18 May 2008

Armageddon: Response to an email

I received an email from someone after posting America preparing for Armageddon that I have posted below, and because it obviously got the readers back up to the extent that it did I have decided to write my view about posting it so as to not offend any of my American readers and explain my belief.

I am sure that any American’s with a bit of sense about World events will have read the report that I posted objectively. That’s how I read it and is the reason why I posted it, seen as though it came hot on the heels of President Bush’s rousing prophetic speech to the people of the Promised Land in the Knesset.

Lionheart, I am a native of the United States now living in California, and have lived in eleven of our states as well as being familiar with all the rest. I ask you: Where and how on earth did you come up with this absolutely insane nonsense you've sent all over the world about my country? I am shocked anyone could ever possibly distort truth so shockingly. You are spreading absolute falsehoods in your mailing below! Your "facts" are nonexistent and, in fact, this entire segment is nothing but lying from your ignorance of truth!

I am ashamed to realize anyone is so stupid as to even dare think such horrid nonsense as you've spread all over, and which I am returning to you below. I find you are either totally stupid or simply being used as a pawn, since there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER IN YOUR WORDS BELOW! Yes, I am angry! This entire world feeds off of my country, including your England, and I am sick of you returning US decency and kindness with your horrible filthy lies!

Happy Pick, California, USA

For anyone who hadn’t noticed yet “The World is at War”, America the most powerful Nation on Earth, and the Earths only Super/Hyper Power, is engaged along with their allies in a War against the global military Wing of Islam that is being led by this generations Anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden, after the attack on the American homeland on 9/11.

Since then the global conflict in “The War on Terror” as it has been termed so as to not upset the whole of the 1.5+ billion Moslem’s worldwide has gradually developed to the stage that it is now presently at.

Considering America is a predominately Christian Nation, founded by its founding fathers upon the truth of the Christian faith, it would be utterly stupid and contemptible not to think that American military General’s and strategists would not be contemplating this modern World War as being the prelude to the Biblical War of Armageddon considering all of the factors now involved in World events.

They are not a Super/Hyper power for nothing with some of the best brains known to man working in the fields of National Security, Military, Defence and World Politics.

We are living in the 21st Century not the 1st Century where the weapons of choice on the battlefield are no longer swords and spears, with maybe a few catapults with fire bombs thrown into the mix, they are ultimately Nuclear Weapons that can kill hundreds of thousands in one strike. We do now live in the Nuclear age after all, where Nuclear Weapons are the ultimate deterrence and ultimate destruction in today’s art of modern warfare.

So that being the case any military strategists from any Nation on Earth, not just the American’s, now have the knowledge of the Nuclear question on the table in front of them when sitting around contemplating what might happen in the future.

All out Nuclear War could mean the end of mankind here on Earth, or the destruction of most of it, with a Nuclear winter and its fall out then covering the planet. This is the consequence of 21st Century weapons, and the reason why America and Russia thankfully never pushed the trigger during the Cold War.

The leaders of these Nations and its people are civilized human beings who do not believe they will go straight to paradise and be greeted with 72 brown eyed Virgins for committing such horror here on Earth, unlike the enemy the civilized Western World now faces in the embodiment of the Islamic Religion.

I could go into greater detail but I wont as I am currently writing a book to explain my thoughts on this subject, this is just an overview.

The whole World counts down the day’s now until the Islamic Republic of Iran becomes a Nuclear power in the Middle East, or its Nuclear facilities are attacked before it can cross the threshold of no return.

Either eventuality has its own consequences, where we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t; the Iran question is sadly just a fact to life that our World now faces that we cannot escapable from.

Iran has arisen as the major power in the Middle East, to the point that even now the pro-Western governments in the Middle East of Saudi Arabia and Egypt are terrified about this new monster in their midst because they have a very good idea of what the future now holds for them because of the monster.

Iranian leaders are continually stating that they are going to destroy Israel, that they are going to wipe her from the map, and this is a regional power in the Middle East that has almost reached the point of having Nuclear capabilities to make these statements become a reality.

The leaders of Iran have said that to lose a third of their Nation to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth would be a price worth paying, they also believe that they are the ones who are going to usher in the Islamic end of days and the appearance on the World stage of the Mahdi, the long awaited Islamic figure that would arise at the end times.

So this is a regional power in the boiling pot of the Middle East that is seeking Nuclear weapons that wants to usher in the Islamic end of days.

Don’t believe it, go do some research.

So what would American and Israeli strategists be thinking about when they are sitting around the table discussing eventualities and consequences?

Considering both of these Nations are founded upon the firm belief of their Judeo/Christian roots, then it is not unrealistic considering the circumstances to be thinking in Armageddon terminology and preparing for Armageddon.

You must prepare for the very worst and hope for the best.

Any Nuclear exchange would usher in an Armageddon scenario because of the ultimate consequences, so for anyone to criticize the belief that this is what American Generals are preparing for, and say that I am spreading lies is utterly stupid given the facts.

