8 May 2008

Asian = Moslem

Further reading: Mothers of Prevention


Anonymous said...

When the police refuse to take notice of one of their own, former crime "Tsar" Keith Halliwell, what hope have we got left that the police are anything more than impotent to prevent the advancement of the Islamic agenda to conquer the Infidel world? ie; every non-believer, be they Christian, Sikh or Hindu or Buddhist.
The British government's concept of multicultural Social Cohesion is dead in the water, as it pays only lip-service to protecting our rights to live in our free Democracy.
They refuse to tackle any problems associated with Islamic types until after it happens or at the last moment before a bombing happens, if the Security Services leave them with no option to fudge about.
By the way, any info about your struggle?

Findalis said...

Stop calling them Asians. They are Muslim and call them that. When you call someone Asian I think of Jackie Chan. Not Osama bin Ladin.

When you start doing that and start cracking down on all the evils Islam is doing, then you will see 2 things:

1. Muslims leaving Great Britain for "greener" pastures.

2. Less crime in the streets.

Joanne said...

These parents need to form organizations of their own and patrol their own streets - mind you, they'll be held accountable for protecting their children, while the perpetrators will be labelled the victims.

It is absolutely bizarre that letters were sent to men warning them to stay away from underaged girls - say what? Why doesn't the coppers do that with speeding tickets or with murderers? Well, that wouldn't make sense then would it, but young girls being raped is just fine.

Really, the way to combat this situation is for people to come together in large numbers. It is far easier to put up with far less when you don't feel intimidated or scared for your own life.

Anonymous said...

We have become way too complacent and peaceful for our own good. If a bunch of men did this to my daughter i would take the law into my own hand, no matter what race or religion they are. Parents have a responsability to protect their childrens even if it means going to jail.

One should always go to the authorities first but if they refuse to act even when given solid proofs then... Leaving her in the hands of those scums is not an option, regardless of the consequences.

truthseaker said...

I agree with Alex, I to have a daughter & if any one of them even tried to do this to my daughter I would do to them as they do to there own & to our men in the middle east. I would cut there throats, from ear to ear & I would not care what anyone would say about this. This is now getting to be ridicules, these nasty creature are now using our own children to make money for there jihads & wars against us. What are our leaders & police doing about it all, nothing.

We hear the same old mantra from our leaders, of its only a few bad muslims that do this & that islam is a religion of peace. Like hell it is, it is a cancer that is spreading throughout our lands. It is an evil that needs to be eradicated. It makes me laugh when you here muslims say that all in the quran is a miracle, but the only miracle that is there, is the fact that its still around after 1400 years, now that's the miracle. Anyone who wants to know more about this evil cult of death, I would advise them to go to a site called faith freedom here is the link http://www.faithfreedom.org/forum/ . It is full of very good info & anyone who wishes to learn more about this evil cancer, will get lots of information on this site. Keep on fighting all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart

hope you are doing well? I got bored of my joke blog, It kind of backfired.

I recently got banned from Jihadwatch for stating that the main problem for Europe was our colonial past, which has now come back to bite us on our butts! Ie Britain faces Islamic problems from the mainly Pakistani Muslim population. France is being troubled by North African Muslims, Germany, they have the problem from Turkish Muslims.
For stating this stupidly obvious fact I was branded a white supremacist racist personally by the Jihadwatch team. This after a year of helping them, giving them support, agreeing with most things they said in an intelligent and non violent way.

I no longer live in the UK but I feel that after 300 years of living there, serving in 2 British Army Regiments I am entitled to a say of what happens to my spiritual homeland.

The problem with what is happening in the UK today is the fact that Pakistani Muslims are creating a hell of a lot of social unrest. And not as Robert Spencer or Hugh Yawn Fitzgerald would have you believe that the UK is a breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of White British Muslim converts and the Pakistani community should not be blamed for the Islamic mess.

Anonymous said...

300 years? sorry 1 to many zeros! I meant 30 years.

And yes, Matamoros, my stalker, I am Leon the frigging pig farmer, congratufuckinglations for your lame detective work, you only had to send me an email and i would've told you who i was.

Seriously i cannot believe that my lame blog actually made it into the Jihadwatch files.