20 May 2008

How close to catastrophe are we?

Whether you realize it or not there is an enemy in this World today whose ultimate aim’s and intentions towards our Country of Great Britain is the destruction of our way of life and the democratic society in which we live so that they can enforce what they believe is god’s will upon our land and its people.

This is the fundamental teaching of the Islamic religion as laid down in the Koran and Hadiths by Mohamed and his companions. Together they conducted Jihad (Holy War) in the 7th Century on behalf of their god Allah, and converted lands and people over to Islamic rule (Dar al-Islam), and Moslems today must follow his example.

This is how Islam was birthed and spread throughout the Middle East, and how it is spreading around the World today.

It is a religious obligation to carry out Jihad for all religious Moslems who follow the tenants of Islam. This claim is supported by one of the biggest Moslem organizations in Britain who state this fact on their
own website. Moslems are taught that it is an abomination to Allah for them to be ruled over by non-Moslems because they are god’s chosen enlightened people, the whole Earth is god’s, so they should be ruled over by god’s laws and not by non-Moslems and their ungodly secular laws that are in direct conflict with them and their religion.

The Koran calls us descendents of apes and pigs so it is pretty obvious they believe themselves to be superior to us, so there is no way we should rule over them and their religion.

It is their religious mandate to convert lands and people over to Islamic rule, the same as for Christians the mandate is to preach the gospel of Salvation.

The Islamic religion splits the World in two within the Moslem mind, the Dar al-Islam which is lands that are ruled by Islamic law, and the Dar al-Harb which is the land of War, lands not yet converted over to Islamic rule.

So any land that has a Moslem population who are not living ruled by Islamic law are living in the Dar al-Harb (House of War). It is every Moslem’s responsibility living in the Dar al-Harb to conduct Jihad so as to convert the land and its people from Dar al-Harb into Dar al-Islam.

Dar al-Harb is the abode of War, so Moslems living in this abode have to view themselves as soldiers for Allah, and conduct themselves as such against the infidels within the War zone.

No one can escape this fact because it is a fundamental teaching within the Islamic religion.

So now within the United Kingdom, we have upwards of 3 million Moslems living in the newly formed Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain who are taught that it is their responsibility to Allah to conduct Jihad against the British people and our society so as to convert our land over to Islamic rule, the Dar al-Islam.

This is the future Vision for our Country from the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers.

The Jihad takes many forms but it all goes together and adds up to the collective Jihad against the British way of life and our society on behalf of Allah and Islam. There is the Religious wing that is teaching the 3 million strong Moslem population of the Islamic Kingdom their religious responsibilities to Allah whilst living in the abode of War. There is the Political wing that is the voice and political force for the Islamic Kingdom that is using its influence and power to change British society and culture so that it falls more in line with Islam, this is the process of converting us into a state of dhimmitude. Then there is the military wing that is conducting Warfare on the ground upon our streets so as to enforce Islamic dominance upon us and our society through violence, terror and murder.

If your enemy controls the ground then you have lost the War, everything else is just then the formalities of the transference of power.

The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain has everything in place within the fabric of our society for when the transference of power happens after the Marxist multi-culti elites who are in charge of the reigns of power have bent over backwards to graft this cancer and its people into our society, and wherever they have their large Islamic communities they have taken over the ground through the street Jihad conducted by the Moslem youth who are the military wing. There is no clearer example of this for me than in Luton. Moslems teach their children about their religion from birth, that they must uphold Islam at all costs, so is it any wonder that there are 3rd and 4th generation Moslems amongst us who live with an us and them syndrome? It is their religious belief taught direct from the pages of the Koran.

This is the British front in the global Jihad.

Great Britain is the Western province of Eurabia, and the stepping stone into America the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century. The Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain has its War machine in place on the ground in which to fight the global Jihad with due to the ignorance and incompetence of our present leaders who have allowed this to grow in our midst. There is not greater book that explains how we have ended up at this point with this Islamic War machine on the ground in the UK than

This modern global conflict that is being waged against us and our way of life within Great Britain so as to conquer our land for the Islamic religion is being led from the Middle East by Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda leadership, and he has his army of willing British born Moslem followers living on the ground here.

