5 June 2007

Israel - A Message of Solidarity

I have been meaning to write a message of solidarity to Israel for a week or so now after witnessing on British TV screens the bombing of Hamas targets in Gaza and the civil war in Lebanon. So what better day to write it than today on the anniversary of the 6 day War.

Our state owned and controlled media like to indoctrinate the British people to their way of thinking concerning world affairs, so inevitably we see ‘poor’ Palestinians being murdered by the big ‘beast’ Israel.

Being someone who has travelled to the Holy Land and experienced Israeli/Jewish life I see straight through the lies that our state controlled propaganda machine pumps out to the gullible sheep people of the United Kingdom.

The Palestinian people voted Hamas into power; Hamas is a military Moslem party who will accept nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel. There is NO negotiation on this point and they are actively working towards this aim, so the leaders of Israel are stuck with this dilemma, not that it is a dilemma because Israel is the Jewish State and will always be the Jewish State no matter what the Palestinians intentions are, and rightly so. They will defend their right to exist no matter what the consequences and we must stand with them while the Moslem world calls for another Holocaust.

Hamas, seeking to achieve their Moslem aim’s, send suicide bombers into Israel murdering innocent Jewish citizens, men, women and children, in cafes, bars, clubs anywhere that is easy for them to kill innocent life indiscriminately. They send rockets into Israel on a daily basis again killing innocent civilians. These are the monsters holed up in Gaza that the Israeli authorities have thankfully contained for the safety of the citizens of Israel.

Israel has no option but to retaliate in defence of her people, targeting militants in Gaza and the West bank who are actively murdering innocent Jews. This is a consequence of War which the Palestinians bring upon themselves and one our state controlled media loves promoting to the British sheep people.

The people of Israel, Jewish and the Christian Israeli Arab’s are no different from those of us living in the West; they are innocent, non-violent, free democratic people seeking to enjoy life. In contrast the Palestinians are murderous monsters who teach their children that there is nothing greater in life than killing Jews and drinking their blood. You may think that is an over exaggeration, believe me it is not, do a little research, and it is what our friends in Israel face on a daily basis.

Israel is the only democratic State in the whole of the Middle East and is surrounded by extremely large Moslem Nations who are all seeking its complete destruction.

The Jewish people having Israel as their Nation state is a fulfilment of Biblical prophecy foretold centuries ago by God through His prophets. This divine promise from the Living God in my opinion is confirmed by the 6 day war. Please take a read of this article written by Dr Daryl Temkin Ph.D who is an Israeli historian: The re-birth of a Nation this shows that the Living God is the God of Israel and stands with His people.

This modern day testimony to the Jewish people and the acts of God throughout the history contained in the Torah and Bible should show the countries modern leaders that they should be seeking out Gods prophets over the affairs of His people and Nation and not the heads of State from other countries, and especially not Tony Blair of Britain. The follies of the Lebanon war and listening to world opinion should act as a warning to the Israeli leadership of the consequences of choosing the counsel of ungodly men rather than the counsel of God.

In this time frame of history we are passing through very critical times, as a Christian I know that the God of Israel and the Jewish people is Alive and moving upon the Earth, and He stands with His people in the face of their enemies.

It makes me laugh when I see the likes of Tony Blair our British Prime Minister travelling to Israel, coming out on our TV screens as if he is an authority on what the people of Israel should and should not do with the affairs of their own country. Tony Blair has ruined Britain and has handed our country over to Islam, so how dare he travel the world telling the Jewish people how to conduct their affairs when his own backyard is a dumping ground for global Islamic extremists who have pretty much taken his country over, which he was given the responsibility to lead. He is a joke and thankfully on his way out of British politics and I probably should not say this because I am a Christian, but he should be shot (figuratively speaking) for what he has done to Britain and the British people.

We always see him bending down to Islamic leaders and it makes you wonder what gifts he and his wife have received from the Moslem world for their continued friendship and favour in global politics. That friendship and favour is at the expense of the innocent vulnerable British people of which I am one ,and costs us the friendship of good people like Dr Joseph Alexander Norland of Israpundit. Please take a read of this article: Holy War on our children.

I read a letter from Dr Joseph Alexander Norland recently on Israpundit which can be read here: British appeasement regarding the UCU boycotting of Israel. I do not understand the meaning or complexities to this issue and the decision taken, all I know is that those in power have sold our Israeli friends out for the sake of the murderous Moslems in Gaza who are under the leadership of Hamas and this is one visible sign of those actions and it is unacceptable.

I imagine that because of this generation’s appeasement of the Moslem kingdom within Britain and the pressure that they put on this governing body was the reason why they chose this frivolous route, and as Dr Norland says: “you boycott today, you’ll bleed tomorrow alone”. This country is already bleeding; it has had its jugular cut because of this government’s actions with it serving the innocent British public from a position of Dhimmitude.

I would like to say to anyone reading this that the people of Israpundit are friends and allies of the true British people who are on the ground, living under the oppression of this modern day tyranny. Twice they have posted articles of mine on their website which shows their solidarity with the genuine people of Britain. This shows their friendship and I give my loyalty back as a friend and fellow Zionist who stands with them and supports them and Israel’s right to exist.

If you want to get a true perception of what is happening in the most important part of the world from genuine friends then follow this site, it will give you the true perception of Israeli affairs from our Jewish friends whose homeland it is.

