20 May 2008

Oona King: A NULabour Saviour

I don’t know why, maybe Oona King is a Christian and God has His hand upon her life, but it is my personal opinion that she would be the saving grace for Gordon Brown’s Premiership, the sinking ship that is NULabour, and for the destruction that this crumbling government is causing to our British democratic society.

I know for sure that Almighty God would not want old Gordy boy to go down as the worst P.M in our history out of respect for his father, but if you reject the one who is looking down from above then things will never go right. What greater proof did Mr. Brown need to know God was looking over him than for the car bombings in London and Glasgow to fail to detonate on the day he took over the reigns of Power?

Several car bombs that would have caused unimaginable horror and bloodshed if you look at what was planned, yet not one single innocent life was lost, and this bombing campaign was planned and plotted by some of the best brains in our society – Trained NHS doctors

Only a miracle could have stopped the outcome of that attack, and in my opinion, a miracle chain of events unfolded which did stop it.

Then everything started to go wrong and has gone wrong ever since.

Maybe God has sent Oona King to Gordon Brown.

It has been said that she is a lightweight and no good for the position she has been put forward for because NULabour need a big hitter, how much bigger hitter can there be than someone who stands on their principles and knows right from wrong and is willing to stand up and say it, as was proved with the Crewe by election campaign.

Oona King said not to campaign as they have done, she was rejected and ignored, with the campaign now completely backfiring on them, with everyone now seeing how despicable and hypocritical NULabour are in Crewe.

You should have listened to the lightweight lady who has a big heart and a big vision, and then you might have gotten somewhere.

It is my belief after reading what I have, that Oona King knows exactly what the people of Great Britain face in today’s society after modern politics terrorized her and her family, so there is no one with greater wisdom who understands the racial religious divides now within society than her. She also has the respect of the innocent peaceful people from all communities who just want to live law abiding and peaceful lives within modern Britain.

It is just a shame that there are those out there who are making that impossible.

People will say that I am one of those making that impossible, that’s why I have been arrested on suspicion of stirring up racial hatred through this blog. This blog is my response to Moslem aggression to me personally, to my community, to my country, to the innocent people living within society, and the threat this new menace poses to the whole of the civilized Western World. What was I meant to do just shut my mouth, run away and go into hiding after these Pakistani Moslem savages threatened my life? I know that other people have taken that route but I am not them and they are not me.

Throw me in prison I don’t care, Al Qaeda and their British born Moslem followers are at War with Great Britain and they are going to attack the Country again, my Country.

I never committed 7/7, I have not killed anyone in the name of my religion, I have not planned and plotted mass murder against innocent people, I have not called for others to commit acts of violence and murder, all I have done is pointed out the facts from my perception about those who are committing these acts, facts that cannot and shouldn’t be ignored because of the seriousness of the facts that I am pointing out.

RUSI which is one of the most respected military think tanks in the World, and a think tank that has the interests of the British homeland at heart, have stated that Government must make “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority.

Think about that.

How serious is the threat to British society and our way of life for one of the most respected military think tanks in the World to say that the Government must make “Defence of the Realm” its No.1 priority.

Pretty serious stuff in my humble opinion don’t you think?

Al Qaeda and its British born Moslem army of followers have already attacked us, and they are continually planning and plotting to attack us, so it is only a matter of time until another Islamic inspired atrocity unfolds. The size and scale of the attack is anyone’s guess, but we know for sure that they have planned to rupture the River Thames, they have planned to target some of our busiest nightclubs and shopping centers, and that they have tried acquiring the technology to detonate a dirty bomb.

Not a very nice picture given the evidence already is it.

In my opinion Gordon Brown needs Oona King’s political skills for the days that lay ahead, who knows what is going to happen today, tomorrow, next week or next month, but based on the present facts of 30 known Islamic terror plots against us in place, 200 networks of British born Moslem Jihadi’s intent on our destruction, and over 2000 Al Qaeda inspired Moslem’s under surveillance, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that at some point in the future another devastating Islamic terror attack is going to be inflicted upon our society, and these figures I have mentioned are only the figures of the known facts, how many unknown facts are there out there? It only took an Al Qaeda cell of 4 clean skins last time to hit us and kill 52 people and wound over 700, so it is not beyond the realms of logic to say there are clean skins out there now preparing to attack.

