28 May 2008

The British State’s leash around my neck

An update on my situation with regards to my arrest on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through written material on my blog.

I was arrested, and placed in a police cell for hours, then questioned over the police investigation into me and my blog several months back.

I was bailed without charge to attend the police station yesterday to answer bail to see whether or not I am going to be charged with the offence and put before a British Court, or whether they did not really have enough on me for this case against me to be in the public interest to be brought before a British Court and then released without charge.

Due to the charge, the case load has to go to the CPS and then to the Department of Public Prosecutions for them to decide whether or not to place me on trial.

I was re-bailed again yesterday to appear at the police station once again in two months time to see whether or not they are closer to making a decision on me and my case.

The police had the information on me since June last year, and then 6 months later over Christmas I get the call saying that they needed to arrest me over my blog. Then 3 months later I return and hand myself in for arrest and interview. So 9 months up until my arrest, and now a further 3 months to answer my first bail and they still have not decided whether or not they are going to charge me with anything, so I now have to wait a further 2 months to see whether or not to prosecute me is going to be in the public interest.

12 months and they have not decided on me.

My legal team have stated that they could have me on bail for anything up to a year, but if they have not got enough to charge me yet, then what is going to change in another 2 months or in a year?

I think I have been pretty consistent with my message on this blog over the past 18 months, so I cannot see that changing.

This is the British State’s leash around my neck.

I wonder who wants to pull that leash or who wants to set me free from it?

All I can say now is that I have to continue waiting while big brother decides whether or not I have upset ‘community cohesion’ enough in today’s British Nanny State to warrant placing me on trial for defending myself and my country from the 21st Century invasion of Great Britain.

Those people who prevent the British people from speaking out in defence of their Country and all that is happening in this generation are TRAITORS to the British people, there is no other word for it.

The Military wing of Islam is at War with us and we cannot even speak about it through fear of arrest and imprisonment.

The British State is allowing Islam to spread unhindered within our Nation, and passing laws to protect its growth within our society, and in turn tying the British peoples hands behind their backs whilst they face this Goliath that is seeking to destroy their way of life and enforce an Islamic one in its place.

I serve the same God as David the shepherd boy.

Put me on trial and if convicted send me to one of your over crowded prison’s for my words, or release me so that I can get on with my life, it is not a hard choice to make is it?

Either I am guilty in the eyes of those looking or I am innocent, and considering I have not been stripped of my right to use a computer or my blog being shut down, it cannot really be that serious a matter for it to be in the Public interest to take me through a lengthy and very costly Court case can it? But then again people are being hauled before the Courts over leaving their bin lid an inch higher than they are told they can, or for throwing apple cores to the Earth, so who knows what will happen in today's schizophrenic British society.

I hope they are not Moslem eyes looking, because we are all guilty in their eyes, and considering Islam has infiltrated every area of British life I would not put it past those within the halls of power to be conferring with God’s enemies who are now entrenched within the fabric of our Judeo/Christian Nation.

I know my life is safe in God’s hands though, He is watching my back in those areas I cannot see, because He sees all things and I am His son.

In service of the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah

Paul Ray


Anonymous said...

The only thing you are guilty of is telling the truth. Don't take up a career in politics, you wouldn't do very well.

Anonymous said...

Another 2 months?.

Said this before, but if the police offer you a caution to make this go away just say no thanks.

Celtic Crusader said...

make sure Paul - you back all your archive blog material onto another memory source or just get the fecking thing ....yup the whole thing printed out....bit by bit.

seems like they are messing about with you - maybe not, either way....be prepared for if and when they do pull the plug - at least you'll have a real world copy of all this stuff....which is actually an archive and historical record of what we on these islands are going through at this juncture of what will be called history.

just as there are documentaries and revisionings on the questions posed by Enoch Powell. I think you're blog will pose as a valuable resource to our British and Celtic ancestors or those who are the rightful inheritors of our cultures on these islands. At least what remnants there will be of them.

God Bless Paul, keep it up, stay patient, be vigilant and remain humble in Christ and seek his guidance. The Holy Spirit will then protect you and show you the way.

our prayers and thoughts are with you brother.


Anonymous said...

