24 May 2008

Operation Crevice - The fertiliser bomb plot

Operation Crevice was the biggest anti-terror operation in British history, it centred on an Al Qaeda cell with a ton of fertiliser stored in a lock up and was dubbed the 'fertiliser bomb plot'.

The bombers targets were Bluewater shopping centre, the Ministry of Sound night club, major utility centres to cripple the Nation, and the bomb maker of the plot who was a taxi driver from Dunstable was caught discussing buying a dirty bomb from the Russian Mafia in Belgium.

This plot was linked to Diren Barot, Al Qaeda's then British General, who had also scouted out targets in the U.S which included the U.S stock exchange.

This recent shopping centre attack shows the military wing of Islam with Great Britain's desire to hit innocent shoppers going about their normal daily lives. This target is one of the easiest to hit considering shopping centres always have people walking around in them with large bags and suitcases, especially in City centres near large train stations and airports. They are open targets for attack.

How can you stop a clean skin going into dispatch stage and walking into a busy shopping centre blended in with everyone else with their suitcases and rucksacks?

Go ask the Israeli police and security services they will tell you how to stop it.

On part two of the Crevice bomb plot video you will see the Emir of this plot, a man named Mr Q Khan from Luton, he is caught on video in a chicken and chip shop in Luton Town Centre along with his Pakistani Moslem brothers. An anonymous commentator to my blog has pointed out the link between these fast food shops and this recent failed nail bomb attack because it is said that he was recruited and radicalised in a fish and chip shop.

Don't they mean a
chicken and chip shop?

This 2 part operation Crevice video gives a glimpse into what we now face within British society by the military wing of the 'religion of peace'.

Watch it then think about my other post:
How close to catastrophe are we?

Further reading: MI5 report Nov 2006

Operation Crevice Part 1 of 2

Operation Crevice Part 2 of 2


Anonymous said...

"Go ask the Israeli police and security services they will tell you how to stop it"
Really? They haven't been hugely successful themselves, have they?

Lionheart said...

I think you will find that they have Barbara, the only thing different is that their suicide bombers used to attack daily.

You dont hear of it anymore do you now the wall has been built and there is security on all buildings.

Anonymous said...

Barbara, you have to consider that the israeli's hands were tied behind their backs on many occasions. And like LH stated above. You really don't see much suicide bombing over the last three years. They have taken the necessary security precautions, as well as they strike back 10 fold when something happens. And even now they will conduct pre-emptive strikes, i.e., bombing Syrian recently in reference to the nuclear facility. And initially Syria denied this bombing occurred and was caught doing a massive clean up that next day. And due to being caught in the clean up and the intel available, syria admitted publicly that israel bombed the crap out of that facility.

Many terrorist operations have been stopped worldwide, especially in America and the UK due to being proactive and responding with pre-emptive strikes to stop it before it happens. Usually, not much is made public about this, because the governments don't want to upset or scare the citizens. Personally, I think our governments should advise the public on these matters in detail. A well informed public will open their eyes more and understand what we're truly up against.

It's always better to know whom your enemy is, so you can prepare and know what your up against. It is when your enemy is unknown that is scary. Because, how to prepare against something that is a ghost to you.

Unfortunately, people are not waking up fast enough and realizing what islam and muslims are about in their agenda. People are starting to see what islam is all about but we need to make it with more ugency to combat these barbarians. I say we just kick them ALL out of our countries. They constant complain they hate the west, yet living amongst us. This makes no logic to me once so ever.

Anonymous said...

But you are all worrying about the wrong thing! Instead of fihgting Muslims etc you should be preparing YOURSELVES for what is to come. Go to our website to get the message and then GET READY.
Yours in Christ