19 June 2007

Lutons finest - A Brave fallen Hero

Murder of PC John Henry

Nobody knows how bad the streets are in Luton, in relation to the Islamic Kingdom, their criminality upon our society and the consequences to the wider community, better than the police.

The police on the street are the British people’s first line of defence from the darkness that engulfs our modern times.

This officer PC John Henry was brutally stabbed and murdered last week by a murderous knife crazy asylum seeker and two other innocent members of the public wounded by him.

The streets of Luton have become so dangerous that stabbings and murders are fairly common place now.

One only wonders if this murderer was a drug addict because if he was then this murder can be traced back to the Islamic Kingdom as they control the supply of Class A drugs on the streets of Luton & Dunstable.

This police officer was in my view from reading about him and seeing his picture, a true example of a British police officer.

His baby daughter will always know that her Father was a Hero; he died in the line of duty protecting the innocent and vulnerable in society.

I pray Gods peace upon the family and His blessings upon his daughter.

In Jesus name – Amen

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again this wan is 4 u lionheart

keep up the good lords work