Yes God is watching over you ! And I know he has plans for you . he works every thing for the good. for if he is with you who can be against you. your friend Miles

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

My friend your country is not alone in persecuting those who believe in the freedoms our ancestors fought and died for.
Canada is currently charging all who dare speak the truth on Islam with the persecution of Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant, Kate MacMillan, Kathy Shandle,Mark and Connie Fournier.
Many bloggers of the truth have closed down in fear of persecution by the state on behalf of Islam.
The Muslims are using our laws to stifle any and all rights concerning freedom of speech with the taxpayers dollars.The victims of this jihad must use their own resources to defend themselves and our county's rights.
Like Mark Twain once said "East is east and west is west and never the twain shall meet"

Anonymous said...

It embarrassing and more so disturbing to live in a country where the police investigate thought-crimes. I wouldn't invite anyone to come here to this once respectful country.

Socialism and Islam rely on disinformation and ignorance. That is your real crime, to think you can think for yourself. To question. To investigate rather than be fed by the media. It will lead others to enquire, and that is more their concern. The truth does not interest them.

In Hitler's time every psychopathic fascist would stand out and spy on their neighbours; now in the UK every sociopathic Marxist can do the same without shame.

The Left remove the father's from the home, and their children are prey to any perversion and distraction; Islam comes along, a Right-wing mantra that the disaffected males can join, but it too has a Pervert-Prophet at it's very heart. Socialist females cannot contain themselves their glee in admiration of finding another weak male cult. For in both these kingdoms, Socialism and Islam, there are no men. Just Gangstas, Conformists and Pressured-inverts. Males using bitches, males being used by bitches, males becoming bitches.
A Livingstone, Johnson and Paddick.
The political parties will give you no other type of male to vote for, lest they lose the Horoscope-reading female punter.

Males identified with the world have licensed themselves to become Communist, Muslim or Homosexual. This way they are justified, fully agreed with, and all conflict of conscious expunged. Cabal, halal, or carnal.

Not men. Not one of them who can be called a Jesus.

This is why you are so vilified.

Henrik R Clausen said...

This is intimidation. It's meant to scare people away from 'indecent' behavior, the Turks use it a lot (see article 301 e. al.), as did Soviet Russia.

It is completely unfair that a citizen can be under this sword of Damokles for a year. I hope a severe compensation can be achieved in the end, to humiliate the system and the officers involved.

Keep up the good spirit, and keep a-postin' :)

Findalis said...

They will try to silence you through intimidation and pressure. Don't give in. If they silence you, they can then silence everyone.

May G-d protect and watch over you. He knows your heart is true and remember his love for you is greater than their hatred for you is.

G-d Bless you and England.

Anonymous said...

See how the jews treat you in kind to being their servant?

Dumb goyim, loyal dumb goyim such as yourself get the privelege of being put on a short leash. You're a handy scapegoat, someone to throw to the wolves when the jew senses danger to his wealth.

The "racist anti-semite bigot" the unappologetic European Christian someone who would never put the Star of SATAN next to the cross, refuses the leash; refuses to play the jews game; has his speech rights fully intact, because the only way he won't is if he's dead.

Lionheart, GFYS. You are nothing but a zionist tool. Why don't you flee to Israel and join in on one of their New-Testament burning parties.

Joanne said...

Lionheart, I would keep your nose clean because if they haven't anything to hold against you as of yet, they will surely be looking for something to hold against you in the future.

Joanne said...


Good for this fellow!

Celtic Crusader said...

i believe that the reason they are effing about with you Paul is a mixture of things

1) partially they dont know what they have or dont have against you

2) they want to mess you about to see what way you turn and if you will self-destruct

3) they dont know what way to play this one - for fear of giving you more public recognition - something i believe they are very wary of doing and scared shitless of.

I think if they could stop you by quiet means - they would have but they may be fearful of giving you a bigger degree of publicity and this is the last thing they want - your story hitting or being given a more national coverage and press headline.

they are using a time lag to filter this whole event out quietly and slowly and then next thing you know - you're in jail - without a word of it in the press, 'coz everyone thinks it had all gone away and the issue was over and dealt with.


Anonymous said...

Are you jews? Ohh, silly...How can you jews? When we are muslims are our union can be very superior to your effort...Jews cannot against Islam...No Jerusalem will be jews, only it can be moslem...
On the dessert must be as before...Bcs this is your way with Satan...
With a system of shairi'ah, uhhh it is very terrible for you...Only in your buildings you would be safe...

