14 May 2008

Can the West be saved?

Info courtesy of dominique devaux

Foreword: An excellent article over at “Gates of Vienna”, and perfectly fitting to be sitting on that blog considering the title that the authors of the blog chose as their doorway for when seekers of truth in today’s modern internet World end up there looking for the information and subject matter they need that sits on its pages so as to be able to learn and become educated about the imminent threat to the future existence of our Civilisation and Way of Life that now confronts each and every one of us.

This article is an excellent expose by one of the leading intellectuals in today’s modern war, the War that is being waged throughout the Western World and Christendom by the Global Ummah (body of Moslems) in their 21st Century Global Jihad (Holy War) to destroy and conquer our Lands and Way of life for their Islamic Religion.

Those who deny what is unfolding are those who do not know what they are talking about, uneducated who profess to be educated by putting on the invisible cloak of knowledge and then passing their judgment and opinion on a subject they themselves have not actually studied, so have no comprehension of, yet think they do.

Blind leading the Blind.

The writer also clearly points out about the Traitors in today’s governments who are actually aiding and abetting our mortal enemy with their extreme liberal Marxist logic that is completely detrimental to the people and Nations they are supposed to be serving. These leaders are the ones who will be held accountable in the future and tried for “High Treason” by the people once they have awoken and revolted against this madness and cultural suicide that is being inflicted upon them by these Traitors.

That is if we win this War that we are now in, if not those who object to Islam under Islamic Rule which we will then be under, will be hung, shot or have their heads cut off by their new Moslem rulers.

The first and last War of the 21st Century, the Global Jihad, the greatest Jihad in the History of the Islamic Religion and all mankind is now upon us, 4th Generation Warfare, the War of Our times.

Don’t be selfish by thinking about yourself and your present comfort; think about your children and grandchildren born or yet to be born and their future comfort, they are relying on you after all as you are the one’s who will have brought them into this World and are supposed to be the mature adults who should be looking after them and preparing for the future.

What will the future be if we lose our Civilisation?

Think about it because both I and this blog are either completely wrong about what is housed on its pages or completely right?

I have enough evidence to base my knowledge, opinions and view point on, and can see enough respected intellectuals out there who are saying the same as me, so who is right or wrong based on the facts? - Me or You?

Please Click to read article: Can the West be saved?

Excerpt: Those Americans and Europeans who love their lands and nations more than any others, and who put their families and their neighborhoods before all others, are normal people. Those who tell them that their attachments should be global and that their lands and neighborhoods belong to the whole world are sick and evil. They are our enemies and jihad’s indispensable objective allies.

The elite class, rootless, arrogant, cynically manipulative, has every intention of continuing to “fight” the war on terrorism without naming the enemy, without revealing his beliefs, without unmasking his intentions, without offending his accomplices, without expelling his fifth columnists, and without ever daring to win.

It is up to the millions of normal Europeans and their American cousins to stop the madness. The traitor class wants them to share its death wish, to self-annihilate as people with a historical memory and a cultural identity, and to make room for the post-human, monistic Utopia spearheaded by the jihadist fifth column.

This crime can and must be stopped. The founders of the United States overthrew the colonial government for offenses far lighter than those of which the traitor class is guilty


Anonymous said...

"Blind leading the Blind."

that's you, that is.

Anonymous said...

The battle is with each one of us standing up. I have won over my office with reasoned argument that you can know a person by their fruit.
Vert simple really if you are not intimidated into looking away.
I have explained to women, (for office workers today mainly are), who well-meaning thought homosexual men could not help their behavior, that Muslims had a religion of Peace and it was only radicals causing problems, and that Socialism was not a huge Pyramid-Selling Political Class living off the wage-slave, needing to expand to maintain their lifestyles.
I look each of these representatives and they do not know where to hide.
Do not resent, and they are afraid. The bully is a coward who lives off fear.
The Jesus teaching was never about anything at all outside. It is within you. You are the temple.
The Churches will be swept aside, but his words will never fail. The words you have ears to hear, and not the one's spooned in by the Roman Emperor into his mouth turning him into a Sri Krishna to venerate like a Pagan.
There will be no problem if you bring your children with one mother and one father, and failing that, the spirit of one mother and one father. Don't fool around.

Lionheart said...

Another comment that exposes you for the complete joker you are, and Islamic apologist.

Watch the video several posts down with your own eyes.

Who is the blind leading the blind?

Findalis said...

Kinderling if Islam is such a "Religion of Peace" then why 9/11, 7/7. Madrid bombings, endless rockets into Israel. Not counting the "honor killings", wife beatings, killings of homosexuals?

"Religion of Peace"? Not on this Earth.

Anonymous said...

the uneducated ranting crazies in that video represent no-one except themselves.

they're just the ethnic equivalent of the bnp - they have no credibility except in the eyes of those who are obsessed with hating them.

that's you, dummy.

Anonymous said...


We're on the same script here. Read my post again - it is well-meaning women who think that.

Anonymous said...

Interesting facts.
The Serious Crimes Task Force, "SOCA" has seen a spate of insiders spilling the beans on what is happening within this new combined Force of Police, Customs and Border Control.
Despite some successes against the cocaine trade, the HEROIN trade remains a big problem.
They are sending officers to Afghanistan to tackle the heroin trade, rather than attack it's funding body here in Britain.

