21 May 2008

Dirty bomb fear at Olympics

Daily Mail

'Terrorists are planning a dirty bomb at Beijing Olympics,' atomic agency warns

Terrorists are trying to obtain nuclear material in a bid to cause widespread chaos at the Beijing Olympics, it has been claimed.

The International Atomic Energy Authority warned that terrorists may try and use dirty bombs to disperse radioactive materials during the high-profile event.

The UN nuclear watchdog issued the stern warning as it staged its biggest ever security training exercise in the Chinese capital.

The agency's head of nuclear security, Dr Anita Nilsson also claimed that the same threats will loom over the London Games in 2012.

"There is a threat at some level that these [radioactive] materials could be used," Dr she told the BBC.

“The awareness that these materials do exist in circulation is enough in itself to trigger the measures that we are now working together with the Chinese authorities to implement at the major venues of the Beijing Olympics."

However, the agency admitted there was no specific information about a potential or imminent terror attack.

But Ms Nilsson said there was intelligence which showed terrorists are trying to obtain dirty bomb material in a bid to cause fear and high levels of exposure to nuclear radiation during the games.

A spokesman for the agency added that it was providing advice and assistance on nuclear security in the lead up to and during the games.


Findalis said...

It must be those violent, radical Tibetans. They are the cause of all terror attacks in the world.

Just another thing from the "Religion of Peace". Destroy even those who befriend you.

Anonymous said...

"However, the agency admitted there was no specific information about a potential or imminent terror attack."

the daily mail (and obviously you) believe their readers are so pig ignorant that they can casually include that paragraph without worrying anyone will question the basis of the whole article.


Anonymous said...

If this happens, I would not want to be on the receiving end of China's response.
No power can challenge China.
Not any more.