22 June 2007

The Coming Dirty Bomb upon UK streets

One of Al Qaeda’s traits is to finish the job it starts no matter how long it takes.

It took Osama Bin Laden two attempts to finally down the Twin Towers and when he did he changed the face of the living World for ever.

We all now live in the post 9/11 World.

Twice now the most serious British born and international Al Qaeda terrorists ever to have been apprehended within the UK have sought to obtain the material and engineering capability to produce and detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain.

This is not a fantasy dreamed up in a thriller book although we all wish it was. This is a fact and real and present ‘threat’ and ‘danger’ that the innocent people of Great Britain face.

In my estimation the plans from on high within Al Qaeda is to attack us using this type of weapon so the army of Western operatives will not rest or give in now until they achieve this aim.

This is now their ultimate goal.

The first attempt of obtaining a radioactive bomb was from the Al Qaeda trained terrorists linked to the ‘Fertiliser plot’. The plot with this group of Al Qaeda terrorists is the biggest plot ever to be hatched in the history of Great Britain.

This planned bombing campaign has its roots in Luton where I live.

The facts of this plot can be read here: The Independent

The next team of Al Qaeda foot-soldiers who were caught and sentenced to lengthy prison terms last week were a much more highly organised team than the first, so we are very lucky at this moment in time that this attack never reached its despatch stage and should be extremely thankful to our security services for stopping it.

Each of these Al Qaeda operatives were hand selected and trained for the specific skills needed to achieve their murderous aims.

The Al Qaeda General Diren Barot wanted to cause a black day in British history which he would have achieved if not stopped.

The facts of this plot can be read here: The Daily Mail

Two attempts have now been made to obtain and detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain which have thankfully been thwarted.

This means that the threat we face is not a potential threat anymore it is a sustained attempt and fact we must all face, so it is only a matter of time now before it happens.

Al Qaeda will not give up trying and have the means and the capability to make it happen.

Take a read of this: The Daily Telegraph

Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been hard at work training more Western born Moslem recruits to carry out their suicide missions against us so we know for a fact that there is no lack of Al Qaeda trained terrorists ready and willing to carry out this type of horror against us.

Take a read: “Alert”

I envision a wave of attacks against soft targets like café’s, bars and shops first of all that will seek to break down our will, leave us open and leave our security services bewildered before they achieve a large dirty bomb attack.

Ask yourself this: How hard is it for a Moslem to walk into any café, shop or jump on a bus from anywhere throughout Britain???

And people complain about Israel building walls to contain these monsters.

Then we will see the two faces of Islam again: 2 Faces of Islam

A dark day in British history approaches.




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Anonymous said...

In your 2001 article, you thought Dunstable was a likely target for a "pathogen" attack.
When I read this, I thought, "Why" Why release a germ attack so close to their own homes? They would be infected too, by just one person sneezing over the fruit and veg they display outside their shops, or the halal meat carcasses they hang inside their butchers shops.
I wouldn't buy anything off those streets as they are already contaminated with diesel and dirt. So their way of living exposes them to far greater infection risk.

A dirty bomb is possible, it only takes tiny bit of r.-active material in a simple dispersal system, (bomb) but fear not, they will probably cock that up as well!
If the jihadi twits do it, it will be the psychological effect that will impact most.
The amount of r.-active crap they disperse will likely be NHS waste from hospitals, courtesy of the doctors our foolish Liberal/Labour traitor-politicians have let in to the UK.
Lets face it though, they will be cooking their own goose.
I heard many mutterings at the time of 7/7 and when and if the young Brits are raised to anger, there will be no stopping.
We know how stretched the police are, and we know that if the barricades go up in Bradford, and a dozen other jihad fortresses, and at the same time the Brits take back "occupied" Areas in another dozen towns, there ain't no forces to stop it happening.
This is the picture of Britain at the commencement of the first phase of the civil war.
The military are elsewhere, the territorials are being run down, it will be unstoppable.
This is the future gifted to our children courtesy of the Globalisers destruction of national identity. Expect martial law and division of our cities with daily life akin to Iraq or N. Ireland at height of the troubles.
The fools are blind to the fuse burning under he surface of civil life.
When the fires start, it will sweep across Europe and it's effect will not stop at international borders.
We can expect Nations to take advantage of the confusion, and we must then expect a coalition of Arab countries to attack Europes SouthEastern borders, as the wonky Euro-politicians fret about human rights and fail to mobilise our superior military forces.
"Nations that forget their past, have no future."
Why do we suppose Gordon Brown has removed the study of recent wars and the life of Sir Winston Churchill from school curriculum?
A dark future indeed, held back only by the continuance of the oil-economy with the price being payoffs and corruption, and the steady islamification of society.