14 June 2007

The Queens Royal Neglect

A Final plea to the Queen

Islam's Luton & Dunstable Jihad

You have people on the ground willing to help turn back the tide of this Moslem destruction and savagery yet you and your advisers ignore the pleas of your people.

I cannot see or hear a greater cry from across your Nation than the cry for the innocent and the vulnerable that has arisen from Dunstable. That cry and subsequent rejection has been witnessed around the world. A cry based on the reality of what my community faces from the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park Luton and its army of Al Qaeda street soldiers. You cannot ignore the first acts of war against the innocent people of your Nation perpetrated from Luton on 7/7, you cannot ignore the biggest bomb plot ever in British history 'The Fertiliser plot' that was planned and plotted from here, and your police and security services cannot ignore the daily destruction of British life upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable with Al Qaeda's Heroin.

These are facts that cannot be ignored anymore.

You and your advisers choose to ignore the cry's and leave your subjects at the mercy of this Pakistani Moslem army whose only intention is to take over your Christian Nation and enforce Islam upon the Land.

This should not be the actions of a true Godly leadership of a Christian Nation of which you are supposed to be!

Now we have many sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers from the Luton & Dunstable community whose lives are ruined because of police inaction and neglect - Which can and will be proved.

The future for our communities looks no more promising as more and more young people are confronted with the Pakistani Moslem dominance and Al Qaeda's Heroin & Crack cocaine that is awash upon our streets - Civil War

The police do not have the power to stop this daily atrocity so the innocent people of the community including my friends have to put up with this daily trade in Death aimed at the destruction of their lives and our community. The money earned through this trade in Death is financing Al Qaeda's war against your country Great Britain and the advancement of their Islamic Kingdom, yet you and your people sit back watching inept allowing it to happen.

Your Nations leaders have sent your British army to fight wars in foreign lands when their homeland is being destroyed from within. Those brave men and women's loved ones being left back home to watch the destruction of their communities, their country and their friends lives by the home grown Islamic enemy with the leaders of your country doing nothing to help against this civil war.

Your country which was once one of the Greatest Nations upon the Earth is dying and on its last legs of survival, because of the Islamic beast that has been allowed to arise in our midst. It is only the true British patriots whose forefathers fought and died for this land and its people during the most recent World Wars that will save Great Britain from the abyss of destruction, but if you and your Royal household will not support them and their actions then there is no hope in this generation for the future of this once Great Land and its innocent people. Our children in the next 10 - 15 years will have no alternative but to fight for their very survival and existence and all because of you and the ruling Elite's inaction now in this generation.

Your Royal household will fall never to arise again, just like this Nation if you do not stand up and let your people fight now in Defence of the Realm.

The War of out times has been declared, now it is up to you as the Sovereign ruler of this Nation to make clear to your people where you stand.

In Defence of the Realm or in surrender?

The actions You and your son, Prince Charles who is the future King of England show us the 'people' that you have surrendered your land and people to Islam. That is not the British way - "As you should know" - The way of the British people is one of No surrender no matter what the cost!!!

Our women and children are depending on us to protect them and their futures, just like what our brave forefathers had to do in the past Great Wars in their generations.

If you as the Head of the church of England will not stand with your people and help protect them from this alien Islamic force which is intent on the destruction of our Christian way of life then no one will, so before you leave Gods green Earth to stand before the judgement seat of Almighty God, I pray that you will go there knowing that you failed your people at a time when they needed you most.

The decision is now in your hands and time is swiftly running out.

Luton & Dunstable has clearly arisen as the frontline in Al Qaeda's war to take over your country. This is not the fantasy of a mad man although i wish it was. This is the true reality based on the facts of the situation on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable that those who are in positions of power are all too well aware of.

If you give in and neglect your people who live in these areas and leave them to the Moslem wolves then mark my words as I stand before Almighty God, your whole Kingdom will fall.

You have a duty and responsibility to your people not to turn your back on them. Now is the time in this generation for you and your family to show your people why your household deserves its Royal title and leadership over the people of Great Britain.

Now more than ever do the people of Luton & Dunstable need your Royal support and help as the dark clouds of Islams Civil War engulfs the innocent people living here.

Time is quickly running out, with this chess game almost in check mate. This Royal Knight is almost out of the Game and if the Queen does not move and the second Royal Knight does not arise then it is Game Over and this community which is steeped in Royal history will be gone, never to be Christian 'Royal' land again.

The decision is yours?

I serve the King of Heaven and every one who knows me including all of the police and security services who know of me will testify to the fact that I once was lost in darkness until by Gods grace I was brought into the Light, then Jesus set me feet upon the rock.

