22 May 2008

Britain Under Attack: 2 Nail bombs found in busy restaurant

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that the Nail bomber is a Moslem convert - In my view, expect more attacks on similar targets around the Country as they always hit multiple times.

There is no denial in this report saying that it is not terror related, the question is, is it Islamic terror related as the report does mention animal rights extremists.

I will post more when the details emerge.

Restaurant, Cafe and Shopping Centre does not sound good though, thankfully they never achieved there aim and only one of the bombs went off near a busy cafe and only injured in the blast the one who had planted them who has now been arrested.

If it was Al Qaeda I would expect more are on there way.

Shopping centres, Cafe's and Restaurants are the easiest targets to hit, and if this was the work of Islamic terrorists then we have once again been saved from a scene of mass murder and carnage.

The picture below is of one of the nail bombs discovered in the boot of the 7/7 bombers abandoned car at Luton railway station.

Daily Mail

A city centre was evacuated today after two bombs were found - at least one of which exploded - at a busy lunchtime cafe.

A man, who is believed to have set off the explosive device, was injured and has been taken into custody. At least one of the devices was believed to be a nail bomb.

The Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall, Stephen Otter, said tonight: "We can now confirm there were two explosive devices found at the scene."

He said they were both in the same area of the Giraffe restaurant at the Princesshay shopping centre, in Exeter, although he would not give exact details of where.

He said they had both been made safe. He could not say what kind of devices they were.

The 22-year-old man was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and the area was sealed off by police. Officers said he suffered lacerations to his eye and some facial burning.

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Joanne said...

If you are white, have converted to Islam, and find yourself wearing a suicide belt set to kill innocent British, you've been duped! You are being used by Islamic extremists to carry out their evil deeds undetected amongst the white populace. Fool! Snap out of it! Rat on this rotters!

Anonymous said...

The mentally ill are those perverts that took this slightly backward young boy and fed him full of the sort of trash that convinced him he was doing an act of religious duty.
Just think how the minds of these perverted "religious " idiots work!
They blatantly take a fool and use him to do what they are too cowardly to do themselves.
Every day the acts of this lunatic religion paint the falsehood of it's principals like graffiti in blood on our walls.
Read and weep.