People are blind to the harsh reality of what we face because they do not see a massive land and sea invasion with large platoons of troops invading our shores. So they think it is stupid to think people are at War with us because they cannot see it. This is a silent subversive War that is unfolding within our society and outside, with the ultimate aim being to destroy our way of life and take over. This is the aim of War after all, and War has been declared against us.

Osama Bin Laden is conducting his War against us with 4th generation Warfare where you do not need a large land and sea invasion; he does not have the means to fight a conventional War against us. This is what makes the situation we face with this new enemy that much more dire because he is the master of this type of warfare and is the leader of a global non Nation guerilla army who are positioned in every Nation on Earth and in this instance amongst the 3 million strong Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

Within a guerilla War you only need a small number of people to carry out horrendous acts of War, and then coupled with 21st Century technology it makes what we face so much more serious.

The gullible masses of British sheep people are force fed the lie’s that Islam is a religion of peace and that it is a small minority who are at war with us. So they are asleep to the real horror that we face from our so called peaceful neighbours from the ‘religion of peace’.

Osama Bin Ladens aim is to destroy our British way of life, and the society in which we live so that the Islamic religion can take over and convert our land into the Dar al-Islam. Why do you think it was so bad what Judas the Arch Bishop said about allowing Islamic law a place within our society? That was the very worst possible case of surrender and appeasement you will ever find, and it came form the highest place within the Church of England, the one who should be defending our society from Islam.

Thankfully we have Bishop Nazir up there in the Church of England who knows what he is doing and what he is talking about.

The question is; how could Osama Bin Laden achieve his aim against us?

Our minds cannot comprehend or don’t want to comprehend any real true horror being inflicted upon us and our country so it is easier to shut the mind and reject any thoughts of potential horror and put it down to madness for someone to think such things, or believe falsely that it could never happen.

The thing is though is that it can happen, because nobody knows what the future holds, so no one can say no and dismiss any thoughts of what our future may contain, especially when you look at the facts in the present.

Osama Bin Laden is at War with Great Britain in his global Jihad for the Islamic religion. He has an army of Moslem followers on the ground that was born here. We live in the 21st Century with the technology that modern Warfare now contains, chemical, nuclear and biological for example. And the enemy we face has no problem killing themselves in the process of killing as many of us as possible because they believe they will go straight to heaven for their actions and be greeted with 72 brown eyed Virgins.

This is reality.

The only way that Osama Bin Laden could destroy Britain, our way of life and society is by breaking down the infrastructure of our Country. If he achieves this then the Islamic Kingdom on the ground are on their own to do what Islam has taught them to do, all out open warfare, Jihad, so as to take over and enforce Islam upon the land.

Why do you think the situation on the ground with the street Jihad is so serious because the army is in place, is heavily armed, extremely wealthy and united ready for what the future holds.

What are the British people doing? Nothing, apologizing for the Islamic Kingdom, telling everyone Islam means peace and that it is a small minority, and denying what is going on because they listen to what this appeasing government tells them.

When it hits the fan what will be the result?

All it takes is one serious unthinkable Islamic inspired terror attack to hit the homeland and the infrastructure of the Nation would collapse, with the population living in a completely different environment on the ground to what they are now. Government would collapse and become non-functioning, the police force would become defunct and ineffective, the military would only be in control in certain areas, and there would be total anarchy on the streets with people fighting over food and water just to survive.

Could never happen you say.

A Russian died
in London recently due to nuclear radiation poisoning with polonium 210, polonium 210 is the nuclear chemical used for the trigger mechanism in suitcase nuclear bombs. What type of devastation would one of these cause in the Centre of London? I should think it would wipe most of London out considering London isn’t that big. The Russian who died had become a Chechen, which is one of the most extreme Islamic military organizations in the World.

It is a
known fact that Osama Bin Laden has suitcase nuclear bombs in his arsenal.

Why gather this technology if your not going to use it? You gather it to use it in War; it is a weapon of War after all.

