22 June 2007

Consequence of inaction coming to a street near you

Take a read of this post from Drakes drum

Destruction of Blackburn

Where do we sign up to join our British brothers in Blackburn for this summers riots? (only kidding ;o) )

The serious question is: Bottom line, face facts, what are we going to do about Islam taking over our country?

This is a prime living breathing example!

I wonder what the Political and Social elite have to say about that question.

They sit in their luxury away from this horror that surrounds us and our most vulnerable, the elderly.

The British people are being sold out if you ask me.

The time to put a stop to this has come before it is too late.

We await and prepare for the next British Revolution, mark my words it is coming...

Who agrees with me?



Anonymous said...

In deed! There is a Revolution acoming!

Anonymous said...

I'd give anything to agree...personally all I do is grumble...but then there are a lot of sheep like me out here....we need a shepherd to point the way.

Anonymous said...


A sharia law court in Dewsbury with, according to the BNP site, funding of £17700.00 per year from the govt.

Anonymous said...

Correction...£177,000 funding per year.

Lionheart said...

There are many people now pointing the way, we just need the moral support..

God bless you and thank your for reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

Maybe a mass anti Islam demo in London to kick start things or like the fuel protest, demos all over Britain at the same time.

I am really starting to hate Islam and Muslims when a few years ago it did not bother me. Now I want them out of my country.


Lionheart said...

it is good to see that you have woken up to the threat we now face anonymous.

Take a read of Melanie Philips book Londonistan, it will shock you, revile you and hopefuly move you to act in your small way the same as me.

Together we must unite in defence of the future.

God bless you


Anonymous said...

"am really starting to hate Islam and Muslims when a few years ago it did not bother me. Now I want them out of my country."

I'm across the Pond - and I see the handwriting...

It never bothered me either, until I started doing research in the Internet. As to the problem of Israel,that little, bitty comma, all I had to do, is look at this map:


To see the picture. The islamics have taken everybody else country and just DON"T want to share.

I ABSOLUTELY hate islam!

Patrick Henry

Anonymous said...

I would love to comment but fear of prosecution by our snooping labour government which doesn't like free speech (unless you are Islamic) or the expression of facts that are not to their PC liking prevents me from saying "well done LH, at last someone is speaking out before it becomes illegal...oh it is illegal my mistake"