29 May 2008

The Met police targetting Moslem drug gangs

Foreword: They have called this Moslem drug dealer a General of a street gang, he is a leader on the street of an army of young footsoldiers who hate our society.

Is it any wonder young kids are now armed when faced with Moslem street gangs of up to 100 people who are armed with guns.

Survival of the fittest for our young in some places of London now.

This leader of a street gang is only 20 years old so he has the next generation above him. Those above are a little more cleaver because they have been in the business a bit longer and know how to play the system, they buy cash businesses like Taxi firms and Fast food shops for example in which to launder their money through and make it clean, so the confiscation orders wont work on them.

The Heroin business to the the Islamic Kingdom is the
Golden Sword of Jihad, they are killing us, destroying our society, using it to finance the building of their gangs, their using the taxi business to launder their money through, they drive the drugs around in taxis and use them as undercover transport, and the fast food shops are a haven and meeting place for Islamic Jihadists (most of the Moslem youth) like we see with the Exeter bomber who was radicalised in a fast food shop.

This one is a Somali Moslem who is also an illegal immigrant, he got 4 years for selling Heroin & Crack cocaine on our streets, so within 2 years he will be back out in our society even more radicalised because of the Moslem gangs in prison.

If he was the leader of a notorious London street gang who are shooting guns and selling drugs on British streets, then should he not have gotten more than 4 years?

What happens once he is released back into our society in 2 years?

Daily Mail

A 'general' in a London street gang has been stripped of his personal possessions by a court - including a collection of nearly 60 baseball caps and trainers.

Musa Mohammed, 20, was also ordered to hand over a plasma TV and ?1,500 bike. His two pitbull terriers were seized and destroyed.

The move is part of a campaign against gang members using laws aimed at confiscating the proceeds of organised crime networks.

Mohammed, a key member of Wandsworth-based gang SUK - Stick Up Kids - was ordered to hand over his possessions after pleading guilty to supplying class-A drugs.

Police successfully argued that the drug dealer, who was unemployed and not claiming benefits, had paid for items with profits from drug dealing.

The list of items he was forced to hand over included: 29 pairs of ?110 trainers, 29 baseball caps, a laptop computer, a 42in plasma TV, an Xbox, a PlayStation, designer clothes and two bicycles.

Pc Laura Milne, who led the investigation into Mohammed, said police found 21,000 worth of drugs and ?7,000 in cash after searching his flat.

‘The one thing he was really upset about was the loss of his trainers. He told us we could keep the drugs and the money but he wanted his trainers and his property back,’ she said.

Mohammed, from Southfields, was arrested in January as he drove to Surrey to deliver drugs. He had wraps of heroin and crack cocaine hidden down his trousers.

Police described him as a ‘general’ in SUK, which has about 100 members and has been associated with tit-for-tat shootings with rival groups.

Wandsworth detectives began targeting the gang after the murder of 16-year-old Eugene Attram in Mitcham two years ago. So far around 50 members have been arrested and others ‘disrupted’.

Detective Superintendent Guy Ferguson said: ‘They think they can make money quickly - up to 1,000 a day dealing drugs. But systematically, using confiscation powers, we're taking away their cash and the things they spend it on.’

Mohammed, a Somali illegal immigrant, was today beginning a four-year sentence after appearing at Kingston crown court. He tried to challenge the application to seize his property but failed.


Aberdeen-Patriot said...

Mohammed, a Somali illegal immigrant

"says it all" Will he now be deported

Look at what the somalians are doing in my home town of Aberdeen


Raping our woman and trying to kill people.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is Scotland, right? Things must be very different over there. Stay cool, bro.

Findalis said...

Welcome to the US in the 1980's. We had the same problem with drug gangs then. Good police work, incarceration for long periods (20 to 30 years) and anti-gang efforts have helped.

What you need is good police work (stop harassing you and tv stations), long periods of incarceration (20 years to life sounds good to me) and a massive campaign to covert the Muslims to either Christianity or Judaism. Either one will solve the problem fast enough and bring thousands of allies onto your side.

Joanne said...

I know that in Canada, drug dealers without anyway to finance their possessions have their possessions taken away - homes, cars, cash, everything. I say leave them penniless and ship them out - first offence, they should be gone and stayed gone.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Brown: He is here illegally and is costing the State - and taxpayers - to keep him in jail. Will you have people like him deported, and if not, why not? PS You would win many votes too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Brown: He is here illegally and is costing the State - and taxpayers - to keep him in jail. Will you have people like him deported, and if not, why not? PS You would win many votes too.

Anonymous said...

No go areas threats of violence by muslim police in the uk.


Joanne said...



The Telegragh article is linked to over at Gates of Vienna, dated June 1, 2008.

Poor Britain....I feel I should begin to mourn for her, but I won't give up.

Joanne said...

Oops, sorry anonymous, I didn't see your link before I posted mine.