23 May 2008

2 more arrests in Islamic nail bomb attack

Daily Mail

Armed police investigating the restaurant nail bomb explosion arrested two men outside a cafe today.

Eye witnesses said that the two men were picked up by police a day after the bomb was detonated.

Detectives had already arrested Muslim convert Nicky Reilly, 22, after the explosion.

Rebecca Pope, 25, said she was looking out of a window when she heard shouting.

She said armed police pointed weapons at the men, who were sitting at a table outside the cafe in Plymouth with a child in a pushchair.

"Everyone was screaming," said Ms Pope.

She said both of the men were searched and put into paper suits before being placed in unmarked cars.

The pushchair with the two men was taken away by a policewoman.

Another eyewitness, Paul Marples, who works in the HSBC bank across the road from the cafe, said he saw around 10 armed officers descend on the cafe.

He said they pointed weapons "point blank" at one of the men sitting outside.

He said the first he knew of the incident was when "everyone came rushing into the bank".

"Everyone thought it was a nail bomb like yesterday in Exeter," he said.

Police sources revealed tonight that the bomb was a "viable" device constructed of sodium hydroxide, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails.

Reilly also received a text message of encouragement moments before leaving his Plymouth home on the failed suicide mission, sources said.

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Anonymous said...

I believe a white-muslim convert was shopped to the police by the muslim community recently for extremist activities.

Is this a change of tactics by the terrorists in using white converts who will be not be as easily identified as their 'asian looking' counterparts?

If it is then this will be a major problem and such attacks will be the tip of the iceberg.

Joanne said...

anonymous - a white convert to Islam is a potential suicide bomber - plain and simple. There is a white, female convert in my area; you bet I'll alert the authorities if I see her without her hijab on. Judging by her looks alone, I would think she would be putty in the hands of a Muslim male - willingly or unwillingly.

Findalis said...

The British population will ignore the threat of Islamic extremists until something really major happens. If 7/7 didn't wake them up, what will? A nuclear explosion in London? I think that is what it will take to finally wake up the British.

Anonymous said...

Joanne 23-May-2008 18:52:00

What I am trying to say are white converts being used as 'clean' clean-skins as the authorities are using racial profiling to identify possible terrorists.

There is of course the added psychological factor that the Islamists can operate strike anywhere outside their 'strongholds' undetected and that for the normal Brit anybody could be a suicide bomber.

findalls @ 23-May-2008 19:15:00

The depressing thing is that nobody wants to talk about it, it's the taboo subject of race and religion. I bring it up from time to time but nobodies interested and I get put down for being racist.

Findalis said...

You're not a racist. Just stating the facts is not racist. The thing is that the Jihadists can't find any Pakistanis to blow themselves up. They have to use white converts now. And in Iraq and Afghanistan they are using children, the mentally ill and mentally disabled. I guess you have to be a little crazy to commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

The South West of England has few Mulims.
It has been immune until now.
Cowardly Muslim religious fanatics decided to use a young man, "a gentle giant" with mental problems, as a means to start their campaign in the Celtic heartland of Cornwall.
Exeter, in nearby Devon, once a stronghold of the Roman Empire and now a bustling gateway to the South West, was targeted as a new war front for the jihad war against all non-Muslims.
Devon and Cornwall contain strategic naval assets, of course and now, the once quiet anti-terrorist field base of the Anti Terror Command, has been placed on high alert.

Expect all good West Country folk to harden their kind hearts to the Jihad invaders.

Now every burkha and beard will be seen as a threat.
The religious Muslims are sooo good at shooting themselves in the foot.

No amount of "Social Cohesion" by the failing Nu Labour propaganda machine will prevent the inevitable drift towards civil strife.

May the day of cleansing soon arrive, when this poison is removed from the body of our society.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said: I believe a white-muslim convert was shopped to the police by the muslim community recently for extremist activities.

If you refer to the convert that lived in Bristol,my guess is that you do,that may or may not have been the case.

However, the muslim had a slight work accident when mixing up for his device,he was treated at an A & E for chemical burns.The police were informed,this incident took place shortly before the arrest.