11 May 2008

Modern Tyranny and the Police State

You will obey our cabal or else!!!

Info courtesy of Dymphna GoV

Foreword: It is much easier and safer for the British police force to raise their Labour Government enforced arrest quota’s by targeting innocent British citizens for the most draconian of criminal offences that aren’t offences at all they are nothing more than what was once innocent every day life in Britain, than to arrest and target those Moslems involved in violent civil disobedience like pictured in the video below, and those who are actively engaged in a Civil War against British society like Anjem Choudry.

As a people do we fight by all means necessary for Justice for the innocent within our homeland, or do we just give up on the struggle that is surrounding us and which is ahead of us, and move away as a surrendered and defeated people to safer foreign climates and environments, thus allowing the destruction of our homeland, its way of life and our children’s futures by the present Fabian Society/Common Purpose extreme Marxist liberal elite’s who have seized power and are now in control over the reigns governing everyday life and society within the United Kingdom, their Marxist pet project of their vision of a new religion called British Islam and the newly formed and functioning Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain that is now well established upon British soil?

A quote from our greatest War time leader in modern times who helped save the homeland for those of us living in this generation now - Sir Winston Churchill

Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

Man Arrested, Put In DNA Database For Allegedly Dropping Apple Core
Prison Planet
Paul Joseph Watson

A man with a heart condition was arrested, shackled, put in a DNA database, locked up for 18 hours and taken to court after police claim he dropped an apple core in the latest shocking example of enviro-tyranny being metered out by a cadre of brownshirt “community support officers” that now patrol British cities harassing citizens.

Under the pretext of ninnying pointless enviro-crime laws, thug enforcers have been given the power to micromanage our lives and get as many people in the system as possible, while creating a chilling climate and, allied with the millions of surveillance cameras trained on us, a sense that every single aspect of our behavior is under close scrutiny.

Our tax money - the amount of which we hand over increases year upon year - pays for police to hunt down and prosecute completely innocent people for allegedly dropping items of food while violent crime soars and people are afraid to walk the streets. What is wrong with this picture?
“Keith Hirst, 54, was approached by a police community support officer who claimed he had dropped the core on a street in Salford, Greater Manchester,” reports the Daily Mail.

Mr Hirst insisted he had not, and went into a chemist to buy medication for his disabled wife.
“I came out and started walking towards a chemist to get my wife a prescription. I got a tap on the shoulder and turned round,” said Hirst.

“There was a chap there in a fluorescent jacket, big sunglasses, and a baseball cap, on a bike, with a wad of tickets and a pen. He said ‘why did you drop that apple core?’, and I told him I didn’t drop an apple core.

“He then said he wanted my name and address. He was an over-zealous young lad baying to give me a ticket.

“I told him I was on my way to the shops but would be walking back that way if he wanted to speak to me later.

He followed through the precinct to the chemist.

Mr Hirst added: “When I came out there were five police officers surrounding me. I said I had done nothing wrong and so was not telling them who I was. The most senior police officer said they would have to take me into custody.”

He was taken into custody at Swinton police station, where he had his DNA and fingerprints taken. The following day he was handcuffed to a security guard and taken to court.
Police were unrepentant about this asinine waste of taxpayer’s money.

“Officers are expected challenge anyone seen littering and have powers to deal with this on the street. We work closely with the City Council and other partners and take a firm stance against all environmental crime,” Superintendent Ian Palmer said.

Last month in the northern town of Hull, a
mother accidentally dropped a small piece of a sausage roll that she was feeding to her young daughter. Pigeons immediately swooped to gobble up the morsel but that didn’t stop two officials from the local “environmental crimes unit” pursuing Sarah Davies down the street and threatening to arrest her for refusing to provide her name.

“I crossed the road and was approached by two men. I thought they were canvassers because they were dressed in tracksuit bottoms,” said Davies, who was subsequently fined £75.
“But one came up to me, said he was from the council and said I was going to be fined for dropping litter.”

“He wasn’t polite at all - he was rude, and I began to walk away.

“He then said I would be arrested if I didn’t give him my name and details and started reading me my rights on the street.

“I felt really small and humiliated. I was treated like I was a criminal.”

While gangs of marauding teenage yobs roam the streets and suburbs beating people to death as violent crime skyrockets, fluorescent-jacketed CSO’s are busy writing tickets for people who flick cigarette ash out of their car windows and mothers whose children drop a morsel of pastry.

