9 June 2007

At last a Response

Response to a comment from: A Warning to the Dunstable community


"Death threats again by the Moslem beasts from Luton who are pumping their Class A drugs into my community"

You Pakistani Moslems from Luton think you are in control of things and that people are scared of your threats of murder. That is the old reality, there is now a new reality upon us and you with your actions and your words are the start of that new reality. Watch this space...


Racist remarks, or is it because this is my country that it is ok for people of other ethnic backgrounds to call me white motherfucker. If I started saying things like that towards anyone of a different colour I would straight away be called racist. Why is it not racist for someone of different colour to call me white motherfucker?

I would not speak like that towards others because I am not racist, Islam is a religion not a race.

It is no longer one rule for one and another for those of us whose country this is as it has always been because of this generations leadership, including Labours Luton MP Margaret Moran.

If it was just you and me then I would have abolutely no problem coming outside of your Class A drug den, and money laundering Chicken & Chip shop front just like I had no problem telling the police about you selling Heroin & Crack to my friends and writing about it on my blog. You and your friends are like pack hunting wolves and cannot stand alone. Your time is up in my community, you will see who is the man and who is stupid my Pakistani Moslem friend.


You do not take women you take children as my article states, and those women that are enticed by the likes of you are dim witted gullible stupid women that see your cars and money earned from your Heroin trade as a way to an easy life.

How sadly mistaken are they when it is too late for them.


In their own words they state their intentions towards my country.

Islam is a Religion not a race so please do not call me a racist.

There is no place in our society anymore for the likes of you, you racist, drug dealing sex offender.


Go ask your Dunstable friends about me and keep in the back of your mind that I know exactly who you are and I am waiting for you specifically, come on wake up little boy.



Anonymous said...

Don't you think its better to lay low for awhile Lionheart. Obviously, at this stage your outnumbered LARGE. Maybe one of those guys can find you?? Make sure you use a secure firewall when you post. Take it easy!!

Lionheart said...

Thanks for your concern and advice anonymous.

Atleast there's enough information for this person and his friends to have a read of.

God bless


Anonymous said...

Off Topic Lionheart but: A) What is your opinion of Ken Livngston and the damage that he is creating pandering to Muslims and allowing them to use Taquiya on the British Population and B) What should be done with the likes of people such as Ken Livingston??

Lionheart said...

Ken Livingstone is fueling the Moslem fire in London from a position of Dhimmitude at the complete expense of the innocent people of London.

He knows where his bread is buttered in relation to votes and it is buttered with the Moslem communities votes.

They have helped keep him in power.

His anti-semitism seals his loyalty to his Moslem friends.

He also knows how dire the situation is so is protecting his A***e from the coming storm. Shame he has chosen the wrong side to back.

He should have been sacked for some of his anti jewish comments, yet those in power leave him in office to cause more damage.

London is soon to be Moslem majority and the people of London will not forget Livingstones treachory.

What should happen to him? Your guess is as good as mine, I just pray that God will reward his his just reward for all of his actions and intentions to the innocent people of london.

God knows the heart and intentions of man.

He is the worst appeaser of Islam within Britain.

The mobs would have hung him if we were living a few centuries ago.

Thanks for coming onto my blog and for asking my opinion.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Not to be negative Lionheart, but if in 20 years London becomes a Moslem majority, what makes you think the British people will rise up when they become outnumbered?? In your heart of heart, don't you see a large swath of the British population Emigrating? Also, don't you see more and more politicians pandering to the Moslems as they greater population demographics warrant their appeasement to obtain votes and stay in office? Sometimes there seem to be so many factors to overcome to turn the tide around its hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel; but somehow you believe the British public will come around. Gob Bless you positiveness!

Anonymous said...

One more question if I may: Do you think Ken Livingstone believe all that BS about interfaith dialogue or do you really believe he's a sellout; maybe both?

Lionheart said...

The future that the people of london are walking towards is inevitable so it is only a matter of time until the innocent non-Moslem population snaps and the defence of their homeland will begin. Then they will look to see how and why it got to this point and Ken Livingstone will be top of the list.

There will be immigration in big swaths as there is now but not everyone can leave, so the choice is, live as Dhimmi's ruled by sharia law or fight.

