6 June 2007

The Point of No Return - The Brink of a Revolution

The Free democratic Western World whose Nations are under pinned by Judeo/Christian Values are past the point of No Return in regards to our Moslem guests living amongst us.

You only have to look around you and read on the ground reports from innocent non-Moslem citizens living with these beasts next to them to see that Moslems live completely different to us and our way of life

This is the impending danger coming our way that is about to explode.

The Moslem communities throughout the West are growing by the day, so the future we face is inevitable!

We stand on the brink of a Revolution to take back our badly damaged societies from those who are destroying it from within, or ultimate defeat at the hands of the Moslem Kingdom= who seek to transform our way of life into an Islamic one.

The clouds of War have covered our Nations.

The consequences of our actions or inaction's over the next 10 - 15 years will land solely in the laps of our children. We teach our children to live life to the full and enjoy Gods green Earth, the Moslem Kingdom teach their children that there is nothing better than to die in the cause of Allah - 'Jihad'.

This is the inescapable future for our children that none of us, or them, can escape from, unless we in this generation start to clear up the mess caused by our modern leaders failings.

Tony Blair and his government have served Islam within Britain over the past 10 years from a position of Dhimmitude (subservience). The innocent British citizen whose country this is, are the ones who are now going to pay for him and his Labour governments incompetence's and actions while he jets off around the world as a multi millionaire in the safety and security of his vast wealth earned at the expense of Great Britain and its innocent gullible sheep people.

Tony Blair and the Labour powers driving him will go down in History as the greatest destroyers ever of this Once Great Nation - Britain.

Brace yourselves and prepare for the coming days.

The Islamic Kingdom within Britain which is being built by its Moslem followers know exactly their intentions towards our Country and society because it is laid down in their fake holy book the Koran. It teaches them Islams ultimate goals and objectives which is to enforce Allahs will - sharia law- upon society, and commands each of them to carry this out.

This is what we face, this is what our children face and this is what our grandchildren face.

How can any British citizen not care about what is happening around them?

While their country was being over run they slept comfortable in their beds.

Please take a read of this extremely important writing from Fjordman over at The Brussels Journal. This article confirms all of my thoughts, feelings and personal experiences regarding the Islamic menace growing within the British peoples midst, and should act as a wake up call to everyone who reads it.

I challenge every Policeman, workers within the British intelligence community, Politicians and ever other worker of this generations State controlled paymasters who have children and family to protect in this country to disagree with what I say or with what Fjordman has written. You who enforce your greedy power hungry paymasters will are crippling and breaking this Nation and your children's futures as well as mine and every other innocent British citizen will pay the price of your actions.

Please do not forget that this is a Christian Nation and we the innocent people who have been blessed to be born and grow here live under the shadow of the Living God and He watches over all of your actions and inaction's.

Nothing escapes His sight and nothing goes unpunished when you threaten the safety and security of His people.

He also blesses those that look after and protect those who are His own.

This is your country too.

While the people of the Western World live in their false bubble of 'peace and security' created by the State controlled media propaganda machine, this is what is happening within the Moslem community that is growing in their midst which they are completely oblivious and ignorant too.

This is what the future holds.

The beheading of Nations - The Islamification of Europe

What do you intend doing about it and where do you stand is the question to everyone who reads this post and this extremely important article?


Please watch this extremly important supportive video:
Jihad in Europe


Anonymous said...

Good post Lion Heart. People I believe are waking up to our governments in actions. In a recent CNN poll here in the US 98 percent of the people polled said the government is failing and as a result we are a divided country and they want it fixed, so I feel that this shows we are not all that sleepy any more, at least I hope so for all of our sakes. Keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

As much as I agree with what you say Lionheart, its much to earlt in the game for the public as a whole to be galvanized on this issue. People are too busy working 50-60 hour weeks and raising a family while hordes on unemployed muslims have nothing better to do than become social (religious) activists. The public will not jump aboard until their communities start burning, literally. The next 10-15 years will see more and more English Emigration, which could actually hasten the decline. Sorry Lionheart, I beleive your efforts are in vain, at least in the interim. GoD Bless and Watch your back from the Muslim enemy!

Lionheart said...

Thank you anonymous for your comment.

What you say is 'exactly' right when missing certain important factors and i certainly do feel like my efforts are in vain, sometimes.

With the future of my country at stake I have to keep going even if it does feel like i am alone against a large paramilitary army of Moslems on the street.

Thankfully i receive comments and emails from people like yourself that shows me that i am on the right track and that i am not alone.

The Game has not even fully begun yet, the conditions for Victory are only just being put into place. We need to know who is on team before we know how to play the Game properly.

The Moslems have their team, their team plan and they have begun their push forward.

The British people working 50 - 60 hours a week are the spectators not team players.

This team has a Divine mandate from the Living God so numbers are not the issue.

Once the team is known and kitted out with the right kit you will then see a complete different perception of the Game.

At this point your words are right but i know my efforts are not in vain because i serve the Living God, He is the one who placed me on this field.

Deus Vult

God bless you


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Hi Lionheart,

I am an French-Canadian Baptist resistant here on the South shore of Montreal.

I first want to salute your efforts in defending Christianity from the islamic invasion.

I am also searching for pics showing modern Crusader Chistians. You seem to have made a trip in Israel, so if you want to send ma a couple of pics, I would make you some free publicity.

I recall seeing a pic somewear of a Briton holdinh a sing saying " Muslims out of Britain", he has lots og balls !

Deus li Vult,

<>< Durandal

Anonymous said...
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Lionheart said...

whats your email durandal.

God bless


Anonymous said...


Durandal said...


I am trying to create a new email that does not show my initials, but hotmal is giving me trouble.

Anyways, you can go on my blog, I have got a page that cals for crusade here :


I have also got some pro-crusade propaganda graphics, they are in French but some of them can be easely converted to English. More here :


Deus li Vult,


Anonymous said...

I agree things may look bleak but I really don't believe these Islamists understand what they are getting into. We are not some backward colony.
The Brits are already gearing up for this.

All our Govt and these Jihadis are doing is winding up a fuc*ing big spring.

Besides, you are forgetting we have a Secret weapon.