10 June 2007

Lawless Britain

Here in Great Britain there are laws laid down that have been built up over generations that cemente every day life in Britain and the fabric of our Western Judeo/Christian society.

The law abiding British public whose country this is, abide by these laws, if they do not they are arrested and punished with the possibility of inprisonment for their crime of breaking the law of the land.

That same British judiciary system no longer applies to Moslems in our country.

One rule for British citizens and another for Moslems.

Lawless Britain in the 21st Century

Please read this disgracefull article that is a clear sign of the times we are now living in, and the total degredation that is happening to our country, proving beyond doubt, the double standards that now apply within British life and a sign of the impending doom heading our way.

1,000 Men living legally within Britain with multiple wives.




Anonymous said...

I for one Lionheart, am deeply concerned about the practice of polygimy. Basically, if a Moslem man can have 4 wives simultaneously, and they repreduce at the Moslem birthrate with all 4, then obviously the population demographics with crater fast. All this doesnt mention the damage it does to the country's social security, health care system etc. This practice should be banned immediately with stiff terms of imprisonment for people who violate this law. And of course, since a divorce in Islam can be granted by meerly uttering "I want a divorce" in front of a Mufti, whose to say a single Moslem man wouldn't lay claim to 30-40 children or more in his lifetime?? Your thoughts on allowing this sucidal demographice nightmare to unfold Lionheart??

Lionheart said...

The Moslem community is openly flaunting our laws because we have no way of punishing them due to the prison over crowding crisis we have.

Tactical move for the. implementation of Sharia law.

It is one more aspect of the burden being placed on our social security and health care system that the law abiding British citizen goes to work 50 - 60 hours a week to pay taxes toward.

The non-Moslem society of Great Britain is being milked by the midwich cukoos and their 3rd and 4th generation off spring.

The effects of this situation like you say, will mean one man having 30 - 40 children, just like Osama Bin Laden and his father who have 60 odd between them.

we are being forced out of our country, little by little.

This recent revelation is one more piece of fact to base the future we are all walking towards on.

The inescapable inevitable doom heading our way...

Things are not quiet on the Western front anymore and the people of Britain are sick of a useless weak government pandering to the Moslem community through fear.

The British public do not fear Islam and its followers and we want a leadership that reflects that which will serve the British people, not themselves for their large salaries and the Moslem kingdom for its votes.

Take a read of my articles:-

The Brink of a Revolution

The 2 faces of Britain

The British cloak of injustice.

Enough is Enough before it is too late.

The time has come where actions speak louder than words, so stand up and be counted.

God bless you


Lionheart said...

The Islamic Kingdom have pumped our society with Al Qaeda controlled Heroin from the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

Due to this tactical war move our prison population is beyond bursting point with many criminals allowed to walk free.

We now have no way of policing our society properly so the Islamic Kingdom have a free reign to enforce their way of life upon British society.

Firstly within their community and the ultimately across the whole Nation.

It is common knowledge that Sharia courts are already operating within the Islamic Kingdom within Britain.

This is treason and goes against the British Crown and our legal system, yet our government does nothing to stop it.

The fact of the matter is "This will only grow and get worse"

The innocent and vulnerable people are the ones suffering and going to suffer.

Do we give in, give up our Country or do we say Enough is Enough?

Anonymous said...

Majority of Britons say immigration harms country

6th June 2007

The BNP has the backing of the majority of Britons worried about immigration. That is the conclusion that could be drawn from a poll by Harris Interactive published in the Financial Times. 54% of respondents think immigration harms our country.

In the United States, France, Spain and Italy, a majority of respondents believe immigration is helpful. In Germany, 48 per cent of respondents see immigration as positive, while 43 per cent do not.

Mass immigration on an unprecedented level forces British workers to compete unfairly with economic migrants who undercut British workers, is contributing to a chronic housing shortage and placing enormous pressure on public services. The only people who benefit from mass immigration are the bosses of big-businesses who see their labour costs fall. Not even all migrants benefit; many are lured here by the promise of well paid jobs but many fall victim to exploitative gangmasters, or jobs never materialise forcing them into homelessness, destitution and crime.

Mass immigration is a social and economic disaster and it is not surprising that a majority of British respondents are worried by its impact

youdontknowme said...

What can we seriously expect from the traitors in government? they rely on the muslim vote to cling to power. they aren't going to upset them.

These muslims should be given a choice of either choosing one or being deported.

Lionheart said...

A Revolution or an uprising starts with you and me.

We are the people to stand up and be counted.

Through words and deeds.

There are 60 million of us in this country.

Why should the good hardworking people of Britain be forced to accept what is being forced upon them??

There is only 3 options.

We give in, give up and hand our country over and live under Islamic dominance and Sharia law.

We move away and leave the problem to another generation.

Or we stand and fight on all fronts for the defence of our homeland.

It is a sad thing to say but those 3 choices truly are the options each of us face.

Which option do you choose who is reading this?

Your childrens futures are what hangs in the balance.

Your forefathers had to make the choice in their generation for you their descendent.

Now you are being forced to make the same choice and there is no getting around the set of choices, the future of Great Britain hangs in the balance.


youdontknowme said...

There will be a time very soon that Brits stand up and fight. It will probably begin with a riot - maybe a riot over the muslim demo in london coming soon.

By the way I have liked your blog this week. It's my blog of the week.

Anonymous said...

Words like tip and iceberg come to mind.

Anonymous said...

I am almost positive i know more muslims than you...and I know not ONE male muslim that actually has multiple wives. Yes, it's allowed....do most people take advantage of that? No.

Geoff said...

You may well have the misfortune of knowing more moslems than I do, but I know several that have had an 'arranged marriage' and are still so to speak, playing the field. This allows them to have multiple addresses this in turn aids them in their usual dodgy dealings.
Almost half of moslem women in my area are divorced, these were simply marriages of convenience for the 'husband' until they got their residence permit. They are then in the position of remarrying a Pakistani native after divorcing, this is know as Chain Immigration.
They could both remarry cousins from Pakistan, I have known this to happen.
Another scam is to get a white women reliant on them through hard drugs, debt or threats of violence, to marry a 'brother' in Pakistan for X amount of pounds. Taqiyya in my book is a two way street, I dumb down, or pretend to dislike the police, and due to their braggart streak you hear many things. Do a double check or more and you have them sussed. Ask a moslem if they think polygamy should be against the law, and they would just laugh.