Now I serve 'Jesus' the ruler of Heaven and Earth, who is my Sovereign king. He has placed me here to petition you personally as our Earthly ruler, in defence of this, our Christian community and your subjects living here.
We cannot escape the facts and the future facing all of us, so it is now time for us all to wake up to the new reality that is upon us and position ourselves for the days that lay ahead, or surrender our Nation and allow it to become an Islamic State governed by Sharia Law.

The clock ticks upon us all and while it does the darkness grows.

The cry of your people has gone out.


In service of the King.


Video -
What will become of Britain
Reading - The point of No Return

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Anonymous said...

Lionheart...you say time is running out...time has already run out in the Netherlands (see link).
Read especially the last paragraph and despair.


Anonymous said...

This Government cannot see what is happening right under it's nose. Why isit we the normal people can see how the Muslims are trying to take over our country, our culture, our way of life. They should be forced to live as we do not as they do and make it a mini Islam. I personally resent very much what is hapening in this country as far as outsiders of any religion are concerned. I do ot follow any religion myself I am just against any people coming in and trying to forca US the Host country to change to their ways. How arrogant is that?!!

Anonymous said...

Reading I agree with your analysis. However, it is more than Jesus, it is having humility for the Church. The Holy Orthodox Church, and the schismatic Bishop of Rome, have both fought Islam for 1,500 years, they know what is necessary. Our politicians, and the politicians in the Church of England, are cowards. The fact is Democracy does not work, Sparta won, not Athens, for the same reason as today, corruption. Islam was not defeated by Democracy, it took the Crusades, the Pope, the Holy Orthodox Church, and loyalists in the Order of the Dragon, like Prince Vlad Tepes III "Dracula" and others, to defeat Islam. our leaders are too corrupt and cowardly to do the job. But hope there is. A few very powerful financiers, have defeated the US and EU governments economically. The US Dollar is collapsing, and soon to follow is the Euro, and the EU. The cowards in our govenment know we have them defeated. The US dollar and Euro will struggle like hell in its death dance, but they have lost and they know it. 30 Trillion dollars of garbage derivatives, will topple the western economy like a house of cards. From the ashes will arise a new government, one with courage to defend its own people, over non-Europeans/whites and Muslims.


Anonymous said...

mate, you need to take a chill pill. All this bollox ain't going to do your ticker any good you know. I know what, why don't you go out for a nice beer and a curry eh?

I feel more than a bit embarrassed that you are a countryman to be honest... maybe you should stay where you are eh? I've heard there aren't to many Moslem's in Serbia...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Your Royal household will fall never to arise again, just like this Nation if you do not stand up and let your people fight now in Defence of the Realm."

Sadly Prince Charles is a closet Suffi Muslim. Ignore the negative posters. Paul, people such as yourself will be leading these skeptics and dhimmis over the barricades within a decade. And, I will be there with you.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Here's my post on the subject.
Roger G.


Anonymous said...

"I feel more than a bit embarrassed that you are a countryman to be honest... maybe you should stay where you are eh? I've heard there aren't to many Moslem's in Serbia..."

Well you heard wrong MATE. I think what you probably meant to say is there aren't many Serbs in Bosnia or Kosovo - nor are there many intact churches left. There are however thousands of new mosques built by the Saudis. Also Bosnia's new defence force is called Handzar and is full of foreign Muslims. Why Handzar? Why, Handzar was the Bosnian Muslim corps set up during WWII by the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem which teamed up with Croatian Nazis to murder 800,000 Serbs. (are you learning yet?).

Also, guess what? The Srebrenica massacre was a hoax and so where those 'concentration camps'. That skinny guy they showed around the world in the 'concentration camp' is called Fikret Alic and he has a genetic disorder. The British film crew filmed those people from within a barbed wire enclosure looking outwards. Do a bit of online research for irrefutable evidence, videos, and reports from journalists and international organisations.

What else would you like to know. I know! I know! The Kosovan liberation army KLA, (Kosovo is the birthplace of Serbia) are being trained by NATO. If and when they get independence, Kosovo will join with Albania to make Greater Albania. Question is, how will they join with Bosnia to make a Muslim superstate?

Oh, did you know the explosives used on 7/7 and in the Madrid bombings originated in Kosovo?

What else can I tell you, what else! Oh Oh, I know. The 800,000 Serbs murdered in a REAL concentration camp was accepted history and the figure was used by the New York Times until 1991, after which they suddenly started using the figure of 80,000 - strange, that. There's loads more I could tell you but I fear it would be wasted on a retard.