18 June 2007

Great Britain - The sinking cry of death

A British Patriots perspective

Only since having my life threatened by Moslems have I awoken to the imminent threat and danger that my country faces. I hope that the truth contained in my words will help awaken you too, to the present threat and danger or at least make you take a good hard look, and then you will see for yourself with your own eyes what is happening to your country and its future – Your children’s future!

My granddad fought in the Second World War for this his country, his Father fought in the First World War for this his country, this country the same as many countries around the world stand today as a testimony to the sacrifice of blood sweat toil and tears shed on the battlefields of the world from each of our brave forefathers who sacrificed everything including their lives, for us their descendents.

Every man or woman alive today was just a thought in the minds of our brave forefathers as they faced the consequences of war sitting in their dark wet dreary trenches rationalising why they were there, facing this death and devastation on a daily basis.

Their children at home, their wives, women, their homeland, all of these were thoughts and motivations to realise why they were experiencing this terrible traumatic life they now had to endure, a life now lived in the trenches of war under constant fear of death.

In a moment, a twinkling of an eye a life is taken away never to return – WHY

Thoughts of the future, a future homeland and people they could not see but only imagine, a homeland containing their offspring, a place free from tyranny where they would be free to be British, ruled by their leaders, a safe secure peaceful way of life. These were all reasons why each of them was fighting and giving their lives as a sacrifice, in ‘defence’ of the way of life they held dear – a noble, just and righteous cause.

These brave soldiers, your forefathers, were British patriots who sacrificed everything to the point of death, many were killed and many seriously wounded in defence of Queen and country, in defence and the pursuit of freedom, liberty and happiness for them and the future generations who were to come.

Our British forefathers shed their blood for us their children and for this their homeland.

This country is no longer ours, those of us whose forefathers paid the ultimate sacrifice.

This country is no longer Britain for the British.

Our country is now sinking, slowly but surely being destroyed from within by those now un-welcome Moslem guests whom someone opened up the door too and ushered in upon our beautiful Green shores. They were first welcomed in upon our shores so that they could come and experience and enjoy life with us in our free Western Judeo/Christian society, working with us in our industries to provide for their families the same as we do – This is the British way of life.

This Great Country and way of life was our inheritance, an inheritance which was handed down to us for safe keeping, which we too are supposed to protect and hand down to the next generation. This is how it has always been from generation to generation upon these Beautiful Green Shores. Instead the inheritance which was our safe secure homeland is now being prized away from us by Islam aided and abetted by Tony Blair’s modern Labour government and certain sections of the ruling elite of this country.

The great, brave, sacrifices of our forefathers have been for nothing because this generations leadership is giving our Nation away, with the gullible masses of British sheep people sitting idly back, getting fat chewing on the grass of the field allowing this destruction to happen. Allowing their country to be over run and destroyed at the complete expense of the future generations of British children who are growing here now, and the ones who are yet to come.

We cannot escape the facts from living and growing in this country anymore. Those British people whose homeland this is are soon to be a minority here in their own land. Out populated by our Moslem guests who do not want to live the British way of life, a life free from oppression and tyranny, our supposed Western democracy where we are free to choose how we live our lives. No they follow their book the Koran which teaches that all Moslems should live by Allah’s laws – Sharia Law. Their book commands that this is a divine obligation and that by all means necessary they must enforce Allah’s will upon everybody – Submission.

Islam means submission and it is Islam’s agenda laid down in the Koran to force all people into Submission, either by conversion thus submitting the person to Islam or forcing the person to submit as a second class citizen to Moslem dominance, forcing them to pay a tax declaring the person is a second class citizen. This tax is called the jizya tax.

You cannot escape the basic facts within Islam and you cannot escape the demographic facts now facing our country. By the year 2025 the indigenous people of this land will be a minority compared to the Moslem majority.

Just because you cannot see a large land and sea invasion taking place does not mean your country has not already been invaded by an invading army whose ultimate agenda is to take over and enforce a different way of life upon the landscape. Every British citizen reading this will not be able to deny the amount of Moslems we now have walking the streets of Britain along side of us, and the continual pictures we see on our TV screens or in our newspapers of Moslems who are living here that are unhappy with our society and our way of life.