President Bush has just delivered a speech to the Israeli parliament where he has stated that America and Israel stand together in the World, this speech was wrapped up powerfully with Biblical scriptures from the prophets of the Old Testament. Israel’s 60th anniversary this year of its creation as a modern Jewish homeland is fulfillment of ancient Biblical prophecy, End Time biblical prophecy.

So given the weapons now on the World stage, given the fulfillment of End time biblical prophecy, given the Islamic Nation of Iran stating they are going to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth, and given the other things that are unfolding across the Earth, again you have got to be utterly stupid and blind not to be thinking in terms of Armageddon.

On top of this Russia I believe is mentioned in End time prophecy, and Russia is the one helping Iran with its Nuclear ambitions, and if I am right, Russia also now has parts of its Navy docked in Syria.

On a Geo-Political level, it seems to me that each and every Country on Earth is now aligning itself for the coming days, aligning themselves for the coming apocalypse that is soon to unfold and be inflicted upon mankind – World War III

Ill bring you back to the point that we are in a World with Nuclear capabilities now, not swords and spears on horse back, it is just a question of who is going to unleash their arsenal first, and given the knowledge that I have I am certain that it will be an Islamic Nuclear bomb first.

Iran is backing Hamas in Gaza as they fight a War with their Israeli neighours, is backing Hezbollah in Lebanon, who also fought a War with Israel in 2006, and is training and backing the insurgency against America in Iraq, so War with Iran is already unfolding now as you are reading this so given the unavoidable Iranian Nuclear question it is only a matter of time until this War goes to its natural next level and conclusion – Armageddon

The unfolding of a Nuclear World War III

Take a step back from this regional War in the Middle East, and across the whole Earth you also have Osama Bin Laden’s global army of Al Qaeda, positioned in every Nation on Earth including Great Britain who are at War with America, the West and Israel, who are armed with low yield easily transportable Nuclear, Chemical and Biological weapons, so the World picture gets a little bit more dire based on the facts.

Not a pretty picture is it? Entering into World War Two was probably not a pretty picture for our forefathers either, but it was something they could not escape from because of Hitler the Anti-Christ, just like we cannot escape from the facts facing today’s modern world.

The article that I put up to which I received such a hatefilled response was from a Russian perspective, this should have given its readers food for thought from another point of view with which to think about things. No one can say it is wrong because it was from a Russian perspective who are on the flipside of American politics, its just that this reader did not understand that point, and if there was something that was not liked in the article then there is a comments section for you to pass your thoughts about it, with enough good people commenting on this blog to share their views on the subject also. Not send me a pathetic email filled with hatred calling me a liar, or spreading lies.

If you cannot handle the truth then do not read my blog.

If American leaders have set up a monument that you can view when overlooking Georgia then they have obviously built it for a reason, so that being the case it does not take a rocket scientist to think what their reason for building it might have been does it? Especially not when you read the words it contains.

Is there a monument as this article describes?

There is nothing more certain from my Christian perspective, than that everything in the Bible will come to pass, so that being the case, looking at everything that is unfolding upon the Earth, it is not beyond the realms of impossibility to be thinking of a future Armageddon in the not too distant future based upon the present facts that are unfolding in the Middle East, and in the exact location that Armageddon is supposed to unfold. So if a dead head like me is thinking in those terms based upon the facts then I am more than certain that every sensible intelligent Nation on Earth who understands Biblical prophecy is thinking in those terms too.

So who is the one spreading lies?

All I can say in conclusion is make sure you and your children know the one who wrote the Book and the message of human Salvation and everlasting life that it contains, because the Alpha and Omega has told us what is going to happen so that we can prepare now for eternity, because there is nothing more certain than death for each of us. It is the unavoidable situation of human experience that all of mankind is intertwined with.

Life then Death – Then what?

Pastor John Hagee: World War III


Anonymous said...

Just another BLIND American.

Anonymous said...

Well written Lionheart.
I think your writing improves by the day.
I look forward to your book. I am sure it will rattle the windows just as this little blog has.
Your message is of such vast importance, that many cannot contemplate it's ultimate destination.
Those that opposed the preparations for war that he was advising,, that kept Winston Churchill out of power for twenty odd years, could only belatedly welcome him back as we reached the point of no return.
For a nation to survive, we must spend our time wisely in peace, preparing for it's opposite.
The political pacifists take the political side of the enemies of peace, because they are blinded by a vision that cannot be fulfilled by mankind alone.
I now have enough personal revelation to think that the culmination of world events will collide with our personal worlds in a couple of years from now.
I expect passenger planes to be crashed over Britain as the opening salvo of the next war, and in tandem with something near all out war in the mid-east.
The world will never be the same again.
This is only my personal view of course.
More strength to your arm, L.H.
You cannot expect popularity from all when you sound the alarms.