21 June 2007

“Alert” Modern Times – Al Qaeda’s army of Western born Suicidal Monsters

If you care about the safety and security of your friends and family please send this post to each and every one of them.

Together we might just save someone’s life!

Video link courtesy of: A New Knighthood

A propaganda video showing a group of recently trained Western born Moslem monsters on their graduation day from a Terror training camp in Afghanistan has recently been released by Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

This video could quite possibly be the warning sign of an imminent attack.

The short 2 minute clip can be seen here:- ABC News

Those captured in this video will all be sitting safely back in their respective countries by now, blending into our societies as sleeper cells, sitting patiently for their orders from their Al Qaeda masters – Osama bin laden and Ayman Alzwahiri.

Please remember that on top of the group shown in this video there are tens of thousands more who have already been trained that are already sitting comfortably blended into our Western societies. Added to that figure there is also an extended army of hundreds of thousands if not millions of followers and sympathisers who will have been trained or radicalised by these their Al Qaeda brothers.

This video gives us a small glimpse as to what Al Qaeda and the Taliban have at their disposal, their capabilities and the threat we all face.

The video should act as a wake up call to our governments and security services and be the reason why the brave patriots of our lands should be left alone and helped to unite in defence of their lives, their families and the future of their homelands.

Great Britain is wide open for Islam’s Jihad (Holy War), with the Islamic Kingdom openly exploiting that fact, breaking down our society and communities, bit by bit on a daily basis.

We cannot ignore this murderous enemy within our midst anymore – 4th Generation warfare – Guerrilla War is here “NOW”

The fact is that we pass these Islamic monsters on our streets every day of our lives. Look at each of the British born suicidal Moslem monsters who have already blown themselves up carrying out missions on behalf of their Islamic leaders – killing and injuring untold innocent people in the process. They were all Western born Moslems with normal jobs and lives who you would not have taken a second glance at if you passed them on the street. Yet these inconspicuous cowardly monsters went on to cause mass murder, carnage, devastation and heartache upon London’s streets the like never before witnessed or experienced in the history of our Nation.

This is the unseen guerrilla army camped within our lands, who are threatening our governments, sitting patiently for their orders.

As you are reading this there are many terrorist plots already in place so it is only a matter of time before another planned suicidal act of mass murder goes unseen that will kill and injure many many more innocent lives. Take a read of MI5’s official statement as of the end of last year to see the threat up until that point. The threat will almost certainly have far exceeded that by now due to the nature of this blood thirsty Islamic beast, that we have living in our midst feeding off of our land.

Click the link to read: - MI5 official statement

These are the facts we face in modern times so prepare yourself properly for the days that lay ahead. The storm clouds of Civil War are brewing and one thing is certain is that this is not the British peoples fault, but mark my words, we will for sure arise to the occasion ‘as we always do’ and defend ourselves, our families, and rid our homeland of these murderous Islamic beasts.

Please take a read of these posts and pass this post on to as many people as possible, everyone needs to be aware of what is happening in our society and these few words of truth could potentially save you or your loved ones lives.

The Enemy we Face - Parts 1 & 2

The Shopping Centre horror

London Terror Threat

It will happen somewhere, sometime - This is a fact that we all must face!

Pray to the Living God through Jesus Christ and ask Him to keep you and your loved ones safe and away from anywhere near to the scene when it does happen.

The question left for each of us who survives the next attack is: What is going to be our personal response now we have been attacked again, and many innocent people, quite possibly friends and family murdered and injured?

Go back to sleep into your false bubble of peace and security like last time, or wake up and start to defend yourselves, your families and our homeland and remove these blood thirsty Islamic monsters and their Kingdom from within our land?

The future holds no prisoners so decide where you stand!

”Be alert at all times to your surroundings and who is in them”

God bless you


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Anonymous said...

They, the Islamic terrorist have been basically quiet for too long it is time for them to return and the time for us to battle them to their demise.

Avi said...

It is impossible to tell peaceful Muslims from jihadists. All Muslim immigration must be banned.

JeepThang said...

Good times ahead! Woo.


Hey.. nice blog.. I followed your profile from a comment left at Lionheart.

Keep it up!

Durandal said...

Time to start the Final Crusade.

Lionheart said...

The time is now here again in our generation...

Those of us here are just laying the ground work.

The Forerunners to defend our communities and societies within the Judeo/Christian World.

God bless you

Dues Vult