If London was wiped out then the infrastructure of our Country would collapse in an instant.

Al Qaeda have already gathered intelligence on our
Nuclear power stations, so what would happen if several of these were blown up with planes like on 9/11? How easy would it be for Al Qaeda to hijack a plane from Pakistan whilst it was flying over Britain and then crash it, or several of them into these power stations? Not very hard considering Pakistan is an Islamic Nation that supports the Taliban.

Wiping out several nuclear power plants would cripple the Nation and destroy a large part of the infrastructure of the Country.

There have been several attempts at acquiring the technology for a
dirty bomb to be detonated upon our streets. This is a minor attack in size and scope compared to the above but it will bring the Nation to a halt for some time.

What would happen if the River Thames was
ruptured which is what Diren Barot was planning to do? Would it flood London? If it would then this would again bring the Nation to a halt.

If any of these serious attacks were to happen there would be panic and pandemonium, with anarchy and lawlessness on the streets through fear about the future and survival. Our prisons are full so there is no where to lock people up, so it will be a free for all. All of this toppled with an organized military wing of the Islamic Kingdom who have been preparing for this eventuality does not fair well for the future of our country and society does it.

Where would we place several hundred thousand Moslems who all stand with one another and are rioting in our streets?

We don’t know what they have been taught and told about what is coming whilst they have been training in the terror camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan, all we know is they believe that Islam will one day rule Britain.

Where do they get this logic from?

Our military is about 140,000 strong I think, and Al Qaeda in the UK have double if not triple that who support their War against us and our country who will join together on the ground once it hits the fan.

The police I would think would be more concerned about protecting their families than policing these new murderous lawless streets that they aren’t being paid for, and the government will be in hiding because of their treason to the British people. The only real sort of order will be the military, but that will only be in certain areas.

If there was a King upon the throne who commanded the respect of his people, he would be the only one able to control and keep order in the ensuing chaos, because he would have an army of Royalists across the land who stand behind him and listen to him.

It will be a dog eat dog environment on the ground in Great Britain, with no functioning Country, what happens then and how we recover is a different story.

Great Britain is a tiny tiny island compared to America, so one serious attack would destroy the infrastructure of the Nation and stop it from being a functioning country, exactly what Osama Bin Laden wants to do.

Osama Bin Laden has been fighting Jihad his whole adult life; he has spent a large proportion of this time acquiring modern weaponry with which to fight his war with. Why spend that much time and money if your not going to use it in your war? Also if you know your going to die at some point why not leave your mark upon mankind, especially if you believe you will go straight to paradise and be greeted with 72 Virgins for your actions.

Osama Bin Laden has declared War against us and is leading a global Jihad to destroy the West, how do you think he is going to
achieve that aim?

Think about it.

If anything this bad does hit the homeland then I feel certain that those traitors in government who will have been the ones who created this mess for the British people will then be held accountable, and I know there are factions out there who would be more than willing to hang them for treason. That is not me being extreme that is just the truth to the situation on the ground in Britain. Those who have led us into this position will be held accountable by the British people for what they have done, exactly like in every other generation that traitors have committed treason against the people and their homeland in the past, that’s just seems to be the way things have always gone in this land.

History also has a habit of repeating itself.

Those in government act like gods because they are protected by the police and security services, but remove that protection which will happen if something really serious does happen to the Country, and based on the facts there is a high probability that it will. Then they are on their own with the wrath not just of a small few but a majority who will have awoken to what they have done to them and their children.

Why do you think this present government has changed the treason laws? It’s because they themselves are committing it.

I won’t name names because I don’t want to make enemies but the list of traitors and appeasers is endless and I am sure there are those out there with the lists of people who have committed treason against the British people.

Please don’t arrest me for my thoughts, that’s all they are thoughts, this is not a thought crime, I am just giving something to think about based on facts.

Some people will read this and think that none of it could ever happen, all I will say is that we live in the Nuclear age remember that, there is a World War unfolding upon planet Earth, and nobody knows what tomorrow, next week, next month or next year holds.

