30 June 2007

UK - Another Face to the Terror Threat

Failed London Bombing campaign 29/06/07

I can only say that by Gods Grace - through Jesus Christ - the planned Islamic bombing campaign yesterday in Central London was thwarted before this horrendous act of mass murder and carnage could occur.

The result of these car bombs going off would have been like what we see happening daily upon the streets of Iraq or Lebanon perpetrated by Allah's Moslem soldiers with body parts of innocent women strewn everywhere and the streets running with their blood.

We now see another savage face of the threat of Terror the innocent people of Great Britain face from the Islamic enemy living within our gates who are getting fat living off of our land, planning to kill us and take our country over.

Last week we had the release of the video by Al Qaeda and the Taliban threatening us with their Western born suicidal monsters which sparked fears of an imminent attack, it seems those fears were real, only that the planned delivery of the attack was completely different as to what was expected and is an extremely frightening development.

It could mean that we are still awaiting Al Qaeda's wave of attacks by British born Islamic monsters!

As you are reading within Great Britain we now have an active Islamic 'Cell' of mass murderers who have gone into operation stage, trained in the art of explosives whose one aim and sole purpose for being alive at this moment in time is to kill as many innocent non-Moslems as they possibly can for Allah and their Islamic military leaders.

We hope and pray that our S.A.S track them down and kill them before they have chance to harm any more innocent British civilians.

The streets of Great Britain are wide open for Jihad, our gates have been open to these Islamic monsters for many years now. They have invaded our shores, set up camp deep within our land and are now actively conducting their Jihad against the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain. We have no way of stopping these Islamic monsters other than the Security Services picking them up on their radar screens and arresting them, then they are placed under house arrest with a tag and told not to leave the house. As we see from yesterday, that human radar is not infallible especially when you have 10's of thousands of these monsters across the whole country. It only takes 1 Islamic soldier trained in explosives to build a team and then go on a mass killing spree before being caught or blowing himself up.

The whole nature of the threat we face has dramatically changed and could quite possibly mean Iran is now getting in on the mix of things against us upon our shores, not just in Afghanistan and Iraq. Al Qaeda like to strike terror by sending human bombs to do their dirty work, so this new planned atrocity could mean a whole new Islamic threat facing Great Britain.

The merging of two Islamic bloodthirsty beasts intent on horror, mass murder and carnage.

Not only do we face soft targets like cafes, shops, buses and tube trains being blown up, we now have the threat of walking down the high street and a car bomb going off.

Fear, Panic and Pandemonium are the only words to describe what it will be like once these monsters achieve their aims.

We can only hope and pray that there will not be a sustained wave of attacks from several different 'Cells' intent on mass murder because if this happens then there is nothing that will stop them from killing untold innocent people, it is surprising that this has not happened yet. The only reason I can think it has not is because the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain had Tony Blair bent over a barrel through 'fear', which he caved into, and then handed Islam in Britain their demands just to keep the beast contained under his watch.

In my opinion this attack was planned to force Gordon Brown our new Prime Minister into a 'state of fear' and then Dhimmitude over the threat Great Britain faces.

This failed attack has also coincided well for the Islamic Kingdom due to the Sir Salman Rushdie affair, the Islamic world feels that they have to hurt our Nation because the offence we have caused them so we would view that this attack could have come from anywhere around the Islamic world.

We wait to see what the voices from the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain now say: "Islam is a Religion of Peace, this has nothing to do with Islam - BUT - we understand about the Salman Rushdie Knighthood.

There is no justification for Terrorism upon the streets of Great Britian!

We just hope and pray that Gordon Brown does not flinch in the face of these monsters, that he keeps his nerve and does not give in too their Terrorist demands like Tony Blair.

The British people are behind him, in as much as 'all of us' have had enough of their intolerable murderous behaviour aimed at us and our future's and it is about time the British government thought about the human rights of its own citizens before bowing down to the Islamic Kingdom.

Do not ignore the Warning's

'No surrender' is the British motto.


What planet is Ken Livingstone on: "London Mayor Ken Livingstone told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Londoners should not stay at home. He said: "I think people are completely safe to walk about the streets of London today and tomorrow."


Anonymous said...

Thank God this plot was foiled in time.....but this sort of scenario is more likely to have an impact on the public than a foiled plot still in the drawing board stage.

Most foiled plots go over people's heads and of the few that take note half of them do not believe them crying "foul play" towards the security services.

Any arrests are followed by compensation claims and the police are portrayed as a bad lot.

Seeing is believing and if it can be achieved without any loss of life then the real threat of terror is proved.

Anonymous said...

Breaking: Car on fire drives into Glasgow airport terminal? Update: Gas cylinders in Jeep? Update: Four Two arrested

Police have confirmed a vehicle has driven into the terminal building in Glasgow Airport and is now on fire.
Earlier, the BBC reported witnesses saying a car on fire had tried to drive into the airport through the main doors
The car’s occupants were seen fighting with police inside the terminal, they said…
He said a four-wheel drive, believed to be a Land Rover, tried to drive into the building, but was stopped by barriers…
“A four by four had rammed into the building and caught on fire.
“Police were scuffling with a gentleman.”


Anonymous said...

They tried to blow up Glasgow Airport as well Lionheart. Your words ring more and more true everyday! Britain sure has a MASSIVE problem on its hands. MASSIVE!

Obob said...

I have wondered this, was this a case of ineptness or diversion? Could this cell be lulling you Brits into thinking there is shallow talent pool overthere? If the public feels a false sense of security, this could be a nasty setup? And Livingstone is doing a brillant imitation of Sgt. Schultz

Avi said...

I'm so angry at the callousness and cowardice of Western leaders in gambling away the lives of their citizens that I could scream!!! Thank G-d that Hashem runs the world and not me...

Anonymous said...

These peaceful terrorist monkeys must be stopped from coming in to Britain...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
Britain must pay forever

immigrants are entitled
to take over the country

Anonymous said...

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In Britain"