The land and sea invasion of our Country has already taken place. The Jihad (Holy War) to take our country over has begun with the fabric of our society, its laws and structures which are in place governing our way of life being under attack daily. This part of their Jihad (war front) is part of a planned silent subversive war with the intention of breaking down the societal structures of our country so that our British way of life falls in line with the Islamic kingdom and its way of life.

Islam teaches from the Koran that Sharia law is Allah’s perfect way for man and that all people should live under the Sharia. This is the alien force now growing within your midst, a force whose ultimate goal is to enforce Islam upon this Nation, upon your children and upon those children not yet born. Islam and its Moslem followers have already started out on this quest with our modern British Labour government serving them from a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) handing them their demands in return for their votes.


What is happening to the future of our homeland and our children’s futures are the exact same reasons why our forefathers sacrificed their lives through the horrors and torment of war many years ago. The only difference in this ‘our’ generation is that the enemy is already in our land, has already started to break down our British way of life, is actively breaking down our society on a daily basis, and has declared war upon us and within 20 years will have out populated us.

These are facts that we look into the future knowing!!

21st Century Warfare – Civil War - being conducted before our very eyes, with very few people awake to it or willing to prevent it from continuing.

Our homeland is being taken away from us bit by bit as we sleep walk into the abyss and darkness of Islam and its Kingdom within our homeland.

The general population of British citizens are happy in their false bubble of peace and security. They go to work, earn their money, pay their taxes and think everything is ok. They do not want to upset that bubble so do not care about the serious issues facing our world or their own country. No they would prefer to turn their back and leave the beast to grown within their midst just so long as it does not interfere with their lives and upset the false bubble of peace and security that they live in. This 21st Century attitude and subsequent inaction from every British citizen will mean that the ultimate consequences of allowing Islam its free reign to grow in our society and exercise its power over our Dhimmi leadership will befall our children and grandchildren and will lead to the ultimate death of this once Great Nation – The United Kingdom

The next generation will have ‘no’ option but to go to war with Islam unless appropriate action is taken now in this generation.

Our children who are growing up now will ask the question: What did you do, why did you let this happen? What will your answer be?

Believe me they will ask those questions because people of this generation are already asking those same questions!!

This modern political leadership who are serving the Islamic Kingdom for their votes to stay in power are using the mainstream media to indoctrinate the masses of gullible British sheep people to their way of thinking.

All we ever hear is that Islam is a Religion of peace and that the majority of Moslems are peaceful.

The prophet of Islam Mohamed who all Moslems look towards as an example to follow was a warmonger who birthed the religion through war. He conducted 65 military campaigns in 10 years including conquering Mecca and Medina which was the founding of Islam upon our Earth. War and conquest of lands for Allah and Islam is a prerequisite to being a Moslem. Islam teaches Moslems to convert lands and people by the Word and by the Sword. The Word and the Sword go hand in hand within Islam just like we see on our TV screens; peaceful Moslems waiting to out breed us in 20 years and become the majority here in our Judeo/Christian country and the Military wing blowing up trains and buses declaring Jihad.

All Moslems are from the same tree just different branches who are ultimately working towards the same goal which is to enforce Islam, their common root, upon our society.

This is the modern silent war we face that the British people still have not awoken too.

Why are we not being told through our TV screens about the demographics issue facing our Nation, why are we not being told the truth about Islam that is arising in our midst?

The government are scared of upsetting the Moslem kingdom so preach that Moslems are peaceful people. At the minute there are 3 million of them in Britain; can you image what it will be like when there are 20 million of them here or 50 million?

20 - 50 million Moslems conducting Jihad which is obligatory to being a Moslem. Will we be saying they are peaceful then? Of course we won’t and our children will be the ones fighting them in the streets, being murdered and raped (as they are already), because of this generation’s inaction – YOUR INACTION.

