28 June 2007

Extremist, Islamaphobic, Racist or Realist?

I am a British Patriot - Great Britain – England – is my homeland, the place where I grew up the same as many many generations of my predecessors; I come from a long line of British citizens dating back centuries.

I knew from a small child the history of what my grandparents went through for this country during their lives, so I am a part of the modern history of this land, from the past to the present the blood line of my family has endured through the ages.

The modern way of life that I was blessed to have been born into was due to my grandparents and the sacrifices they made during their lifetimes, which is the same as every other British patriot across this Great Land.

The reason for my blog is because now in this generation the British way of life that I grew up in is being completely destroyed by a foreign way of life - Islam - and the previous modern government (we wait to see what the new Gordon Brown government brings) have been handing the ‘ways’ of this country over to this foreign force through fear and intimidation. Fear of what Islam will do to us and our country if we do not give in to their demands to change our British way of life so that it falls in line with their Islamic way of life.

There is nothing more putrid and vile than a pathetic weak British government appeasing a foreign force within our very homeland at the complete expense of the indigenous people and their British way of life. Giving up the basic fundamentals of our free Judeo/Christian British way of life so that it fits in line with Islam and the Islamic way of life!

All at the complete expense of me and you whose country this is.

No matter what rubbish and lies we are told by Islamic leaders or our political and social elite, Islam is seeking to transform this country, mine and your homeland into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. The fundamental’s of Islam teaches that Sharia Law, which they believe is gods laws, is the supreme way of life for Moslems and all of mankind to follow and live under, and that all other ways of life are imperfect. The Koran teaches that Moslems have to by all means necessary through Jihad (Holy war), convert non-Moslem lands and people into Islamic rule.

This is one of the basic teachings of Islam.

Islam means submission and it is Islam’s ultimate aim to submit everyone across the whole Earth under Islamic rule and dominance. Mohamed went to war, conquering lands and people in his generation so as to enforce Islamic dominance and supremacy upon those lands and the people he conquered. Moslems in this generation are emulating Mohamed’s example of conquering lands and people for Islam. Mohamed is their prophet whose ways they are to copy and follow; he conquered lands and people for Allah so in this generation they are doing exactly the same, following his example. The only thing different about Islam’s war in our generation is that due to global travel the whole world is accessible to the Moslem army unlike in Mohamed’s time when you could only go as far as your horse would take you. Due to this modern fact we now have extremely large numbers of Moslems who follow the Koran and what is laid down in it, living in every single Nation upon the Earth. Here in Britain we have upwards of 3 million of them.

The Moslem world also has a modern day Mohamed in the embodiment of – Osama Bin Laden – this modern Mohamed also has his modern band of Moslem Jihad soldiers the same as Mohamed did – Al Qaeda – No matter what you are told, Islam is as much a military force as it is a religious and political force and Osama Bin Laden is the chief because he has the army with the deadliest weapons and has united the Moslem mind through 9/11.

Islam was founded on war and conquest and in this day and age the ultimate push to convert the whole world as laid down in the Koran has begun. The Kingdom has no boundaries or borders it is a universal Kingdom with its followers pledging allegiance to Allah and the Koran only.

Osama Bin Laden is the one at the helm of this modern onslaught, as the Commander – in –Chief of the military wing of this global Islamic Kingdom.

The so called moderates within Islam are just playing lip service to the gullible non-Moslems of the world. They cannot deny the truth about Mohamed and Islam; they are the other face of the same coin, being used to dupe the innocent people of the world into their way of thinking - Islam is a religion of peace and that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam “Rubbish”.

Islam is to be spread throughout the world by the Word and by Sword which is exactly what is happening in our generation. The moderates saying peace, peace, and the radicals saying war, war. Two different branches of the same tree, but both leading back to the same root – Islam and the Koran.

Come on wake up and stop being so ignorant, stupid and scared!

The thing also in this modern conflict is that we are no longer fighting with swords and spears; we are fighting with nuclear, chemical and biological capabilities which have the potential to cause considerable damage and death upon any land throughout the entire world where they are used. Here in Britain there have already been two attempts that we know of, to acquire and detonate a nuclear bomb (dirty bomb) upon our streets - Modern weapons in an age old religious war.

We are also fighting an enemy which believes it has a divine mandate from Allah to go to war and conquer the whole world for Islam, and that those who are willing to fight within the ranks in this war, if killed, will be granted sure passage to paradise and gifted with 72 sweet young virgins as their reward. This is the motivation that fills the ranks of the Moslem army with young psychotic Moslem men eager to depart from this world, for the belief they have, in the treats, in the hereafter.

Tormented by 72 demons in the furnace of hell more like.

