17 May 2008

Luton drugs bust praised by Home Secretary

Cannabis does not kill anyone when used, in extreme cases it can lead to mental health issue's and be a contributing factor in violent crime by young people, but it does not kill its user, destroy their family and force them to go out every day committing violent serious crime just to feel normal because they need their next hit of the drug., unlike Heroin & Crack cocaine.

The story below this post about the murder of Stephen Green highlights the effects when mixed with highly intoxicating brandy and strong mind altering alcohol, which it has on its young consumers.

The Home Secretary knows exactly the effects of cannabis because she smoked it herself in her youth.

I wonder whether she would still be with us now if she had ever tasted the liquid brown flowing through her veins? She definitely would not be the Home Secretary if she did that's for sure.

Luton is awash with Al Qaeda Heroin that is being pumped by the organised criminal Pakistani Moslem street gangs of Bury Park, Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, is trafficked here by Al Qaeda and is funding international Islamic Terror here and abroad.

Heroin is killing its local drugs addicts, destroying whole families, making orphans, and causing much violent crime in the local community.

Cannabis as a rule is causing none of the above, and if you look at the case below you will see that the highly intoxicating brandy and alcohol which can be bought from any street corner will have played more of a role than the cannabis did, but because the powers that be try to class cannabis in the same category as Heroin & Crack cocaine, everyone thinks that it is as bad as these drugs so it must be the cause because its a dangerous drug.

Cant be that bad if the Home Secretary smoked it when she was young dont you think?

Anyone reading this who drinks alcohol will know the effects of a heavy drinking session on brandy and strong larger, pretty intoxicating to the point where you don't know what your doing don't you think.

While police resources are pumped into stopping the flow of cannabis on our streets and then glorifying in their achievements for everyone to see, the real most insidious evil of Heroin is left to continue washing through our streets, killing our youth, destroying society and funding international terrorism.

What would you prefer your tax money going on to stop?

Young people are no longer smoking cannabis which is pretty harmless to the majority of its users, they are now being forced into experimenting with harder drugs like Heroin because it is the only thing available to buy on the street because there is a reservoir of it in Bury Park Luton, and no weed because the Police are using all of their resources to stop it.

You will not stop every young person experimenting as they grown up, it is a part of life, so look at what they are being forced into experimenting with because weed is no longer available, and all of the older generation who have gone through all of the other drugs are now hooked on Heroin, so it is now readily and widely available for young people who are starting out on their journey into life.

Don't believe me, that doesn't matter, those who know what I am talking about know whether or not what I am saying is true.

So whilst on the surface this all looks really good for the Government and their score sheet, in reality it is a blatant cover up of the real serious drug problems upon our streets, targeting the low level easily detectable criminality and allowing the most serious evil to continue unabated.

This seems to be the case with pretty much every other form of crime in society now for the Police, target the easiest detectable crimes so as to hit your government targets and allow the serious harder to detect crimes continue.

When will we be reading about the Luton Pakistani Moslem Heroin barons being busted, rather than a few weed growers?

Luton online: Cops praised over drugs bust

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Watch this video and see the reality of Heroin on the streets.


Anonymous said...

As just an occasional drinker and having never ever sampled 'strong' drugs, I use cannabis to help with my multiple sclerosis.

Legally this would make my pain relief equal to a crackhead. The difference is that I'm not running around a city threatening old ladies with a gun for cash to get a heroin fix (not that I'd be physically able to anyway!).

But it's all about police statistics and not antagonising certain sections of the "community", isn't it?

Findalis said...

Cannabis is a weed, it can be grown almost any where. Thus the problem. It is easy to crack down on too.

Now heroin is grown only in a few places (Afghanistan), is brought into your nation by Muslim (oops sorry I keep forgetting) Asian drug gangs. And these Asians are trying to make Great Britain into an Islamic Republic. They have a hold on the powers in the land.

So enjoy your heroin, for there is no way the police are ever going to cross their Asian overlords.

Anonymous said...

lol, you must be on crack if believe what you post.

Anonymous said...

in the times of Sherlock Holmes heroin was legal and there were only few individuals addicted (including Holmes, or rather the writer of the book)

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 18-May-2008 01:01:00

Little was none of the effects of heroin or opium as it was called in those days (late 19th century to early 20 century). In those days there was a lot of innovation in medicine without the full effects we know nowadays like for instance radioactive materials (check below link under title Supposed ingredients)

Opium was a big a problem then as it is now, maybe you should try googling opium dens.

A book was written bout heroin addiction called Diary of a Drug Fiend by infamous occultist Alistair Cowley. The link is here:

As to Holmes, it was the character not the writer that was addicted to heroin but Holmes 'usage' of the drug was only mentioned fleetingly in the first couple of stories, never to be mentioned again.

End of history lesson, as to heroin nowadays, like all drugs, the quality is dependent on price, heroin was traditionally a rich mans drug but the stuff that the celebrities take is different from the stuff on the street which is cut down with whole lots of other stuff. IIRC, a lot of heroin deaths on the street are caused by the impurities rather than the drug itself but I'm no expert.

As to cannabis, I believe it should be available to sufferers of severe pain but not for recreational use because in my IMHO it is psychologically addictive even though it isn't physically addictive.

Anonymous said...

actually heroin needs to be cut....in it's purest form, it's extremely deadly. will just stop your heart. any heroin that's 74% pure and injected you have a 80% of an immediate overdose in which there is no coming back from it. the same is attributed to cocaine too.

and LH I noticed you never seem to use periods when they are suppose to be use. instead you use comas. you write well but all your sentences are run on sentences. use a period every so often.

Lionheart said...

Thanks for the advice anonymous, im trying to make my writing more readable, and i know what you mean about the commas, this is the part i am trying to work on at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Put in the commas, put down the commies!