Lionheart has bravely lifted the covers on the facts elsewhere in this blog.

According to insider reports, if a consignment of heroin is picked up in a lorry, say, at a port, then despite asking for further action by following the drugs to their destination, to make further arrests, it seems that the high-ups are merely impounding the haul in situ.
Why could this be?

It seems that SOCA intelligence relies on the childish whimsy that there are only about two or three hundred "super-criminals" in Britain controlling organized crime.
So the scenario is this, they know that 90% of heroin is grown in Afghanistan, and shipped across the borders into Pakistan, then through Iran or Turkey and onward by truck and ship, hidden in normal loads.

Europe is an open border goods transit system, and the gangs that import heroin know how it works, because many of them are normal international traders, anyway.

Luton, with it's huge Pakistani community, is an obvious place for the heroin trade to have deep roots, and has a large and growing junkie problem of it's own.
Some of these addicts are themselves Pakistani and thereby Moslem automatically.
Heroin has long been used by the Muslims in Britain as a way of transporting "wealth-bundles" without the money laundering and other hassles.
Several businesses were set up with imported heroin when Iran deposed the Shah and Iranians here wanted to get their money out.
This scenario of wealth shifting is still going on today, and I'm sure the Iranian connection is operating there still, along with it's allies from neighbouring territories.
No doubt Al Quaeda is being funded from this source as well as such things as "Charities."

SOCA, despite being well equipped and composed of the elite and experienced drug enforcement officers brought in from many agencies, has a top-down management system that ignores the grass roots (bad pun!),officers knowledge and instincts.
These top Government placed management bods, know only too well where the following up of a busted heroin haul at Dover would lead them.

It would lead them into a thicket of rich and influential Pakistani businessmen, many of whom no doubt pay into the Nu Labour Party funds.
It would be far too embarrassing for the Government to be proved wrong if it came to light, what type of people are controlling the UK/European heroin trade.

Why does this matter?

Last night I drove along a quiet residential road, and saw the scrawny matchstick legs of the sex-slaves out on the street, waiting for a punter to get some money for another fix.
The CCTV camera is just 50 meters away and yet these unfortunates are totally ignored by the authorities.
Spreading disease and pumping money into pious pockets via their addiction, does not seem to matter to Luton police, though arresting a blogger does!
Strange set of values, maybe?

It seems there has been a recent input to this blog from Muslim commenters.
That is good, they may get some education here, for it is quite clear that many of them do not know what is being done by their brothers.
There are houses in Luton owned by millionaire Pakisatni businessmen, these houses are occupied by junkies,and payed for in Social Security Benefits by the British Government.
If the police could be bothered to follow just one of these heroin addicts, in his car, they would find themselves in that place called Bury Park where the under-dealer supplies his vile poison to the stupid white junkies.
Just where does this sub-dealer get his heroin?

Who is it that fronts the money for the supplies to come to Britain, and who is benefiting from it all?
Is it the British public, or the Public Purse?
Or the mythical and laughable notion of Gordon Brown's "Social Cohesion?"

Or is it the self same businessmen who like leeches have sucked up the money from Social Welfare to house these fools, while another makes his money feeding the junkies with the poison?

The current trend is for the heroin smokers to mix the smack with "rocks" that is to say, crack-cocaine.
They call it the "brown and white."
So we see a connection between the heroin dealers and the gangs behind cocaine sales.
Isn't this a "Serious and Organised Crime" ("SOCA") worth looking into?
If an ignorant twit knows this much, why are the bosses of SOCA ignoring it?

Is it because they are under the thumbs of the multi-cult junkies of "Social Cohesion" that sit their fat arses in Westminster and Civil Service offices of Whitehall?

So these bloodsuckers who finance, import, sell and profit from heroin are from where?
(fill in this space for yourself)

These same businessmen who fund mosques and schools, have no qualms about poisoning the junkies for their profits, nor for taking Social Security handouts from their tenants or selling them the haram (religiously illegal) cheap alcohol from their shops, as these Social outcasts finish their lives in crime and poverty.

It is a National Scandal.

And Nu Labour pretend it isn't happening.

They and their patsie officials take their wages and ignore the reality.
God damn them.
God damn the pusher.

Anonymous said...

Good comment.

Did you see that Channel 4 TV has won it's Libel case against West Midlands Police Force, who accused them of "stirring up racial hatred" by showing the TV documentary called "Undercover Mosque."
It shows Muslim preachers in mainstream Mosques giving out the rules of Islam regarding the fate of homosexuals (death) and that women were made "deficient" according to Koran.
Not only that but many other vile and racially provocative statements against white British and non-believers like Christians and Jews.
The Judges found the TV channel to have been right in producing such an in depth and publicly important programme.
Ch 4 gave the damages to charity.

They were previously exonerated by the Broadcasting Standards Commission.

So will we see the West Mid. Police force admitting it was politically biased and prodded by local influential Muslams and the Labour government?
I doubt it somehow.
I think the film can be found on YouTube., and linked from here.