The hedonistic ruling powers of this generation within Great Britain have lied cheated and stolen the reigns of power, desecrating this country for their own greedy, selfish gain and we the people and our children are the ones now facing the consequences of this grotesque leadership, with Islam working to take our country over supported by Tony Blair’s Labour government.

This governments actions towards Israel is a sure sign of things to come, we can only hope that if Gordon Brown comes to power he changes things, if not we are all walking further into the abyss under the Living Gods judgement.

There will always be a remnant of true British patriots living on the ground throughout the UK though; who are not sheep people being led to the Islamic slaughter house.Please take a read of what is happening to fellow British patriots and ignore the voices who say neo Nazi’s, racists and every other false accusation to keep there from being a true voice for the British people. That is the old reality and old way of thinking. Please take a read of this article: The New Jews

“A seed starts as a seed and evolves into a beautiful scented Rose”.

We the true people of Britain stand with our friends and allies the Jewish people in Israel and around the world.

Those of us on the ground, not our weak pathetic greedy leaders are the ones who will give their lives fighting with and defending our peaceful friends the Jews.

We will not sit back and allow another Holocaust in this our generation.

Please do not taint us all with the same brush because of this generations leadership, there is a new leadership emerging with a complete different perspective on the world we now live in.

We are going from the old to the new and need help shaking off the rot and mould caused by the last generation’s mismanagement of our affairs just like before the Second World War.

Someone once said to me regarding Israel “Your messing about with the internal affairs of another country”. What an honour to be able to help my Jewish friends in Israel.

I thank God that Israel stands today in our generation as testimony to Biblical prophecy.

May God continue to bless the people of Israel.



Anonymous said...

One day the British people will learn from whom they are descended.

I hope for most of them this will be a big and pleasant surprise, though I fear some will not feel comfortable with it seeing that they have hurt & hated their
'elder brothers' the Jews for generations.

Anyway, it seems that the British are descended from the Tribe of Ephraim the youngest son of Joseph, with a heavy dose of the Tribe of Dan and quite a lot of the Tribe of Judah. [In Hebrew "Brit" means Convenant, and "ish" is the singular of
"anISHim" which means "Peoples"/
nation!So "British" means "People of the Covenant" part & parcel of the Jewish/Israelite nation who are all considered "People of the Covenant" with God]

What will British Israel-Jew-haters like MP George Gallowsaway, Mayor Livingstone, Baroness Jenny (Long)Tonge, 'poet' Tom Paulin, the BBC & their ilk do when they find that out? Probably commit suicide and go to Hell to find themselves sunbathing with their beloved Hitlers, Arafats, Ahmadinejads, Bin Ladens, etc.

And serve them right for betraying their ancestry and siding with the evil, murderous sons & daughters of Satan.
Jewish Lady

Lionheart said...

Thank you for dropping by Jewish lady and for your insighful comment.

They definately will not be residing in the peace and presence of Our loving God that is for sure.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Have you peeps got nothing better to do?

Moslems are your scapegoats!!

brit - ish means covenant people!! well so f-ing bllks and any how arabs are brothers of the jews, you cant get closer than that.

GAZA is exactly what this is all about, you have this them and us syndrome and completely blind at the suffering of and yes they are "poor" palestinians. FUnny how this dude went tot he holy land and forget to pop and say hello to your CHRISTIAN PALESTINIAN BROTHERS - beseiged by the Israelis.

Have you stopped to ask how many Palestinian Christians co-exist with Palestinian Moslems and get along really well.

How many Palestinian Christians ahve fought against Israeli Occupation and what about Lebanese Christians who fought alongside Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad during the Beirut war.

Lionheart your putting your wishy washy propaganda on here and blind sheep are doing exactly that - following you blind.

Congrats on getting the blind sheep to follow you dude.

If you were not there, they will still follow blind.

because they are blind followers of propaganda reluctant to find the truth. On one of your silly posts you talked about dirty bomb makes in U.K and then you finish by saying the MI5 think dirty bombs are a possibility in the future.

Hang on... dirty bombs have been around since the days of the IRA and either the MI5 know less than you that they are already in U.K towns or just plain bollshuckling.

tara chuck

your a plonker.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to the comments here?
Has there been a sudden arrival of crack heads talking rubbish?
What is a dirty bomb then?
Is it one where the jihad manual is wrapped in an issue of Men Only?

Anonymous said...


I came upon your blog thanks to a comment in the Jerusalem Post website. As a Jew, I want to give you thanks for your support and wish you luck. Remember that everything that occurs is for the good nomatter how difficult it may seem - that is G-d's will.

Good luck,

Panama City, Panama

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 21-Apr-2008 16:16:00

You're wrong. The conditions of the Christians in Gaza and the West Bank have deteriorated since the territories were transferred to the authority of the PLO and even more so since Hamas took over Gaza. They don't live in harmony now, it's just an appearance. The Christians are marginalized and persecuted (as indeed is the situation in much of the Middle East). Many Christians have left. You'd better do some more in-depth research on this matter.

Oh, and the Christian south Lebanon army allied with Israel to fight the Syrian-PLO occupation. When Israel pulled out of Lebanon some of the Christian South Lebanese soldiers found refuge in Israel to escape a certain death at the hands of their Arab brethren. They still live in Israel today. BTW, the PLO actually killed more Christian Lebanese civilians than it killed Israeli civilians.

The situation is far more complex than the way you try to present it. Lebanon used to have a Christian majority, the only country in the Middle East with a Christian majority. Now it has a Muslim majority and Lebanon tries very hard to maintain the delicate balance.