19 June 2007

The Horror of 21st Century Britain

Within the gates of Great Britain we have an alien Islamic Kingdom who live completely contrary to British society who believe it is their duty to enforce Islam upon the land and people of this Country.

There are approximately 3 million Moslems living the length and breadth of the United Kingdom.

Within that 3 million there is an army of foot-soldiers who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis with Al Qaeda’s Afghani Heroin. There are gangs of Moslem rapists and murderers walking the streets terrorising our society. There is also an army of Al Qaeda trained terrorists from the training fields of Pakistan/Afghanistan and there are Islamic preachers all over the country who are preaching hate and holy war against us and our society to their British born Moslem audience.

MI5 have said that they are following between 3 to 4000 terrorists, 200 networks and 30 actual plots to kill innocent British civilians.

It does not take Einstein to work out that there is a considerable threat facing the innocent people of Great Britain and the very future of this Nation.

If this threat we face is not the brink of Civil War, then I would like to know the definition of Civil war.

Do we give in like most of Europe and accept the Islamification of our Nation? Or do we stand up and fight with every last drop of blood declaring ‘No Surrender’ no matter what the cost?

To everyone reading this, bottom line and facing facts these are the only two options on the table so take your pick!!!

The threat we face is all based on facts that all security agencies within the United Kingdom are fully aware of and powerless to stop. The longer the situation is left the bigger the problem grows the same as with anything in life.

The army of Islam within our borders stand confronting the innocent people of Great Britain whose country this is on a daily basis and because of Tony Blair’s Dhimmi Labour government we the innocent and the vulnerable are forced to accept this aggressive intimidating force who make their aims and intentions known to us on a continual basis.

I just hope and pray that Gordon Brown has leadership qualities like Sir Winston Churchill.

Our government, security services and the police are powerless to prevent this Nation wide Moslem army from conducting its daily destruction and degradation of Great Britain. The British people cannot say nor do anything through fear of imprisonment so we have to just sit back and watch the destruction of our country and children’s futures at the hands of this internal Islamic enemy.

There are laws in place governing our British society with prison the ultimate penalty for breaking those laws.

The British authorities cannot police the Moslem Kingdom and exercise British law against their criminality and war against British society. One because the problem is so large and widespread and two there is no place to put them once arrested.

Our prison system has now just about reached its capacity so our government has to take emergency steps to deal with the problem which leaves British society vulnerable to violent criminals and sex offenders.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

We the innocent people of Great Britain have to sit back and watch as our Country crumbles around us while Islam grows upon that destruction.

Thank you Mr T. Blair what a legacy to leave the British people with.

The innocent and most vulnerable in our society are at the mercy of the murderous aggressive intimidating Moslems who are living the length and breadth of Great Britain with no one willing or able to act.

Even our Home Secretary has publicly stated that there is an Emergency threatening the life of the Nation.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

I feel that it is only a matter of time now before the dam bursts and the survival instinct of the British people who have been subjugated by Tony Blair and his government is released upon this Nation.

The Lions won’t be looking for, or needing a gatekeeper then, the doors of the Kingdom will be wide open and the Lions of Great Britain will be roaming wild taking back the rule of their domain – England – Scotland – Wales – Ireland and there will be nothing that the authorities can do. They can do nothing about the Islamic menace which threatens the life of our Nation and there will be 10 times as many of us who will be seeking to defend our homeland and very existence so chose whose side you are on.

We have had enough of Islam threatening us, our way of life, our futures, our children’s futures and the future of our Nation.

We have had enough of Tony Blair’s disgusting treacherous treasonous Labour government too.

A few summer riots will probably be the spark that lights the British fury that no British government or police force will be able to quench.

Go quench the army of Islam before you pick on the British defenders of our lands.

I look forward with anticipation to the days that lay ahead.


2000 inmates go free


defender said...

what you are saying really need to be said. we dont have much choice and we have to have a line in the sand. the sooner the better

Always On Watch said...

I linked to this post and to your blog in general. If you stop by and comment, your blog might get some more readers. Just a thought.


God bless you, LionHeart!

Anonymous said...

Would we have allowed communists to openly promote sedition against our Western governments, societies, and values? Emphatically not! And yet, incredibly, we allow a group, hiding behind the cloak of "religion" to operate with impunity in our midst, with a stated goal to take over or destroy us! Our "political correctness" will not even allow reasonable dialogue and measures to meet the greatest threat to our survival in our history. In the day of car bombs and nuclear terrorism, we had better take drastic measures before we lose all the freedoms that generations have bought with blood and sacrifice! We should not allow another Muslim immigrant to enter our Western countries who cannot declare loyalty to our values, or another mosque to be erected that preaches murder and sedition! And all those who speak for or support sedition should be tried and, if necessary, deported! Any "religion" that openly advocates the murder and domination of others should be denied the protections normally afforded to them. Keep raising the banner, LionHeart!

Lionheart said...

Well said Philip..

God bless you


Anonymous said...


The words Pigs & UK's resorvoirs spring to mind.

Anonymous said...

Mobile Text Msg Received Keep the Snowball rolling.

Stop Islamification of Britain Demo
London 26th Oct 2007. Be there. Forward on to 2 Close Friends.

waypasthadenough said...

Lionheart wrote:

“I feel that it is only a matter of time now before the dam bursts and the survival instinct of the British people who have been subjugated by Tony Blair and his government is released upon this Nation.”

I write:

That’s why they took your guns. If you don’t understand that then you’re not ready to ‘take your country back.’

Phillip asked:

“Would we have allowed communists to openly promote sedition against our Western governments, societies, and values?”

I respond:

But you did allow the communists, calling themselves “Liberals,” socialists, and ‘progressives’ to infiltrate and take over your country. That’s why you’re in the mess you’re in now.

Here in the states we’re fighting a similar war against the same plague. Not enough of us yet understand the nature of this disease we face, in fact millions embrace it.

The future is not bright for ‘western civilization.’

Anonymous said...

islam is the root of evil of mankind in most of the society around the world. it is most sinister and its suffocating face of "kindness" towards vulnerable and ignorant people is most deceptive and evil. ignorant people marries them and suck into their web of deceit, manipulation, and their rigid evil rules. time to ask them to go back to their land origin where savges belongs.