23 May 2008

The Exeter Moslem Nail bomber

Foreword: This Islamic terrorist attack that could have been a major terrorist incident within an Exeter shopping centre is now being watered down by stating that this man has a history of mental illness so that explains why he did what he did.

He did what he did because Islam teaches violent Jihad against the infidel, he was a Moslem convert and his recruiters obviously chose him because he would have carried out their orders which he did, its just that his competence for the task was not the best.

The only thing is, is that by the grace of God again the British public were saved from murder, bloodshed and carnage upon our streets again with untold innocent shoppers being murdered and maimed.

The mental illness factor is now the Politically Correct answer for this planned Islamic terror attack.

We have been saved from horror on our streets twice in a row now, I don't think we are going to be so lucky next time.

Daily Mail

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held under armed guard tonight after he apparently detonated a nail bomb in a family restaurant.

Nicky Reilly, 22, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the alleged attack after being 'preyed upon and radicalised' by Islamic extremists.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after diners at the Giraffe restaurant in Exeter city centre heard three blasts go off in a toilet as they were having lunch.

Deputy chief constable Tony Melville, speaking just yards from the restaurant, said: "Witnesses described how a male entered a toilet in the restaurant shortly before an explosion was heard."

He said police and other emergency services went to the scene and the man was arrested in connection with the explosion.

Mr Melville said: "This male, who we now know is called Nicky Reilly, suffered serious facial injuries but these are not life threatening.

"He is currently in police custody undergoing treatment at a hospital."

Bomb disposal experts made safe two explosive devices which are now being forensically examined, said Mr Melville.

"After the arrest, police searched an address in King Street, Plymouth, linked to Reilly using armed officers from the tactical aid group."

Mr Melville said the premises were still being searched

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Anonymous said...

I live not far from Exeter and I use Princesshay regularly. This man may well be suffering mental illness, but we need to systematically root out the people who radicalised him. Apparently, he comes from Plymouth where he has recently changed his mosque, - probably to a more radical one. The police need to start there and pursue these evil men until they catch them. When will people realise that there can be no meeting of minds or compromise with people who are absolutely convinced that they are carrying out the will of God. We need more punitive laws so that they can be dealt with appropriately.
Fortunately, this attempted attack went badly wrong. Guess Allah didn't see that one coming, eh?