22 May 2008

MPACUK in their own words

And the NULabour Government funds these type's of organisations that are in our midst who are working towards the destruction of the British Way of Life, so that they can live in an Islamic land.

Over my dead body.

Event: The Mosque – Its Role, Position and Importance in the Revival of the Deen
Friday, 02 May 2008

"If the leadership is entrusted to those unfit for it, expect the Hour."

By Allah the signs of the end of times are all around us, a hundred million Zionists desire with all their hearts to plunge this world into the final battle, and all around the Muslims are betrayed and bewitched. Muslim Leaders in the Mosque concern themselves with the minor points of fiqh while all around the Ummah cries in pain and fitna and those with hatred in their hearts plan and plot.

Great civilisations and movements were brought down by the infiltration and destruction of their institutions.

Can we save ourselves from the hands of those who seek nothing but evil on this earth?

Does Islam Allow Us to become idle on this time? Do we seek to improve ourselves while mankind is lost?

Does the mosque have a role to play or is it an empty prayer hall for old men and nothing more?

“And who is worse in oppression than the one who prevents the name of Allah being mentioned in the Masaajid of Allah, and works to destroy them?” [ Al-Baqarah: 114].

You have to read this in the knowledge that it is aimed at the British Moslem community and their perspective on life and not the British people's.

From a Moslem perspective who are the leaders they are talking about?

"Great civilisations and movements were brought down by the infiltration and destruction of their institutions."

Is it any wonder when this is what British Moslems from within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain are being taught by their leaders that every area of the British State that goes towards the functioning of our democratic society has now been infiltrated by Moslems who are intent on our destruction and downfall.

Further reading: Islamic terrorists have penetrated the heart of Britain

We have Al Qaeda operatives working within the Metropolitan police force who are under surveillance by the British security services. We have had NHS doctors set up car bombs with the aim of killing and maiming untold innocent British citizens. We have our biological labs that hold some of the most contagious diseases known to man with Moslems working on the inside. Our DNA database has been compromised by British Moslems who were caught copying the database. We have high level Moslem police officers who are compromising the safety and security of our society on behalf of their Islamic communities. We have Pakistani Moslem police officers operating as criminals whilst working inside the police force. We have Moslems working within government who operate outside the realms of their role acting as our foreign diplomats. We have Mosem teachers teaching hatred direct from the Koran to their young Moslem students. The NHS system is upheld now by large numbers of Moslem doctors and nurses, with this NULabour government telling us that we must graft more of these people into Civil service posts so as to make British life more inclusive to our new Moslem guests as part of their failed Marxist multi-culti dream that has destroyed British society.

And Omar Bakri the head of the British army of Moslem soldiers has said that it is only a matter of time until Moslems in the police fore rise up.

They are just doing what their religion teaches them after all, as this statement from MPACUK clearly points out.

Yet the gullible sheep people listen to the NULabour Marxist multi-culti lie's that Islamic terror is anti-Islamic activity and that it is only a small minority of the religion.

"Does the mosque have a role to play or is it an empty prayer hall for old men and nothing more?"

The Mosque should be the base for the Jihad after all, with the gathering of the British Moslem youth preparing and conducting Jihad against the non-Moslems, not a place with old men teaching them that their is a new British Islam void of all of the fundamental truths of the Islamic religion, on behalf of their NULaour masters.


Findalis said...

It is acceptable to lie to non-Muslims in order to put your agenda (in this case turning Great Britain into a Islamic state) in place.

The trouble is that most British non-Muslims will do nothing and have been brainwashed into accepting multiculturalism. They will get a rude awakening if and when the Muslims get their way.

Anonymous said...

The rude awakening will come very soon.
They have promised it.
We has better believe them.

Anonymous said...

Let's have no more nonsense.

Any Westerner who supports Islam is a traitor.

We must promise traitors they will be dealt with once civilization is restored. We should also remind them that if we lose this fight, the Muslims will behead them for being cowards.

We must stand up. We must defy Big Brother.

A moderate Muslim is one whose lies are not yet known. (If you take the violent hatred out of Islam, there is nothing left. No one can be a moderate Muslim, unless you think someone could be a moderate Nazi.)

Muslims lie about peace but they do not lie about violence. So prepare for war. I pray daily that this will not come but it seems as if Satan is gripping England and Europe.

Pray for divine intervention but prepare for hard slogging.

We must win. If we lose our grandchildren will spit on our graves.