18 May 2008

British Pakistani Moslem Police in action

The proof is in the pudding as they say, and this British government wants more Pakistani Moslems working for the British police force, that is after we have been told that it is only a matter of time before Moslems working for the police will one day rise up, and that Al Qaeda have already infiltrated the service with Islamic terrorist operatives now under surveillance.

This is another excellent undercover report for the News of the World who are weekly exposing the threat to the National Security of the British homeland from Islamic terrorists.

Is it any wonder that the big 'Moslem Heroin barons' who have a wealth beyond what we can imagine are evading capture when there are Moslem brothers working high up in the Police force who have a price.

The very serious reports to the severity of the threat facing Great Britain by Islamic militants are now daily, yet everyone in power has their heads deeply buried in the sand.

How much longer?

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence knows that Moslems uphold Islam before anything else, and that the religion teaches that it is every Moslems responsibility to destroy British society so that Islamic Law can be implemented, so is it any wonder this Pakistani Moslem police officer was using his role within society to do what he was doing.

This is what British society now gets from the multi-culti elites who are seeking to graft this alien religion, that is led by a blood thirsty child molesting paedophile into our British way of life.

When are these people who are enemies of the State, guilty of treason, going to be removed from our land for good, rather than locked up for a few years then releases back into our society?

Have they not outstayed their welcome upon our once beautiful green shores?

I wonder what the Conservative governments response will be once they take over Power?
News of the World

WALKING his beat, PC Zeeshaan Chaudry looks every inch the respectable bobby.
But out of uniform the cop regarded by his superiors as a role model to youngsters in his community becomes a VILLAIN for hire.

We can reveal how PC918 Chaudry uses his job to offer a shameful array of criminal services to the underworld from FAKE PASSPORTS and BOGUS DRIVING LICENCES to DRUGS robbed from dealers.

And the devout Pakistani Muslim is even prepared to help local gangsters frame their rivals by planting TERRORIST DEVICES on them.

Acting on a tip-off, we sent undercover men posing as criminals to see what Chaudry, 23, could do for them.

The bent PC arranged to meet them outside a mosque after he had been to prayers.

First our men told him they needed a fake passport, driving licence and police badge for someone they wanted to smuggle into the country.

Chaudry smiled and said: "Yeah, yeah. I have got someone who can do it. He can do passports, driving licences, wage slips, birth certificates... anything. If you want to get someone over here we'll get him a student visa.

"Police badges? You get them made in Pakistan. If you let me know I'll get one made. I'll need a photo though."

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Anonymous said...

This is the major problem with positive discrimination. In the need to fill quota's, the persons gets the jobs because of the colour of his skin or religion rather than background, personality or aptitude for job.

There is a news item that a police chief has called for fairer selection procedures to increase the number of top-ranking black and Asian officers


Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

This is so important.
Wake up Home Secretary.

Anonymous said...

Er, excuse me, Sir, can you tell me the time?

No, but I'll sell you a bag of heroin, son.