We only have to see the fighting spirit in the British psyche from the past wars to see what is going to happen.

Politicians are serving the Moslem kingdom for their block vote to keep them in power with their fat pay cheques.this is why the British National Party is arising as a voice for the British people who have been trampled on for the sake of those at the tops large salaries and thirst for power.

We at the bottom and there is 60 million of us at somepoint are going to say enough is enough.

People are seeing the lies and spin created to silence the BNP, people cannot ignore truth though.

No surrender is the British motto so at somepoint it will be the Moslems leaving this country not us.

The government have done a good job of silencing and holding the British people down, but they cannot do that forever, then the floodgates of the British wrath will be unleashed.

Ken Livingstone is a sell out and the interfaith dimension is part of him playing with the fabric of london life.

Lionheart said...

Ken Livingstone is in the hands of the Living God so watch this space for his demise.

The British people will not even have to act, his tresanous actions will be a distant memory in British history

God bless

Lionheart said...

A message to the owner of the Pakistni drug den - Des.

You threaten my life, just so you know, I know exactly where you live in Downside and the silver car with blacked out windows that you drive. I know a lot of people on the estate from growing up locally so sleep well in your bed.

Like I say, your time in my community is coming to an end.

The Lions await their gatekeeper.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart Im full of questions today so here's one more: Would you perpetrate your own violence against the Moslem community or are you just trying to wake up the British people and wait for mob justice. If you saw a Moslem attack a British member of your community, would you attack him with lethal force?? Just call the police?

Lionheart said...

They declared war on my country on 7/7, they are conducting civil war on a daily basis, they are openly declaring their Jihad against us, they are continuing to plot and plan more atrocities.

As Dr John Reid said, there is now a National Emergency threatening the life of the Nation.

My Nation, the Nation I own war medals for from my forefather, tha nation where my children are growing.

The innocent British people never asked for this, Islam is inflicting it upon us because it is commanded through the Koran (no matter what lies they try proclaiming)

If I saw a Moslem or any other violence I would step in no matter what the consequence.

The police are there to supposedly protect the innocent so I would turn to them like I have done in the past. They are our first line of defence.

There comes a point when survival kicks in no matter who you are.

If my life is threatend then I would defend myself, that has got to be my human right as a British citizen has it not?

What would you do?

Mob violence is inevitable because of all the different factors not least the moslem kingdom threatens the future of our country, our childrens futures and our wives.

If people do not defend themselves then what is the consequence? You tell me?

By the way, my life has been threatend.


Lionheart said...

If the government and police cannot and will not protect me then what does that mean?

That means they cannot and will not protect you either!!!

What are then the consequences for you and everyone else?

These are serious life questions that cannot be avoided or ignored anymore.

Because we cannot be protected we have to leave our homes and communitie, and the one driving us out is left to continue their conduct unhindered.

Is that the type of society you want to live in? Because it is exactly what is happening here in your country as we speak and the problem is only going to get worse.

As John Reid said: An Emergency threatening the life of the Nation.

His words not mine, I'm just one of many experiencing what he means.

Lionheart said...


Anonymous said...

"White women going to pakis for sex?"

White slags go to pakis for sex...slags that no decent white man would touch with a barge pole!

You're getting the dregs you stupid paki.

JonQuixote said...

Holy shit, Paul... I hadn't visited your site in a while and it appears a LOT has happened.

Paul, your courage is remarkable... and I can only hope tha the media there finally takes note of you and enables you to speak to wider and wider audiences.

Please take care of yourself... this fight needs you.

You have my great admiration, sir.

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about becoming an active member in the BNP Lionheart; perhaps taking a lead role? Apparently in some British towns, the BNP has a foot patrol, albeit without arms. Maybe Lionheart, you need to get your name out there and be publicized so graqdually, you could become a well known activist in British society. The Mainstream media won't give you a voice but maybe joining the BNP leadership could?? Something to think about.

Geoff said...

I'm afraid they are not getting the 'dregs'of our young women. This is the reality.

A SEX-grooming victim has been attacked and subjected to death threats, just weeks after her mother begged social services to re-locate her.

The girl's mother, who herself had to move house to escape intimidation, said her 15-year-old daughter has been viciously beaten three times and was receiving sinister threats from men desperate for sex.