Who would have ever thought about 9/11 before it happened.

Look at the facts in the present to see what could happen in the future.

If we are in World War III what will the consequences be?

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Check the links embedded too if you doubt anything I have written.


Anonymous said...

The first 3 lines of your posting could equally apply to the majority of NuLab, LibDem & some tory MPs.

Anonymous said...

To all those people who have a healthy contempt for islam, but say "I couldn't vote for the BNP"
Nr Verona, in Italy, a makeshift mosque has been bulldozed down to make way for a plaza in honour of Oriana Falluci. See what happens when you put your X in the right box?

Anonymous said...

I admire your hard work
and dedication to get this message across. Too many people are oblivious to the danger that faces us from this pseudo religious ideology. Living for a number of years in a mainly islamic populated area I have seen the change in dress of the men and women, the increasing calls to prayer and looks that say how they feel about the indiginous population. Worrying times ahead but how to escape is my main concern. Oh and the drug trade where I live is completly ignored by those that should do something. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Jihad... "is supported by one of the biggest Moslem organizations in Britain who state this fact on their own website."

That website makes it very clear that they are talking about a very different kind of struggle than you suggest.

Lionheart said...

"It is the basic responsibility of every Muslim to practice, preach, establish what is good and defend against what is bad.

Moreover, it is the religious duty of every Muslim to defend against all forms of tyranny and injustice, however significant or insignificant they may be.

If Jihad takes the form of a defensive war it is known as the Lesser Jihad; the Greater Jihad is the battle against one's own ego and desires.

Jihad plays a very important role in Islamic ideology, as it encourages a constant struggle in the way of Allah to establish justice and virtue.

Thus, We have made you a people justly balanced so you could be witnesses over nations. (2:143)

It is every Muslim's duty to ensure the establishment of just and representative governments and to wage jihad for it. This is so injustice and tyranny are eradicated and are replaced with justice and security."

So what is it good to establish and what is bad to defend against in a Moslem mind?

What is the tyranny and injustice from a Moslem perspective?

What is the way of Allah based on the Koran?

What is a just and good government from a Moslem perspective?

This is what they must conduct Jihad for as a religious duty, as stated on MPACUK

Anonymous said...

Read the rest of the debate on the MPACUK page you link to.

"I have never seen MPACUK advocate Jihad to mean terrorism. They have always promoted Jihad in its true sense to establish truth and do charitable deeds and take a stand against tyranny and oppression in a peaceful way.

MPACUK have always been at the forefront in speaking out against those who associate themselves with terrorism and defame Islam. I remember MPACUK condemning such acts as 9/11 and 7/7. And so far as I have seen, being a regular visitor to their website, most of mpacuks work is about engaging Muslims in a peaceful political process.... "

There is nothing on this page that's inconsistent with the interpretation of jihad as anything but peaceful struggle in the same way that Christians believe in actively struggling for justice. I'm not saying that dangerous and extrenme islamofacism doesn't exist in Britain but I don't see it on this site.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't be so silly as to actually state it clearly now would they?
Every Muslim knows his primary goal is to establish Islam throughout the world.
He can do this by being nice to his infidel neighbours or he can blow up a bus.
It's his choice and Islam will not condemn him.
After all this time, not one Muslim has publicly spoken out to condemn about the London Bus Bombings, or especially the murderers that did it.
If you think this is untrue, then reprint their words here.

After all that is what they were, cold callous killers, not "misdirected, disenfranchised young men."
They were dedicated murderous thugs,
If you think this is untrue, then reprint their words here.
Remember, to a Muslim all of them are "innocents" and non-believers can never be innocent.

In Britian's not too distant past, their body-parts would be placed on stakes outside the City of London.
Those times may be revisited soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Sorry LH but this is still assertion with little or no evidence when what is on the site itself, aside from your disingenuous interpretations, says the contrary of what you claim:

"Do we dare to right wrongs without violence, take back the meaning of jihad from all the brothers who are more interested in fighting Americans than bandaging up wounded Palestinians? Do we curse the darkness or work for the light? Practical good or angry rhetoric. People will be infinitely more won over to the cause if they see muslims working for a better world on a peaceful, practical level than if all they hear is calls for killing jews, americans and kafirs!"

