport as a cleaner? How did he get a job at Heathrow Airport? Didn't he hijack a plane - are people who hire at the airport not privy to this information because he was not convicted? This man hijacks a plane and is armed with firearms and hand grenades and the courts let him off? Why was he driving around the new Terminal 5 at the airport?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this man is working at the airport for a reason, and that not being the pay. I would recommend the police commence a full scale investigation of every single employee at Heathrow Airport. If there is one rat, there are sure to be plenty of others scurrying about.