19 June 2007

Tony Blair’s Labour Governments sickening conduct

I posted an article the other day titled: My Political stance

In the post I wrote how the good hard working people of Great Britain are paying their hard earned taxes to destroy their own country because of this generations Labour government under Tony Blair’s leadership. I also wrote about how they are using the media to manipulate the masses of gullible British sheep people to their way of thinking, which is mainly to force the good honest people of Britain to accept their failed ‘multicultural’ utopian dream that is ultimately destroying our society.

I then read an article yesterday in the daily newspaper about Ruth Kelly who is one of Labours main driving forces of the ‘multicultural’ dream ordering councils across Great Britain to put out propaganda to the British people telling them that having migrants filling their communities and taking their jobs is a good thing. She is asking them to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer’s hard earned money to promote her way of thinking to the masses of gullible British sheep people. She has also said that they should use local TV stations and newspapers to promote her ideals and win people over to her way of thinking.

She has also sent out fact sheets so that her army of civil servants know what to say when challenged on the issues in question. The only thing though, is that her facts are completely misleading because they are not the truth. In my eyes if you give facts that are not true does that not mean you are a liar?

This is a typical example of this Labour government’s destruction of Great Britain.

Let us hope that Ruth Kelly is the first to go when Gordon Brown takes office in his crusade to clear up the damage done to Great Britain under Tony Blair’s last 10 years in office.

Full story can be read here: -
The Daily Mail

In the same newspaper there is another article about a brave Ghurkha soldier who needs a war wound treated that he received whilst fighting for Great Britain during the Falklands war. He is a decorated soldier due to his bravery fighting for our country, yet Tony Blair’s Labour government have barred him from entering our country saying that he has insufficient links with Great Britain to justify a visa.

Am I the only one who thinks that, that is utter madness and downright disgraceful considering this man put his life on the line for this Country and received his wounds that he needs treatment for in the process???

Another prime example of this countries modern leadership!

This is a proud decorated soldier who went through all the proper legal channels to gain access into our country and was refused. If he had of jumped on the back of a lorry in France and travelled through to Britain illegally he would have immediately been given his medical treatment on our NHS, and while his visa application was going through the process he would have been given a roof over his head, food, money and clothing while he waited for the next 18 months at the British tax payers expense for his application to go through. Then when it was declined he would appeal against the decision and receive full benefits again at the British tax payer’s expense for the next 18 months while the appeal went through. When it was finally rejected he could then abscond into the British countryside with the other millions of illegal immigrants in our country and take up an assumed name and get on with his new life in Great Britain.

This is the madness of Tony Blair’s Britain, mine and your homeland.

Full story can be read here: -
The Daily Mail

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