3 June 2007

Luton - Hub for International Terrorists

More evidence of what my community faces from International Islamic militants.

These and the other most recent high profile arrests and subsequent court cases are the tip of an extremly large iceberg of Al Qaeda's War in Britain that is being conducted from Luton & Dunstable where I live.

The Moslem Kingdom of Luton have been conducting a Civil War against our communities for many years now with Al Qaeda's Afghai Heroin and is nothing less than 'chemical warfare'.

No action has been taken against this army of Moslem street soldiers over the past 20 years with the community at the complete mercy of these Jihad fighters and their Al Qaeda leaders.

This most recent account of Islamic terror concerns an Islamic leader and his wife who have both appeared in court after being arrested at Luton airport with terrorist material including the blueprint designs to build Al Qassam rockets which are the same rockets built by Hamas in Gaza which they then fire into Israel.

When this Islamic religious leaders home was searched they found more evidence of his desire to start a war against our country and supporting religious material for him to commit suicide for Islam.

Full story can be read here:- Daily Mail and here Luton on sunday

There is a heavily armed Moslem paramilitary army in Luton where I live and we who live in the community are helpless because our government so far have shown they are not on our side, if they were then they would help those of us who have had enough of this Al Qaeda War aimed at them and their community, and help.

Instead we are forced to accept Moslem terrorists terrorising our communities and if we do try defending ourselves we then end up in prison locked up for life as criminals as what has happened to someone I know.

Where are our human rights as innocent British citizens?

Madness of Life in Britain in the 21st Century with our innocent children facing the consequences of this generations leadership, failing the British people.

This outpost of Eurabia is almost lost and sits firmly at the feet of this generations leadership, from the Queen down to her government.

The 'call' has gone out and it has been unanswered.

The people of Britain have no hope in the face of this 21st Century invasion by Al Qaeda's global army of Moslems because our leaders who are at the top are not on our side.

I pray that God will give this Nation a sign to act before it is too late.


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