We should be learning the truth now, not be being brainwashed by the ruling powers to think how they want us to think, especially when we have this Alien Moslem force in our midst which has clear set goals and is working towards achieving them, which is the ultimate take over of Great Britain and the transformation of our Nation into an Islamic State.

Tony Blair’s Labour party have been working towards integrating Islam into our British society and culture for many years now. The only problem with that which the innocent people in communities across Britain now face is that Islam does not integrate it seeks to dominate. Every Islamic preacher throughout this Nation and around the world preaches to their Moslem followers that Islam is to dominate. They believe that Allah commands this because it is laid down in the Koran. They believe that all other ways of life are imperfect compared to Allah’s ways which they believe falsely are perfect – Sharia law. They believe that Moslems are superior beings and that non-believers are nothing more than dirt that the earth needs cleansing of, this is why they call us the dirty Kaffur and infidel.

You only have to look at the different Islamic Nations upon the Earth to see the effect of allowing Islam to take root and grow, it is like a cancer that once it gets a hold, it grows until it consumes the host body and kills the host, thus conquering the land. Look at Pakistan, look at Saudi Arabia, look at Indonesia and look at the Middle East. Islam has swept through all of these countries and land masses by the Word and by the Sword and now they are all part of the global Islamic Kingdom which has no boundaries or borders, with the populations pledging one allegiance and that is to Allah and Islam.

My only thoughts here are; imagine what is going to happen to our women and female children of our Nation when Islam becomes a dominate force, if we the men of this Nation do not stand up for ourselves, our women, our children and our country now in this generation. We only have to look to these Moslem Nations around the world as our examples to see the way they treat their women and children. Saying that, we do not even need to look to these Nations as examples because we have enough examples here in Britain already of forced marriages, children being forced to marry full grown men, polygamy (multiple wives), honour killings, women who are forced to be second class citizens, forced to stay at home and forced to wear strict Islamic dress.

Why are the free, law abiding British people of this Nation tolerating this barbaric cult living and growing in their midst threatening their way of life?

We are forced too accept this barbaric savage behaviour or face being arrested as racists by this generations ruling powers. They pass laws in government, punishable by long terms in prison for speaking out or criticising the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, which forces fear into the good people of this country. Nobody ever wants to go to prison so it is easier to say nothing and go along with the government’s view of Islam which is that it is a religion of peace. If anybody dares to disagree with this now common consensus among the masses of gullible British sheep people and say the truth about this religion then they are racists. In modern Britain nobody wants to carry the label racist, the stigma that goes along with that word now because of Labours modern media manipulation is amazing, all you ever hear now is British people defending themselves from being tarnished with that label.

Come on this is our country, if we cannot speak openly and honestly about alien cultures and people that threaten our British way of life, that act like barbaric savages upon our streets and that threaten the very future of our country then we might as well give up now and let the Islamic Kingdom do whatever it wants with our country and children’s futures.

I for one and I know there are many more out there with that number growing by the day, would rather die than be gullible British sheep people and allow this Country to be destroyed and taken over by Islam. That would bring shame and dishonour on the memory of our brave forefathers. That memory and those sacrifices for us their descendents are going to be upheld in this our generation with every last drop of blood contained within the army of British patriots living the length and breadth of Great Britain – The question is; are you one of those British Patriots???

Cowards is the only word fitting for those who would rather say nothing and turn a blind eye and close the door to the world outside, God knows who you are and each and every one of you knows who you are because these words bring conviction upon your hearts and in your souls.

We cannot escape the facts of what is happening here and now in this generation, within our homeland in relation to the growing Islamic kingdom. We cannot escape the fact that at this point in time there are 3 million Moslems in this country who ultimately want to live under Sharia law. We cannot escape the fact that in 2025 the Moslem population will have out birthed and overtaken the non-Moslem British population. We cannot escape the fact that Islam teaches Jihad (Holy War) and the conversion of people and lands over to Islam. We cannot escape the fact that within Great Britain as you are reading this the Islamic kingdom has its political front, its religious front and its military front all with the one aim in mind – Jihad - converting our country into an Islamic country ruled by Sharia law. These and many many more facts are the reasons why the time has come to either give in and give up and accept the fate of our country and live out the rest of our lives in some sort of harmony and leave the situation to our children to deal with, or we stand up and do something about it now, in defence of the future of Great Britain and Our children’s futures.