We are facing a subhuman, suicidal, psychotic enemy who is intent on nothing less than complete global conquest and Islamic domination, who will not give up, or give in until they achieve this aim because they believe falsely that Allah commands it through Mohamed who is the model to follow, and through his words which are laid down in the Koran, so it is their divine responsibility.

The modern world we live in has changed for ever, so the sooner people wake up to this fact then the sooner we can defend ourselves properly and prepare for the future.

War is raging in every Nation across the entire globe now, openly and under the surface - This is modern 4th generation warfare.

In war there can only be one winner so either Islam is going to achieve its aims of conquest and complete global domination, thus subduing all peoples of the Earth under Islam’s dominance, or we are going do defend ourselves from this onslaught from the pit of hell and defeat this murderous blood thirsty suppressive beast that has arisen in our generation.

This War in our times is no different than Hitler’s war in our grandparent’s generation other than that this time the enemy seeking take the world over, believes falsely that it is on a mission from god. Hitler and his men were not driven by religion where as this modern global army are driven by religion and believe there is no greater honour than to die for their god in the process of achieving their aims laid down in the Koran.

We enjoy living and our enemy enjoys dying!

Whether you like it or not, whether you see it or not or whether you believe it or not, it does not matter because these ‘are’ the facts contained in the present reality that each and every one of us faces, that we look into the future knowing.

People will call me an Islamaphobic or racist for my beliefs. Moslems because this is one weapon in their arsenal to silence any vocal opposition to what they are doing to my country and non-Moslems because they have not got a clue about what I am talking about so it is easier for them to call me those things because that is the common names given to someone who speaks out against Islam, which they know nothing about.

These gullible British sheep people think Islam is a religion of peace because the BBC tells them it is, so I am Islamaphobic and racist because I disagree with the common consensus of the BBC.

Sadly we even have the police, politicians, the social elite and even our future King saying that Islam is a religion of peace – “Just to keep the Peace” – unless, if it is true, your like Prince Charles and have embraced Islam as a force for good in Great Britain?

Islam is not conducive to the civilized British way of life, it is an alien force, with alien ways that the true British patriots living the length and breadth of Great Britain have had enough of. This is our Country that our forefathers spilled their blood for, and no Royal, Political or Social elite has any right handing our inherited rights over and changing our way of life because they think it’s a good idea, or to keep the Islamic Kingdom happy so as not to commit acts of terror against us .

Those in power forget that there are 60 million British citizens; it will not take long to get several million British Patriots onto the streets unless our voices are listened too, and soon, before it is too late – Our future’s and the future of our homeland is at stake and we do not have long left before we sink never to recover.

The Islamic Kingdom force’s our leaders into giving them their demands by shouting their numbers, it is about time the British people started using their numbers to have their voices listened too. There are a lot more of us in this country than there are Moslems, everyone forgets this fact because the police and security services have done a good job for their Labour party paymasters in forcing their fellow British brothers and sisters into silence through fear of being arrested and imprisoned by them for any dissent of the status quo.

This is your country too; think about that one, when you think to yourself about what it is going to be like for your children who are growing up here in Great Britain. Think about how you allowed it to get this bad because of your actions towards your country folk? You will have been the ones who helped create and cultivate this beast in our midst and prevented the British people from defending themselves and all because of your weekly pay packet, that makes you no better than the traitors at the top who are selling us and our country out for their thirst for power.

Your children, my children and every other innocent child in this country is going to face horrors we can only imagine because of the way you have treated your people and conducted your office, all at the expense of the innocent people of Britain whose homeland this is.

Nothing escapes the Living God’s sight; He sees all and knows all!!

The future of this Nation and each and every one of our children’s futures is now at stake because of the modern leadership of this country, those who are at the helm of this sinking ship, let us hope that Gordon Brown is a saving grace for this country.

People may disagree with me and those who do; all I say is go look at the facts.

Those in positions of power especially the Christian ones (it was refreshing to hear Lord Carey come out this week and speak up for the flock), should be ashamed of themselves, sitting back silent while their homeland is being destroyed from within. Your silence and inaction makes you no different from those who are openly and actively betraying this country.

I will now be classed as an extremist for those words.

Islamaphobic and racist for criticising Islam and an extremist for holding the leaders of this country to account through my words, for their treasonous treachery against Great Britain and its innocent people.

Maybe I am the one who has got it all wrong and I am dreaming all of this?

Weak cowards will also call me each of those things because they have not got the guts to say or do anything themselves, they would prefer to turn their backs and ignore the situation which is what they are doing and crucify someone who is standing up speaking out because they cant.

When you are in an extreme situation which this country is, and I am, then it does not matter what you say as long as it is the truth and there will be many many people who will agree with my words of truth, because it is the truth and not the words of an extremist, Islamaphobic or racist.

These in my opinion are the words of a realist!

