20 June 2007

Moslem Law students Heroin Jihad - More proof

Courtesy of Green Arrow

A teenager was spotted dealing drugs after leaving straight from prayers at his mosque.

Ahmad Bhana, aged 19, of Hopefield Street, Daubhill, made £110,000 supplying heroin and crack cocaine on the streets of Bolton.

Full story here:- Asian Image


Anonymous said...

What else is new? Some years back, there was an article on the Net, about how the Saudi Sheik - and the Saudi diplomats (THE SCUM)- import wooden crates and crates thru and into France to England also, that Customs can NOT inspect. The Diplomatic immunity does NOT allow.

It turns out that the scum are imported OPIUM sell in France and England.

How they must be rolling on the floor laughing at the "Infidels."

They figure to take us down, if not by the sword, by the corruption of our youth!

Anonymous said...

u dum fucks!! i no this guy that got arrested we grew up together..what the fuk has that got to do with jihad?