In August, mother-of-three Julie (not her real name), said her child would be murdered or become addicted to drugs if she was not moved away from Blackburn and the gang of men who had ruined her life.

She is among dozens of girls who have been groomed for sex by gangs of men, predominantly Asian, who lure them into a sordid world by showering them with gifts and driving them around in flash cars.

They get some street 'cred' by 'stamping a Gora' as they put it.
Gora is their word for whites.

Geoff said...

Just did a quick check, gora originates from Hindi.
1. alien
2. other
3. different
4. foreign

Take Care!

Lionheart said...

Thank you Drakes drum for the info.

Proof to what I said, we either have to put up and shut up or move because of Moslem intimidation and violence.

Is that anyway to live?

This is what is happening to our society by our 'peaceful' guests.

You had better hope and pray that you do not encounter problems with the Moslem community because these results will be the same for you.

Enough is Enough of the degredation of our country by Islam and its followers.

The innocent and vulnerable in our Christian society need protecting from these immoral sub-human moslem beasts.

If you have children growing up in todays Britain, this is the future they face.

While your community and country was over run you slept comfortable in your beds!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't think any reputable blogger with actual information would delete comments from someone...just because they did not agree with them.

I look at blogs like yours and find myself not believing a lot of what is said. I posted on someone's site and they said "you are a terrorist linked with xyz organization...etc etc", just because I stated I was muslim. They wrote it like fact, when little do they know that I work against terrorist organizations every single day of my life. Less talk, more walk........

Lionheart said...

Go back to bed anonymous Moslem no one is listening to you.

If you have light in your soul you will see the the devil driven islamic reality that controls you is false, so wake up and step over into the light.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Go read my Islam from the pit of Hell article.

God wants to set you free from your warped world view that is leading you to the pit of hell.

You have to make the step though and if you do not like it, please shut the door and don't come back.

God bless you in Jesus name.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought about becoming an active member in the BNP Lionheart; perhaps taking a lead role? Apparently in some British towns, the BNP has a foot patrol, albeit without arms. Maybe Lionheart, you need to get your name out there and be publicized so graqdually, you could become a well known activist in British society. The Mainstream media won't give you a voice but maybe joining the BNP leadership could?? Something to think about.

Lionheart said...

Thank you for coming onto my blog.

I serve the Living God and if I can help the injustices that He shows me along the way then I do that is why I have written in support of the BNP and will continue to do so no matter what the consequence because we all know the consequences of supporting or being a BNP member.

I am not political and have never voted and do not envision a role within politics but if I can help anyone in our mutual endevours to protect our homeland and the innocent and vulnerable British people then I am more than willing to help in anyway I can.

In my eyes the BNP are the only ones who are there for the innocent people of Britain so I stand with them shoulder to shoulder no matter the consequences from this generations leadership and its gullible sheep people population.

The BNP are not a neo-Nazi racist party and I know God is with them. If He was not and they were those things I would not support them.

Everything evolves and as a political party and force I know they have. I have met and spoken with good British people exactly the same as me who are BNP members and supporters.

There is a new reality upon us all and people are going to see that.

The BNP are the only ones who are willing to stand up and fight for the rights of the innocent British citizen whose country this is, who are being trampled on by everyone.

Look around you to see the darkness upon our society because of this past Blair labour government.

We can only hope that John Reid and the new government start to clear up Blair and the powers behind hims mess for the sake of you and me.

God is in control of my life and if He wants my story to go mainstream then He will make it happen and no human power can stop it.

Isaiah 54:9 - 17

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Yes Lionheart, this ia "A Canadian' who has been asking you all these questions today. The reason why I asked this last question was to suggest you contact the BNP party because your couragious message and leadership is needed for Britain on a MUCH GREATER PLATFORM then you would be afforded by just writing on this blog. Obviously, you will always have a limited audience through the blogsphere and believe you may need to mainstream yourself to spread the message of hope to the spreading tyranny. Of course I know nothing about your personal intentions etc. but it would be a shame to see your activism go for not through a lack of audience. Just a thought God Bless.

Lionheart said...

Thank you my Canadian friend.