People will also class me as a racist because I have written in support of the British National Party. Those that do are small, narrow minded racists themselves who should not judge others.

Tony Blair’s media spin on racism is what has kept him in power and no one knows this point better than the Conservative party under Michael Howard’s leadership. Tony Blair’s people used this card to destroy him and the Conservative party in the last general elections. Labour under Tony Blair needed the Moslem vote to stay in power so they bent over backwards to appease the Islamic kingdom for their block vote at the complete expense of the British people and created the environment where no one could openly criticise Islam through fear of being classed as racist or Islamaphobic. This made certain Michael Howard never got into power and forced the whole country into Dhimmitude through fear of being classed as racist or Islamaphobic for if anyone spoke out against Islam.

Labour under Tony Blair was the Islamic Kingdoms Sword and Shield against the British people, no wonder he now thinks the Moslem world will accept him as the Middle East envoy.

George Bushes sacrificial lamb more like and if any one is going to get bumped off by Islam it will be him and not Mr G Bush.

Sending the sacrificial lamb into the wolves den.

The BNP have been an ideal group to use as a public sacrifice for the Islamic Kingdom’s votes when all this political party is, is a party of British Patriots who care about the future of their homeland, its history, culture, identity and way of life.

You tell me how that can be wrong? Please because I would like to know.

Who would you prefer to shake hands with, British patriots whose forefathers fought and died for this country or Islamists who want to change the British way of life to fall in line with their Kingdom and ultimately enforce Sharia Law upon the whole land and your children?

Politics changes in different generations dependent on the cultural environment so it is about time the BNP were listened too.

Yet I am a racist for writing in support of them?

You believe I am a Racist yet you still come back and read my writings?

No, you are a small and narrow minded racist who should not judge others and you know exactly who you are and God knows who you are too!

You have not got a clue about who I am and what I have been through so do not judge!

It is now time for you to change your mindset and how you view me!

Tony Blair’s Labour spin has created a false reality across the whole country where it is racist to want to defend yourself and the British way of life from this alien Islamic force.

Islam is here, feeding and getting fat off of our land seeking to take our country over and Tony Blair’s Labour government was stroking the beasts back, feeding it food and water thinking they could tame it, hoping that it would not bite the hand that was feeding it, all at the expense of the poor innocent sheep in the field that the blood thirsty monster had its eyes on the whole time anyway.

Now that the old master has departed, we wait to see the reaction of the ‘new’ master and the old beast.

This is all at the expense of you and me, the British Patriots whose country this is, and with Patriots I don’t just mean white British I mean every British Patriot who lives in this country who is British and that loves living our British way of life, those who are not seeking or wanting to transform this country into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law. Those who stand behind the crown stamped on their passports that are willing to give their lives in defence of all that is enshrined in it.

This is your country too and Islam is seeking to destroy your future as well, the only thing different between us is that I do not have another land to go home too when and if this one sinks because this is my ethnic, cultural homeland.

When push comes to shove where do your loyalties lye?

Not that it matters to me anymore I am just seeking people of like mind who realise the emergency we are in so that we can unite and move forward and wake more people up to the present emergency that this country, my homeland and its way of life is facing.

Extremist, Islamaphobic, Racist or Realist?

Almighty God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Israel knows exactly who I am, and to me that is ultimately all that matters because when I die He will be the one whom I stand before as my Judge, not you!!!

God bless you in Jesus name.



Anonymous said...


Article "Truth & Lies"....a demonstration in Blackburn is planned to protest against Salman Rushdie's knighthood.

Reckon a few thousand people walking in the vicinity reading one of (or the S.V.) Salman's books might thwart them.

Anonymous said...

That was brilliant and you are totally right. Keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Solar Rhythmz said...