We know that 400,000 British born Pakistani Moslems travel freely between the UK and Pakistan every year, with an unknown number ending up in Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then returning to Britain and blending back into their Islamic communities and our British society.

The enemy is out there in the shadows, and it is an enemy that has suicidal intent who wants to die killing as many of us as possible in the process.

And our Home Secretary who is charged with the National Security of the British homeland has said that this terrorist activity that is aimed at us is not Islamic terror, it is anti-Islamic activity.

And we have the human rights laws which Islamic terrorists within our land are protected by, so we cannot even throw them from our shores, instead as an act of complete psychosis we let them back out into our society, the exact society they were removed from in the first place for wanting to destroy it – Work that one out?

No wonder there is a National psychosis within society when these are our present leaders.

Arise the new ‘King of England’ who will bring order out of this chaos for his people.

Daily Mail:
Oona King tipped for No.10


Anonymous said...

LH...Do you know the difference of a paragraph and period. Do you know how to use a period at the end of a sentence, instead of a comma. Your writing isn't bad. But you have no clue when to incorporate a period to end a sentence. Instead you use comma's which leads to run-on sentences. And end your sentence as a paragraph. This makes even simple reading most difficult. If you're seriously considering writing something to be published. A publisher will laugh at you and not be willing to fix all these grammatical errors in a book or manuscript you submit to them. Maybe you should take some basic writing lessons before you continue on. For a person to claim to be in the loop and be aware of everything. You sure in hell have a difficult time articulating it correctly. Using big adjectives and other words doesn't make you a good writer. It's using proper puncutation whereas your writing will come off as being clear and concise.

Lionheart said...

Considering i only just finished school, luckily without being expelled and did no further education, i will say that i think i have done a good job with my very limited education.

As some has said, my English teacher would be proud, even though i was probably standing in the corridor most lessons so as to not disrupt the other pupils.

A consequence of my misguided youth.

So yes i hear what you are saying, but those who visit my blog have been happy to read my uneducated posts so far, it seems only now 18 months later you arrive and then start critisicing me over something i already know.

And as if i am going to present anything to anyone without it being edited, dont you think i have enough friends who are professional writers now?

I do not claim to be in any loop or be aware of everything.

I know what i know and am aware of those things i am aware of, as my blog points out.

It is just my writing is not up to your standard.

Who are you anyway?

Joanne said...

Anonymous, if run-on sentences bother you, too bad. Reading your comment is annoying because you keep putting periods everywhere they do not belong.

"For a person to claim to be in the loop and be aware of everything. You sure in hell have a difficult time articulating it correctly." by Anonymous

Okay Anonymous, the first sentence here is not a complete sentence. You should have put a comma after 'everything' in order to have made a complete sentence.

"Your writing isn't bad. But you have no clue when to incorporate a period to end a sentence." by Anonymous

You should have put a comma after 'bad' to connect two complete sentences or you should have eliminated 'But' and started the second sentence with 'You'.

This is just for starters; I believe I've made my point. Perhaps you should seek some guidance yourself on how to form sentences properly; you obviously haven't a clue.

Lionheart, you are doing a fine job and good luck with your book.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 20-May-2008 11:06:00 sounds likes a typical left-wing Guardian reader who simply can't comprehend that anybody of working class origins are able to form logical arguments contrary to their own.

Their only defence is criticism of grammar and spelling of the 'thick working class racist'.

Keep up the good work LH and don't listen to individuals like this.

Anonymous said...

Oona a lightweight? I mean look at Miliband as foreign secretary and only been an MP for 6 years.

I don't know if she should be involved in this current government, it has to the worst in living memory, maybe a leader of future Labour party trying to get away of the shame and misery it is caused with some many years in power?

Anonymous said...

Oona should go across the floor and join the Conservatives.
She might kick Dave Cameron up his shiny pants concerning these topics.

LH, if this dick sory gentlman dusnt lik bad gramma and spellin, then I guess he hasnt read sum of the comments and threts to you from your Muslimm readdas, INNIT?