6 June 2007

Princes Willian & Harry

Channel 4 is tonight going to air a documentary showing graphic photographs of Princess Diana's death in the French tunnel the night she died.

I would like to show my support for William & Harry in the condemnation of Channel 4 over this situation.

They have both publicly said "How would you like it if that was your Mother in the photographs"

Everyone of us would feel exactly the same as the Princes if pictures of our Mothers last dying moments were aired on TV for the whole Nation to see.

Have they not been through enough in losing their Mother to now have to relive the emotions and heartache again?

This is disgraceful and one more publicity stunt for channel 4 to raise its ratings, on the back of the Big Brother race scandal last year.

The media use the excuse that it is in the public interest to show the photographs. I would like to ask what interest does it serve me in seeing these photographs?

The media feel they can attack the Princes because of their position in society, so are open season to all kinds of abuse. These two young men are no different from any of us except they have been born into a life of great privilege. They never chose the life they were given, God was the one who gave them to the World and we should support them not try to destroy them.

How do you think they feel today, emotionally, knowing they have to relive the lose of their Mother again?

They have stated that one of their great missions in life is to preserve the memory of their Mother so who ever is ultimately at the bottom of airing this programme tonight, who will not back down is leaving themselves in a very dangerous position and rightly so.

What would you do under the same circumstances?

Showing these pictures serve absolutely no purpose other than cause controversy and more ratings for channel 4 in the ratings war, all at the expense of the Princes and their lives.

These 2 Princes are the future Sovereign Rulers of our Nation so how dare the person responsible for this not listen to their completely justified public plea.

Channel 4 has scraped the bottom of the barrel again.

May God continue to bless the Princes


Princes ask Channel 4 to pull Diana pictures

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Anonymous said...

LionHeart, I quite agree. They shold never even have considered showing her last minutes or seconds on earth, her family and the rest of us do not need to see this, this very concept is discusting to say the least...