22 May 2008

Exeter Nail bomber is Moslem convert

Daily Mail

A Muslim convert was being held tonight after two bombs were found in a family restaurant toilet following an explosion at lunchtime.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after a young white man apparently attempted to detonate a nail bomb.

Diners heard three blasts which sounded like gunshots go off in a toilet at the Giraffe cafe in Exeter city centre as they were having lunch today.

Eyewitnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

When he emerged, wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt, blood was running down his face and all over his clothes.

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Moslem convert nail bomber


Anonymous said...

"Riley, a twenty two year old convert to Islam had a history of mental illness".

The prosecution against "the religion of peace" rests its case.

Findalis said...

Converting to Islam is a sign of mental illness.

Joanne said...

Let's hope this fella isn't interrogated by Muslim police officers or the information he may give could be lost. What a pitiful thing to have to say, but I wouldn't put any trust in them whatsoever.

Lionheart said...

Agreed Findalis.

It takes a little more than mental illness to make a nail bomb, he was an easy target for his recruiters, a little like the 8 year old girl in Iraq who was detonated by remote control.

Celtic Crusader said...

defenders of islam will say:

"well...look, this guy had a history of mental illness, so obviously he doesn't represent islam by these 'extreme' actions. Having a mental illness - he probably didn't know islam properly. So basically he wasn't a muslim but still a westerner and having western values or at least he was brought up in western values and the 'hate and emptiness of western culture' would have left him alienated and exposed to the sickness he was prone to.....ergo he chose extreme actions."

- this is what the muslim and liberal community will be thinking and saying to yet again let islam off the 'hook'.

It has to be driven home that these actions have been carried out in the past by people from all walks of life who are sane and have the ability and potential to be rational and logical. They are of all ages and professions but their rational and logical faculties have been usurped and warped by the perverted, cultish teachings of islam and the brainwashing exhortations of the life example of mohammed. Therefore otherwise sane, normal human beings become attuned to the ways of islam, by definition becoming hysterical, irrational, bullish, domineering, lecherous etc, etc, etc. unreasonable, illogical and have the tendency to do things which in any other persons book would've been labelled as evil.
Basically following a creed of hate, anti-life and anti-light, which is therefore anti-Christ.

Do not be fooled - this cult has people of all walks of life, of all professions, of all intellects and races. They are not mentally ill, though i believe they do lose the rational, logical faculties to some extent- like many people who become used to lying do...they believe their own lies.By remaining in islam they undergo a sickness far worse- they become spiritually ill.

If this guy was mentally unstable then he is in sharp contrast to those like the doctors of the NHS who carried out the Glasgow airport attack who were 'mentally stable' - they knew exactly what they were doing and that they were mandated by islam to do it. This guy was obviously easily influenced and when menatlly ill ...one is lost at sea....so any harbour seems like a refuge even if the harbour is one operated by pirates. This chap took refuge in a parasitic harbour with islamic parasites who saw an opportunity to give the treacherous words of comfort and 'guidance' and direction to a soul obviously 'all over the place'. However like an unmanned flying drone, these muslims were
controlling the remote and had a long term purpose in mind for this chap, at his and others expense...no doubt in their own company they were laughing at the 'mentally ill' bloke they were using as a weapon, just like they use and view women as reproduction machines.

As Lionheart quoted the incident of the 8 year old girl who was used as a bomb platform a week or so ago. Before that a couple of months ago in Iraq they used some
'Down syndrome' people as walking bombs into a market in Iraq.

No you don't have to be mentally ill to convert to islam those who are born into it aren't, yet they are spiritually ill and are deficient in other areas of reason. Those who convert i usually find also have deficiencies and these are usually of an emotional intelligence sort. Extremely low self-esteem, low integrity and respect for oneself - which leads one to seek out that which appears to have power or strength...as they do not want to be or feel weak or vulnerable anymore. Or they are spiritually weak, they do not or have never taken the time to properly understand the faith of their birth...usually christianity and are instant detractors of it....then they find islam and are attracted by its seeming sincerity and prodigious prayer to allah. Anything they ever needed, spirituality, beauty, poetry, joy, fulfillment, self-sacrifice, wholesomeness, feeling whole and having meaning was always right in front of them in Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Their initial lack of spirituality and likely materialism prepared them for another instalment of going down another wrong path....only this time it is harder to climb out of and detox from as it is a brainwashing cult that brainwashes the spirit...the cult of islam.

So i pity, this guy who did this. He is no different to that 8 yr old girl or those 'Down syndrome' people who were used. He was no more in charge of himself than they were. Of course he needs to be remanded and sentenced but this guy clearly needs help and needs to get that help while being charged - not sent to a normal prison but to an institution that will properly deal with his illness - remember at some stage he will be let out whether he goes to normal prison or psychiatric prison - and he needs to be mentally stable enough to cope and not be preyed upon again by these islamic weasels when he is out again otherwise next time it wont just be himself that is injured. To accomplish this he needs treatment.

The doctors who attacked Glasgow airport are a different matter - they deserve to be hung drawn and quartered. If we don't value and protect those who are most vulnerable in our community such as the heroin addict, the mentally ill, etc, etc, then they are the meat hanging out there to dry for these muslims to get their nefarious hands on - and they then are given direction and false meaning to their lives ...right into our airports, restaurants stations and buses.

Christ directed us as Christians to see Him in the faces of those whom our otherwise animal inhuman nature would turn our noses up at and look down upon. He directed us to see Him in the weak, the poor, the downtrodden....and that means the heroin addicts, the drunk, the beggar, the prostitute etc, etc, etc. Of course you don't be naive and let yourself be open to attack or a mugging but I am talking about us as Christians that when we have the chance and someone like that is clearly in need - then we shouldn't turn them away.

I applaud Lionheart for the video you posted about the heroin addicts.Our Western society should be protecting those within our societies who have fallen through the gaps and can no longer help themselves- they should be supported back into a position of being strength and well-being again. Our communities and sense of fellowship and fraternity and that we are brothers and sisters in Christ has broken down....at least here in Europe.

If we turn them away then we too are deficient and spiritually ill. We have no right to call ourselves Christians but are implicit in the neglect of our brothers and sisters well-being and souls leaving them exposed to the wolves of islam. We are implicit in the destruction of our communities and may as well strap the bombs on our brothers and sisters ourselves.

What will Christ say to us when we die - who shall i find more guilty....the wolves who came to feed on your brother... or you for leaving him out there.


Anonymous said...

These extremists are following the rantings of a mass murdering peodophile, if they so no wrong in that then surely they see no wrong in murdering innocent people

Joanne said...

I've even read that Muslims are looking for white recruits to use to target areas, which they themselves may obviously be refused access. Muslims targeted this teddy bear of a fellow because of his low intellect and high vunerability to influence. They can spin the matter all they want, but there are many who know better than to buy into the lies.

Anonymous said...

I await the day a mentally ill convert walks back into the mosque and detonates himself.
Sauce for the goose is good for the gander, they say.

Lionheart said...