These are the people we need to make common cause with in defeating islamofacism.

Lionheart said...

You only have to look at the evidence in the public domain to see that my claims are not false.

Thankfully a catastrophe was averted yesterday, and also when Diren Barot planned to rupture the Thames and detonate a dirty bomb.

How can you teach Moslems that Jihad is wrong when Mohamed himself conducted Jihad in conquering Mecca and Medina.

Jihad is a fundamental of your religion.

Listen to what the 7/7 suicide bomber says about Islam and conquering lands.

The only common cause is for Moslems to leave their religion because they cannot change it.


Anonymous said...

LH, your claims about the MPAKUK website certainly go beyond the actual evidence.

I don't diagree with much of what you say in general about the worst excesses of fundamentalist Islam. They must certainly be resisted and defeated.

Whilst Joshua engaged in jihad in ancient Israel most modern Christians no longer indulge in ethnic cleansing as a result. Neverthless the atheists and humanists in the liberal west think we are just as bad and are engaged in a media war to marginalise all religion without any discrimination (like your opposition to all Islam).

As Christians learned to abandon crusading so Muslims may learn that spiritual and political struggle for what is right is the better way.

Lionheart said...

Evidence is clear to me.

Atleast you have an intelectual response, shame that does not take away the heart of your religion which is Jihad against the infidel.

By the word of by the sword.

Your obviously the 'by the word' type of moslem, who goes hand in hand with the 'by the sword' moslems.

Anonymous said...

We must resist the idea that Christianity and Islam are similar, or worse, that they are equal.

The official biographers of Mohamed reveal a rapacious and murderous monster. But even the critics of Jesus say He was a gentle man. None say He was a murderer or rapist or thief.

As far as reforming Islam--what would be the point? Take out the killing and subjugation and there'd be no Islam in Islam! Did we speak of reforming Nazi-ism? There is nothing in Islam which is good for the Western world. Or the Arab world for that matter. Even the UN Report on Arab Development (if you will forgive the oxy-moron) couldn't hide the fact that Arab countries are backwards and are increasingly losing ground!

You're right not to trust any Muslim since they are commanded by their moon god to lie to infidels. They have no shame when their lies are found out, which makes them fit only to be politicians, BBC or CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Commission) fifth column operatives.

Europe is faltering because it has forsaken Jesus. Europeans have nothing that sparks their courage. Fight for socialism? Fight for EU regulations? Lay your life down for community cohesion? No thanks.

When most Western men see that the choice is Islam or death, death of the nation, the culture, their own children, the battle will be engaged and, I believe, won. But with each day we delay, the battle will be harder and more bloody. Now it could be won with legislation. End immigration and welfare and Muslims would retreat from Europe and Canada and the USA. But in a few years, it will start in the streets and it will pit us against Muslims and the traitors in government who put us in jeopardy.

This sounds dramatic and preposterous, I know. I was hoping for a quiet retirement in rural Canada. Now, I see my own country coming under increasing pressure to adapt to Muslims and I know I must fight it. At every turn I am met with ignorance and apathy and the official "we're a multi-culti society!" bumper (fender to Englishmen) sticker speak which passes for poltical discourse now.

Ontario pays welfare to polygamous families! Quebec's premier was told to remove the crucifix from the parliament chamber because it offends Muslims! So far he has refused, and this may be a harbinger of restored belief in Western, Christian culture. But that, unfortunately, is a slender hope.

The chief of army recruiment wants more Muslims in the forces, so the army can be more representative of Canada! He didn't ask for more brain dead politicians to enlist, though. The Canadian government surveys immigrants about changes that immigrants would like to see in Canadian society!

Please keep spreading the news about the evils you see in your neighbourhood. It is working, although too slowly for me.

I was born in London England. I am a Canadian citizen. I live in the USA. I don't want to lose any of my countries to Islam!

You're a great inspiration. Don't lose your lion's heart!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mistyped my URL