Pedophiles who have sex with 11-year-old girls are not even given jail time while the police focus on hunting down the real criminals - people who drop breadcrumbs. What’s next? Fines and arrests for sneezing in public?

Indeed, from the descriptions of the “environmental crime officers” it seems that these same hooligans are being hired by the government to bully innocent people in a Clockwork Orange style police state ploy.

Since these goons are paid bonuses for the more people they harass, its much easier to loiter around city centers and pounce on anyone that dares accidentally drop a crumb of biodegradable food than target real problems - mass fly-tippers or people pouring crap into rivers and streams.
Father of four Gareth Corkhill was ordered to pay an on the spot fine of £210 - a week’s wages - after the local council’s bin police, who visited him wearing stab-proof vests and carrying photographic evidence of his crime, saw that his bin lid was four inches ajar.

He was also told to pay a £15 victim surcharge to help “victims of violence” - despite there being no victim of his deadly act of terrorism - and threatened with prison if he failed to pay. Rapists, murderers and other violent criminals who have earned a jail sentence rather than a fine are immune from the penalty.

Corkhill was taken to court and convicted, earning him a criminal record.

The three examples cited in this article are just a drop in the ocean compared to similar cases that are reported on an almost daily basis.

These kind of insane policies are contributing to
the mass exodus of Britons who are leaving the UK in record numbers as immigration chokes public services while scum are left alone and police are ordered to target law-abiding citizens.

Comments by UK citizens in response to these articles posted on newspaper websites are openly talking of there “needing to be a revolution” in the country in a desperate attempt to restore common sense to policing and law enforcement and prevent the country from fully sinking into a nightmare control freak fascist surveillance society.

Under the guise of “saving the environment,” the government, which is the perpetrator of the most egregious environmental crimes, is instructing goose-stepping council thugs to prey upon innocent law-abiding citizens to meet ticket quotas while allowing rapists, thieves and thugs to roam free.

Cops sit in offices writing arrest reports for people who drop apple cores while people who have real emergencies are forced to wait hours for police to show up if they even show up at all.

Is it any wonder that an all-time record number of British citizens are deserting Airstrip One for foreign shores? Under the tyrannical stewardship of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Labour government has completely destroyed our respect for the police, our right to be left alone, and has let loose a feeding frenzy on innocent people while real criminals are treated like royalty in comparison.


Findalis said...

The trouble is that the average Brit is too scared to fight back. What is with that judge who let the pedophile out. Where is the outrage from women's groups, from child advocacy groups? Why aren't they taking to the streets demanding the judge's head? They are too scared to be called bigots if they do.

BTW: For the record and apple core or piece of roll are not garbage. They help replenish the soil and feed the pigeons. Thus helpful to the environment. But try telling that to the Gestapo there.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Modern Tyranny and the Police State are linked directly to Common Purpose.

Stop Common Purpose

If you don't know what Common Purpose is, I suggest you find out.

Common Purpose is a corrupt organisation which must be stopped:


In particular, consider how Common Purpose has corrupted the British police:


Anonymous said...

Contrast cops to the hypercapitalist, max profits, idealism of the "conservatives" (you) of the west.

The cops must meet their quota, easy profit, they pick on people who offer no resistance, easy targets, people that trust them, white people. The quota, the collection of fines which feeds their payroll, is their priority; they'd rather go about this the easiest way and pick on littering whites rather than scary human litter in the ghetto.

Even a terror attack only serves them. So why bother stopping one? They get to increase their fines; increase their ridiculous overtime, and increase their ever vigilant athority over whites who litter, all in the name of "anti-terror".

The capitalists (personalized in the jew, who a neocon like yourself cheers) who run the country think the exact same way. Profit on top first, people last. The people will suffer any absurdity as a means to profit including shipping their job overseas.

Joanne said...

It's hard to believe that the dropping of an apple core in England is a crime against he environment - I would think quite the opposite. If men demanded I tell them my name, etc. I would call the coppers myself.

This is all too looney to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what impact the clearing of TV Channel 4 for making the revealing "Undercover Mosque" programme will have on Lionheart's case?

They were charged with stirring up racial hatred, just as LH has been.

By just bringing the charge against him, they may have constituted "slander by implication" and therefore Libel.
His public reputation has been damaged and his life threatened by the police action.