We cannot escape the facts anymore and we have not got long left!!!

Every one wants to demonise Israel because of the steps this Nation has taken to protect its people from the murderous Islamic threat it faces. Our British media has Moslems in all different positions who put pressure on people under the banner ‘racists’ if they do not comply with their wishes, so are influencing what the gullible British sheep people are watching on the news through their TV screens. One of the most blatant forms of propaganda we have seen of the demonising of our friends and allies the Jewish people in Israel, is with regards to the Palestinian situation. We see poor Palestinians and the big bad Israeli’s and it is this influence that turns people against Jews and forces boycotts which is unacceptable to the British people who do not agree with this manipulation of power - Bowing down for the Moslem kingdom – disgraceful.

Everyone is scared of Islam and its Moslem followers because we are all too well aware of what they are capable of, so if you are a weak coward it is easier not to rock the boat with them and keep things quiet. That is not the British way to live, and is unacceptable, it is pathetic and shallow, being bullied into submission by Moslems, it is a disgrace and shows how broken this Nation now is with weak pathetic cowards running our country, including the major organisations that influence public opinion.

What is happening in Israel is a reflection of what is ultimately going to happen here in Great Britain, and it is about time people woke up to that fact now and started supporting our friends and allies and stopped being weak pathetic sheep people forced into submission by Moslems who are carrying out the will of the religion Islam.

Once land becomes ruled by Islam, the Koran teaches that that land is then eternally Islamic and if another people take over rule of that land then the Moslems have to fight eternally until the land comes back under Islamic rule again - Once Islamic Eternally Islamic - This is why in Israel you have Hamas which is a murderous Moslem Palestinian group who the Palestinian people voted into power saying that they will accept nothing less than the complete removal and destruction of Israel from the Middle East. There is NO negotiating with the Palestinians, it is all or nothing and this is why they have spent many years sending suicide bombers into Israel killing innocent civilians. This is why they are sending rockets into Israeli towns and cities and this is why you see the Israelis retaliate, targeting terrorists in Gaza and the West bank. This is also why you see a big wall surrounding the West bank and Gaza. This wall has been erected to keep the murderous Moslem suicide bombers contained in their communities making it harder for them to walk into Israel to kill themselves in the pursuit of killing innocent Jewish civilians.

What would you want your government to do if this was happening in your towns and cities with your relatives being murdered and maimed on a daily basis? Think about that one because at some point it is going to start happening - 7/7 was just the beginning.

You would want your government to protect you just like what the Jewish population in Israel expects from their government.

Islam has firmly taken root in our Nation so the consequences for the future are exactly the same consequences that Israel and its Jewish population face on a daily basis.

They have the Palestinian suicide bomber; we have the home grown suicide bomber.

Islam has conquered certain parts of our Nation so now believe that this land is now their land so they will fight forever for it. Things can only get worse now as Islam grows and takes over larger areas of our country and converts them into Islamic ruled mini states.

This is happening the length and breadth of Great Britain with Tony Blair’s Labour government and certain parts of the ruling elite helping the Islamic Kingdom on its way to conquering our land and destroying our children’s futures.

Each and every person reading this is also helping that eventual take over with your inaction. So when your children are fighting for their lives and being murdered or being forced to become Moslem and they ask you: what did you do to stop this from happening? You will have to say - NOTHING I WAS A COWARD of you can lie!!!

The British public have a responsibility to the future of this their country and for their children and grandchildren’s futures.

I leave this in each person’s hands who have read this post; you have read it because the Living God, the God of Israel has placed it at your door to read. What you then do about it and the future of your country and your children’s future is entirely up to you, one thing is certain though - YOU cannot escape the true facts contained in it and the ultimate consequences of your inaction. What you can do is continue turning a blind eye so that it does not upset your present false life and reality, the false bubble of peace and security that you live in. Then you can go back to sleep and help sleep walk this Nation with everyone else like you into the darkness and abyss of Islam.