It seems that people from many different Nations on Earth see that the BNP are a force for good for the British people.

The indoctrinated masses of British sheep people are yet to wake up to that fact.

I know what you are saying about the greater audience and only being able to reach a certain amount of people through my blog.

When Gods time for me comes He will provide the right platform.

My life is completely surrendered to Him and His will. He is the one guiding me, opening doors and closing doors.

My God is the Living God, the God of Israel, all other gods are idols.

I have several things in the pipeline at present to help get the message out.

Let's hope that whoever God asks about taking this mainstream has the guts, He will lift them up or remove them and provide someone else, that I am sure of.

Things have only just begun.

Matthew 20:16

God bless

P.s if there are any mainstream reporters reading this then there is a good story on my blog called "international Solidarity Movement unmasked" also "ISM the truth"

Anonymous said...

I read your "islam from the pits of hell" article, and obviously don't agree with what is said (SURPRISE SURPRISE), and the bias in which you portray things.

I do not follow Jesus, I do not follow Muhammad, but I follow God. I know christians do not worship God, but rather the prophet Jesus. I regard Jesus as a Prophet, I regard Muhammad as a Prophet....but I worship ONLY God (unlike Christians). No, you can not take Muhammad out of the Quran...but neither can you take Jesus out of the Quran, or Moses, or....etc etc.

How did Christianity spread? Through the Crusades. Right. Do they teach that in the UK?

Anonymous said...

To drake's drum from anonymous...you are correct, I was wrong to suggest that the girls that hang around with muslims are the dregs.... they are no more than children and are manipulated by these predators.

I heard this boast about 15 years ago at work by a young muslim man but it was the arrogant manner in which he said it that angered me....and here we are 15 years later and it still happens.

We have let these people walk over us for many years and I, for one, am ashamed of my apathy.

Lionheart said...

Anonymous Moslem.

If you follow God and God alone then why embrace the title Moslem?

You say you do not follow Mohamed then who do you follow?

Moslems follow the teachings and lifestyle of Mohamed and his companions.

Mohamed is a murderous war mongering peadophile.

Those are basis facts within islam that you cannot escape from.

If you agree that that type of life style is wrong then you must reject Islam because it is based on him and his life.

Christianity is based on Jesus who is a man of Love, compassion and forgiveness.

I know whose teachings I would prefer to follow because I have light in my soul.

God loves you and wants you to reject the evil of islam and embrace the truth and the light that leads to salvation.

Islam leads to death and destruction and ultimately hell.

God bless you in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...


well, I believe I answered your question in my comment above..but i'll repeat it here since you asked.

I worship God. I regard Jesus and Muhammad as his prophets, living examples of what we would like to be..but NOT people to be worshipped. You sound like you know so much about Islam, however, if you do not even know the basic tenets...such as not worshiping a human being, then u have a lot to learn.

I know Christians worship a human...Jesus. Muslims worship God.

newGeneration said...

poor lionheart, the brave lion paul who had to flee from death threats like a child. The fearless speaker who has to fight the enemy with his keyboard, the one that threats men like des when in actuality if you were to show yourself to him he would cut your your legs off. hahahahaha
im sorry just got bored.
ps how about we meeet you and I
although I am sure your still in "hiding" and canot comply.


Lionheart said...

New Generation:

Just remember this and take this message to your brothers.

At this moment in time there are laws in place protecting you from me!!

And because I am a law abiding citizen you are completely safe.

Those laws are soon to be removed and the Lions released from their legal cages.

When this happens this Lion has already locked onto the scent of Des...

You my friend are not worth wasting my time on.

I Love you brother in the name of Jesus.

God bless you


Anonymous said...


Solid Work. Don't Ever Change.

I am afraid you are right, this will end with Blood in the Streets because the Elite Elected Officials in ALL of the West are Intellectual Cowards.

Amrican/European Soldiers die in Iraq and Afghanistan so that Stupid American and European Politicians don't have to call Mohammed a Deranged Narcissistic Psychoptah, and can comfortably, and financially engage Muslim Tyrants.

What these stupid Politicians do nut understand is that all Voids are eventually filled, and the BNP will eventually have much power.
Good for them, Good for You, and Good for my Children.

Long Live the Crusaders.