Anonymous said...

Do not keep writing this silly stuff, it is not important.

Study our website and repent while there is still time! Do it TODAY!

Praise Him all Ye Works of the Lord!!

Yours in Christ!

Septimus and George

Ducky's here said...

Lionheart silenced. How will we survive.

Joanne said...

Hey ducky, I know of a pond you should land in.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure their is some legal method that can force their hand.
I notice we have lost old friend "bored luton!"
I think he could be a personality of someone working on your case trying to arouse the kind of violence encouraging statements and pictures that can be found on extremist jihad web sites.
The only violence on your blog seems to be on links to those anti Israel/USA videos made by terrorists and their other anti Western friends.
How can you be found guilty by a jury?
Once they are shown the contents of your blog and the barristers have shown them the facts you have gathered, "from the horses mouth," what is left is for them to decide if indeed such material was "inciteful."
As what you report on is culled from the public news services, one way or another, how can discussion of the contents of "the News" be seen as resembling incitement to hate?
What would be clear though, is that the facts you and your news sources have revealed, have come from people that indeed want to incite racial hate. Against the non believer, whoever they are. And jihadic war by any means against the Democracies.
Yet which of they have been arrested?
Only those with a certain and proven intent to encourage the targeting of British soldiers, for instance, at home and abroad.

Are your thought crimes such a challenge to the State?
Is the State so fragile that a few words could set it tumbling?

Anonymous said...

The jew has trumpeted the Muslim.

The jew is a scumbag foreigner; lionheart's eyes might be belialed by the jews white-interracial mingling throughout the centuries, but the jew was just as ugly as any Muslim when he first came here. And that intermingling has done nothing to his dispossition, the jew is a satanic brood through and through. Today, still as foreign; still astetically anthema to Western Civilization as any Muslim. "Judeo-Christianity"? Such a term never existed before the jew floated his stolen goods across the English Channel; before that it was Christianity.

Lionheart. I don't care how much scripture you know. You are not a Christian. I don't say that as an elitist. I know little scripture, but I know what I know. Christians are underling-fraternal with Christ-killers. You are an effete "hip-hop" clothes wearing clubber who speaks wigger, go take another tab of Israeli imported "extasy"-pills that those A-Rabs sell and just "chilax", OK?

Anonymous said...

Poor widdle, "Judeo-Christian" Lionheart. Who sold our country out? Who "turns the other cheek" and "loves their enemy"?

Christianity is a slaves' religion; it always was, and always will be. Britannia kept us free, and promised we should never be slaves, but each and every time things go right, you whining Christian traitors make your bid for control, and each time you screw the country up.

Who was the real hero of the British people; Richard the Lionheart, or Robin Hood? Christians always sell us into slavery.

Don said...

Keep fighting the good fight. Best wishes from across the pond.

Anonymous said...

Paul, you truly are living Winston Smith's life, 1984 has come to fruition in the UK.

It started with mass immigration and we should've twigged when they erected the thousands of CCTV cameras in every town and on every street in the UK.
My mother lives in a tiny village in a large county by the coast in the UK. They have zero crime, literally no crime, no police force only a small station in the next village miles away, yet the village is monitored 24/7 by CCTV, which records everything. Yet the station is unmanned, and only the tapes are kept as a record. A record to what? A growing nationalism, a resentment. to the socialist regime? A perverse historical document on the cultural rape of an ancient people.
I will be returning in a few weeks for good I think, and I'm truly nervous as to what i'll find or what will find me

Good luck Paul, you've given us a lot of courage and we will be outside any court house supporting you.


Anonymous said...

To that pathetic fascist pinhead

For your information the small (thankfully) mob of Ultra-Orthodox youths who shamefully burnt some New Testaments in Israel in their mistaken, biased 'protest' against Israeli "Jews for Jesus", are not only being investigated by the Israeli police but also strongly condemned by the media, the wider public - including both secular & religious people & even Ultra-Orthodox rabbis including those belonging to the same sect as the book-burners!

This has nothing to do with Lion-heart (Bless his heart), Jews and/or Israelis in general, but of brain-washed so-called 'religious' hooligans who need to be punished severely and taught to respect the beliefs of others - even of Jews who believe Jesus is the messiah but still consider themselves Jews.