Decide where you stand because the future holds no prisoners.

As their Nation sank into the abyss the innocent children slept quietly in their beds.


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Anonymous said...

We have to recognise that "our " women arent possessions - they belong to no-one. however they are british or irish ,whichever the case may be.

We also should recognise the equal part they must play in fighting for our christian society and its not just a case of us men defending "our" women. That, is the muslim mentality.

It should be a case of christian women also being able to defend themselves, their culture and country alongside the men.

We must make the distinction between islam and christianity - we view all humans as equal, women are equal and can stand alongside us men on the battlefield.And should do so in this war.

To speak in terms of us protecting our women shows that we regard women as being unable to protect themselves.And that they can't fight alongside us -protecting and fighting what they also have a claim to - their christian ,western culture their birthright and freedom.

Remember , we are different to islam which is darknesss and death. Christianity is about human freedom ,equality, dignity.It is about light and life. We will make it a piercing, blinding, scorching light -to its enemies.

God be with you.

Celtic Crusader.

Lionheart said...

Yes Celtic Crusader our Women play just as an important role as men in times of War.

I for one would prefer my woman or wife to be bringing up my children in the home though rather than fighting these Islamic Monsters on a grubby battlefield somewhere, that if captured they would be used in the most inhumane way imaginable and then murdered.

Please do not criticise me and compare my mentality to that of a Moslem, I take great offence to those words.

Lionheart said...

I like Conservative Beachgirls words here:-



Anonymous said...

My apologies, friend if you thought I was criticising.I wasn't and agree with much that you have to say.In no way do I think you are like a muslim.I understand your concern at finding some good christian fellow-countrywomen in the hands of the defilers.
But Lionheart dont you think women feel the same about dreading seeing their loved ones captured in iraq etc,. I remember my partner telling me..if they ever did that to you that she would go over there and kill every one of them.Dont ever doubt the toughness and mental strength of our sisters - they have been conditioned to think that the, be all, is to please a man and wear a mini skirt and prance around a pole.Its dispicable that western culture has done this.

what would be more frightening and horryfing a sight to the muslim mind than the existance of western women able and willing to fight for their land and birthright- it goes against everything they believe- they have no respect for the human soul or freedom. As you said Lionheart theirs is the religion of submission ESPECIALLY my friend, of women.Which is why we have to encourage western women to own this fight - it is all our fight , and womens even more. If anyone has a the right to stick it to the defiler muslims, its the women.

This is another way how we show our way is superior and righteous.their way is inferior and wrong -they are all about submission - the only time they want women fighters is as suicide bombers.

You know, they always walk in front of muslim women, but did you know that when walking in the left-over minefields in Egypt , the bedouin muslim men made their wives walk before them.We are totally different to muslims Lionheart. If we dont encourage and have faith in our women and stop worrying about their safety - but trust in christ, then we are thinking like the muslim.

I understand your concern - and i know you do it out of concern ,unlike the muslim who just bully women, Now, how just and brave are they.

Perhaps I made too much of the word " our".
They would hate and despise that western women can stand up for themselves and actually take them on - and dont be surprised brother, they can win.

pop-culture, the very same culture that has crippled Britain, has made women out to be good for nothing other than sex and the home - that is short-changing them- we have to realise we are all equal

No, friend , I was just pointing out that all of us christians especially us men, have to promote, true freedom, equality and ownership of the problem we are all facing.Our women have to feel the right and have the backing of their men to own equally ,this war.

I assure you Lionheart, I may be a Celt but I support Britain and the British in their struggle - no offence meant.I just hope i can count on some friendly British support when the gets tough here in Ireland.

God Bless,
Celtic Crusader.

The Green Arrow said...

Lionheart, there is a program on Radio 4 tonight 18/6 at 2000 about the Knights Templar.


God Bless you.

Lionheart said...

Hi Celtic Crusader, no offence taken, i reacted too hastily, thank you for your words of wisdom.

God bless you Brother


Lionheart said...

