20 June 2007

British Prime Minister - Gordon Brown

Dear Mr G. Brown,

The New Prime Minister of Great Britain.

I wanted to personally congratulate you on your position as the new British Prime Minister.

My Bible clearly states that our leaders are placed in authority over us by Gods divine will and providence.

As someone who was brought up in a Godly home you will already know this fact from scripture so will feel the sense of divine responsibility that now rests upon your shoulders, to now be the leader of this Great Christian land; your homeland.

There is now a great cloud of witnesses in Heaven looking down upon you and your family rejoicing.

It is said that you live in Tony Blair’s shadow and that this is something that you have been plagued with your whole political career.

The Living God used Tony Blair to bring His judgement upon Great Britain of which we the common people of this Nation are now feeling the strain from, due to the destruction he has caused to British life. That judgement is almost certainly in part for the way previous leaders of this Nation have treated Gods people in Israel. Please take note of that fact because Israel becoming a Nation again is fulfilment of Biblical prophecy.

The Jewish people are Gods chosen people and they are our friends and allies in the civilized free world so stand with them through the darkness that is upon us all and do not sell them out for political gain in any arena.

You now stand at the precipice of taking this country and its people, me included, into the future as our leader.

I believe that during the time you are in office, if you lead the people of Great Britain with a conscience before Almighty God, unlike Tony Blair, then mark my words Tony Blair will forever be in Your shadow because you will be deemed as a saviour of this Nation and people. This is what I hope for you because as a Nation and a people we do not have long left to turn back the tide of destruction that is happening to this - Our homeland - so we need a Great leader in our generation that the British people can look up too.

If it is not you then another will arise!

If you choose to walk Tony Blair’s dirty trodden path with his cronies along side of you, the likes of Ruth Kelly, then you will never leave his shadow and will always be Gordon Brown Tony Blair’s underdog – Second best.

I do not believe that is what God has planned for you, but now it is up to you to walk your path before Almighty God and become the person He wants you to become.

Your destiny and the destiny of this Nation is now in Your hands and I pray that God will empower you with the strength and leadership qualities that you need for the days that lay ahead.

Only God knows the future, what we do know though, is that He has placed you here now over us, for a plan and for a purpose; you know that and we know that too.

One thing is certain; Tony Blair has completely destroyed the reputation of the Labour party and in the process has just about destroyed Great Britain.

This is the legacy that he leaves behind him, with the innocent people of Great Britain now having to try and pick up the pieces of his destruction.

The future is now in Your hands and I personally wish you, your wife and your children well in your future endeavours, as together you lead us the British people into the future as our Prime minister.

May God bless you all, protect you, guide you and strengthen you.

In service of the King



Anonymous said...

hahahaha bravo, you are very delusional, why are you making christians look bad by using your religion as a way to vent ur rasict ideas. your like nib laden who uses islam for the same thing

Obob said...

wish y'all luck on that side of the Pond with Brown. I'm looking foward to watching him on CSPAN's Prime Minister's Q & A.