We also have fist-fights breaking out periodically between Ultra Orthodox Jewish youths from various different sects. There have been occasions when they have even tried to burn down each other's offices (not synagogues - at least not yet).

One of their 'favorite' targets is a small sector of Chabad Hassidim who believe that the late, great, very honoured (and honourable) Chabad leader, Rabbi Schneerson, is the promised messiah. Other Chabad believers ridicule and dismiss this obviously false claim as, no doubt, would the Rabbi himself.

So you see, that reprehensible burning of the New Testament by
a group of stupid, irresponsible, even criminal hotheads, was not against Lionheart or Christianity per se. It is just another example of how some Jews pit themselves against other Jews.

This abomination of internecine fighting was one of the reasons our people were exiled from Israel/
Judea by the Roman imperialists 2000 years ago, who laid the entire country to waste as well as Jerusalem and the glorious Temple (a la Carthage). The Romans then renamed the devastated land
'Philistia' (now 'palestine') in an attempt to erase the Jewish people's connection to their beloved land. A ruse which, as history witnesses, proved in vain.

This was Rome's only failure, for neither the exiled Jews nor those who, nevertheless, remained in the land (or returned to it during the next 2000 years),ever forgot their land or the Biblical prophecies of their eventual return [Ezekiel 37:15-28; 36:19-37; Jeremiah 32:37-44; Isaiah 61:4-9; Joel 3:1-21; Zechariah 1:12-17; 8:2-8; -etc., etc.] & especially that the returnees would 'NEVER AGAIN BE PLUCKED OUT OF IT' [Amos 9:9-15].

But you, in your sick, racist hallucinations, always find something or other to blame all the Joos and nobody but the Joos, for every negative thing under the sun.

Next, you and your kind, will be blaming us for the Moslem penchant for burning down churches, synagogues & even the mosques of rival Moslem sects, Buddhist temples & statues ('idols')and Hindus religious emblems, etc.

Get a life and maybe one day you will see the light - that blaming Joos all the time is proof of a very guilty conscience and other negative 'qualities' invariably found in such characters.

Anonymous Lady

watford_lionheart said...

Hello Lionheart, best of luck I am sure you will be OK. They dont have anything on you, they had months to look at your blog. They are doing this to hassle you.

Dont accept a caution under any circumstances. I live in Watford and can see some of the signs that you have been witnessing in Luton.

We are not as far down the road as you guys in Luton, it is all happening here. I am starting to see the signs for grooming, also the Khan family control all the black and white cabs in Watford now, all of them.

I am spreading the word as you do, sometimes it feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall, but I am having some effect.

God Bless Lionheart

Anonymous said...

watford lionheart,
what a great idea!
A Lionheart in every town.
Birmingham Lionheart, Bradford Lionheart, Whitechapel Lionheart, Plymouth Lionheart.
Get it?
A franchise, a brand name, a logo.
And all of them meaning the same thing.

Resistance to the advancement of Islamic jihad.

Type "Lionheart" into Google and the list would be as long as there are towns.
And if there is more than one Lioheart, why, we can have LH 1/2/3 ad infinitum.
With so many Lionhearts, how could they shut up the voices of Freedom?
It may seem stupid at first look, but I suggest register the names with a blog and cross post all the local stories.
Imagine the Prosecution Service attempting to prosecute a Lionheart blogger!
Which one? All of them?
It's me, it's me!
We are all Lions at heart.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Anonymous said...

Me too.

Anonymous said...

Count me in!

Celtic Crusader said...

i'm spartacus.......no, i'm spartacus


Anonymous said...

i'm in too!!!!

God be with you Lionheart

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, keep up the good work and don't let the bastards get you down. You are a true crusader. Britain should be proud of people like you.

As Europe goes, so will North America. This Canadian does not want to see our heritage lost to the barbarian horde! Take care and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Wow, An American here...Simply unbelievable what you are going through. We're fighting it hard here...well that is the American Conservatives are. The Liberals of our Country are going to put us exactly where you're Country is...we're in trouble. God Bless You, I'm disheartened that you are suffering so for fighting the good fight, but continue to be true to yourself & our Christian God & you will always be protected. I will pray for you:)...And to that NeoCon, he is disgusting...Burn in Hell Buddy!