Thanks Green Arrow but I never picked this up until today.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

we all know what is happenig, the majority are getting sick of the media and politicianc pandering and grovelling to the racist muslims hat plot against us.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the UK needs another Boudicea - but a more successful one this time. She sure gave it to the cruel arrogant Roman conquerors until they got the better of her and her Iceni tribe.

Interestingly, the Iceni Rebellion she led against the Romans occurred round about the same time as the Judean Rebellion on the other side of the world, in Judea/Israel.

At first, the Judean fighters gave the Romans a taste of their own medicine, won most battles and killed large numbers of the world's best fighting force at that time.

But in the end, mainly because of internal squabbles, the Judeans were bitterly defeated. It is said several million Judeans were massacred, hundreds of thousands taken as slaves to Rome, and the whole country devastated, especially Jerusalem where the 2nd Temple was burnt to the ground.

Nevertheless, many hundreds of thousands of Judeans remained in their ruined land and established communities which survived throughout all future conquests - Byzantine, Arab, Crusader, Ottoman Turk....! Sometimes these Jewish communities in their homeland prospered and were not persecuted. Sometimes the contrary...but they survived. The same can be said for the Judeans who lived in Exile - in Europe and the Arab countries.

The surviving Iceni disappeared into other tribes and, no doubt, their descendants still inhabit the British Isles. Perhaps even descendants of Boudicea herself.

Zionist Lady,
Boudicea admirer

Anonymous said...

The same western people who are so proud of their democracy and freedom of speech. Does your people not have the choice to make their decisions? You speak bullshit you racist moron. I bet you'll not have the guts to validate this comment

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, country or race means nothing. Perpahps you might think the same one day, perhaps you'll never. Eitherway, you need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Country is land and its people. You ignore them you open a pandora's box. There have been rebellions in the UK for hundreds of years. What makes you think there won't be another? When was there a vote on whether we would let in millions of foreignors?

Alan the Red said...

Bah! Christians come in two flavours; the kind on a permanent self-flagellating guilt-trip that makes them suck up to Jews, and the kind on a permanent self-flagellating guilt-trip that makes them suck up to Muslims.

Either way, they are simply traitors who grovel to an Asian god.

Two things, loser. Firstly, God is an Englishman, and secondly, Brigid/Britannia is the Goddess that made this country great, and allowed Englishmen like Darwin to achieve great scientific breakthroughs while Christians were still claiming that the sun went round the earth. That crawling Christian maggot Blair took our Goddess off our money, and until She gets back in Her rightful place, this country is going down the tubes. Did nobody ever tell you Christian maggots that hell have no fury like that of a Goddess scorned.

Anonymous said...

Here it is Christian, the two Creation events in the Bible, explained clearly so that even cringing Christians like you can understand. Do enjoy!

And surely, your god told you, "Thou shalt not kill" but you have now seen fit to allow Blair and Bush to eradicate over a million Iraqis, and yet you can't understand why Moslems might be a little uptight?

Besides, both the Jews, and the Arabs, wanted us out of Palestine; they didn't want us doing things the British way, so why the hell are you British Israel whiners taking us along with the Amerikkkan idiots?

You Christians whiners have brought this on yourselves, so you just continue to live in fear. Like Queen Elizabeth said at Tilbury Docks, long may all enemies of England live in fear.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sport: Love your blog & if my English parents were alive today..oh my.

In Australia, I meet English all the time, all with your identical story. The only answers are to speak out boldly, organise and act efectively.

Yes, you must also get the guns to replase the ones that were stolen from you.

The same very bad mistake in Oz. All populations are first disarmed before their downfall.

The Americans are right to keep their guns. They will stay free while they have 'em.

Islam is like Communism/Leftardism. All based on muder, lies, conformity, spite, envy and insanity.

I'm very interested in your story and would love to correspond.

I also write for forthardknox.com, and Islammonitor.org. I'm at colonelrobertneville.bogspot.com

Colonel Neville, Melbourne Australia.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear sport, damn. Spelling mistakes! Should have worn those glasses!

Colonel Neville.