Suprise , suprise. Wow I am so shocked .Dear oh dear what a coincidence the attacks in Glasgow & London were carried out by 6 Iraqi fully trained combat experienced ex Saddam - military , all given Asylum & some Asians , possibly form Pakistan . Never? I can't believe it .Oh so shocking. There were 8 Iraqui's arrested & charged with Terrorism offences, a few years ago.In 2005 they were in court when oh my golly gosh they were released by the Judge in order to preserve sensitive security sources.They were sent home on home arrest when ...wow they all managed to escape past all the MI5 ,MI6, Police, Antiterrorist Squad,Satelites , Big Brother Camera Systems , Traffic Cameras and disappeared. Boy oh boy what a strange coincidence !? Umm let's see now on the TV news oh yes 6 Iraquis & possibly some Asians maybe even a white guy who looks very much like a very strong stocky sort of special forces type have been captured....wild guess of course pure speculation. Wow they are looking for 2 more that makes 8.
Isn't it unusual that the Security services & Anti Terrorist Squads have a list of 1600 known terrorists living in the UK mostly Assylum Seekers but also some British born Muslims. I wonder ,haven't the Security forces & police considered deporting these 1600 terrorists? Just a suggestion. Perhaps we could um arrest them and deny them Assylum? Oh I forgot 1.5 million have managed to slip into the U.K. since Blair & Brown took office . Most of these illegal immigrants are a great boost to the British economy so the Politicians say. Where do they all come from?
Iraq, Syria,Algeria ,Somalia ,Afganistan,Lebenon, Iran, Albania, Sieera Leone, Nigeria ,Kosovo & Chechnya all Terrorist States , all combat trained either as insurgents or Government conscripts , nearly all young men between 18-35. Of course thats just a coincidence . Of course that Islamic Army resident in the UK is not a threat to our Security. Lets send all of the Armed Forces to the Gulf, Iraq, Afganistan, Africa ,Falklands etc etc anywhere but here in the UK. Ok we have some logistics & Admin personnel, and the Queens personal Guards ... and Blair just happened to hand our immigration policy to unelected foreigners , namely the E.U. I forgot also the Defence policy of the Armed Forces.Also the police are soon to be intergrated in a E.U. police you know one uniform etc . E.U. police patrolling U.K. streets !The Armed forces even our Nuclear weapons lock stock & barrel in the hands of unelected E.U. officials. Oh yes over a million Legal immigrants from Pakistan ,Arab states, the Gulf and Eastern Europe. Many trained in the Soviet Era , but mostly just ex military conscripts. Wow isnt that unusual. This isnt a security risk to the U.K. I mean a standing Armed forces of 180,000 could have no problems with 1.5 million combat trained , miliary trained ex conscipts, insurgents ,guerillas, terrorists & intelligence personnel all from abroad. Ok so its also true that France , Germany, Italy Spain etc are in a similar position. Of course we cant stop this occupation by design , we mustnt send them back, because it would infringe their human rights. After all anyone that loves their Country & Nation is a racist or extremist.
Dont you just love the Government. It is so fair and just and has never lied to the British people aren't we lucky. I mean MI5 ,MI6 & SIS nearly always managed to stop Soviet intelligence and expell them in the old days. As we did in WW2 etc etc. But nowadays with all the massive increases in technology and Personnel they are unable to track the Islamic terror cells.And 4 million spy camers and 2000 spy satelites just dont know where they all are or what they are doing.
Strange how the S.A.S. just snatched a British born Islamic Terror cell out of Somalia, past all those Islamic Jihadist Armies with out a single loss. Perhaps they were snatched for arrest and trial you might say. That would be reasonible except they haven't .Indeed they seem to have vanished. Retribution ? Illegal but I can understand that. Um well no they are on the streets. Strange but true. Here is a little imagined scenario. In the near future a group of Islamic terrorists will carry outan attrocity against the British people. Of course war with Islamic nations will have to be the only solution. Lets bring back the Draft and send all fit young British men to war and leave the Nation in the very safe hands of the 1.5 million foreign combat vets & the E.U. Oh I feel so safe & secure. I can sleep so well now. Aren't we lucky to have such compassionate ,kind & loyal E.U. unelected officals looking after us all. After all Blair said giving away all of defences to the unelected E.U. officials was in "Britians interests". He said in 100 years the British people will look him in a different light. As he knows what is right for us inferiors we shouldnt question his judgement. Should we?
Camp Twisted Moronic Muppet. Britian is our Nation you Scum licker Blair you are an utter bastard. What gives you the right to give our Armed forces to our enemies who are unelected & unaccountable. What is a an unelected President of Europe? Remind me ? A DICTATOR . Scum .You want my family our nation to be exterminated or an enslaved race? I remenber a song that says we will never be slaves DO YOU UNDERSTAND. NWO SCUM.You have lit the tinder box .Right always prevails no matter what the cost .Guess what N.W.O. We want TO DIE for our Country , Nation & our family’s.We will fight you to the death. UNDERSTAND OUR UTTER DEVOTION TO DEFEAT YOU .Bastards.One and All.Blair what a complete vomit inducing scumbag you are. I have read your CFR Bilderberg NWO books and Pamphlets. We are insects are we? Want to cull us do we? Oh dear oh dear what a misclaculation. We will have LIBERTY . DEATH TO Tyrants. We have law on our side .Treason is the most vile crime you piece of filth. Hanging a traitor isnt a crime last time I looked it was rewarded. We will hunt you down for ever by the LAW of Britain.Do You Understand I answer to no foregn dictator or their henchmen or their bullshit NWO Euro Laws . *£$% and that is spelt with a C.

Prepare for our British response.

We love Britain forever you Satanic Pope kissing Traitor.