13 June 2007

Threats to Kill

Response to a comment from: A Warning to the Dunstable Community

bobby khan said...

odinsgal88 hahaha ur a funny motherfucker. u tell me when and where to meet and i'll come down and we'll see whos taking thier thumb out of thier asses. Just ask any one in luton whos bobby khan and then we'll see whos crying. Like I said don't act like your a hard man behind you mum (my slag that i shag on the weekends)and come to luton and ask for bobby khan and say that you want a word with me. I'll be there as soon as I can. Remember motherfuker not only I'll kill you i'll kill your family, through your children out the window and shag your wife infront of you.

More threats against my life.

For those police and security services who are employed to protect the innocent in society there are now clear threats against my life here in black and white. You ignored the first threats made against me in the presence of witnesses, lets see if you ignore these ones too.

We all know who Bobby Khan is, he is a Pakistani Moslem from Luton that goes around saying to people "I am Bobby Khan" as if to frighten people, living off of the Khan Mafia family name.

Bobby Khan you are a boy with a big mouth, but with alot of friends, with alot of money earned through the local and National drugs trade in Al Qaeda Heroin.

You have clearly stepped out now and placed your head on the chopping block as they say.

I hear you enjoy nothing more than bowling around Luton intimidating women saying "You know who I am, I'm Bobby Khan, I run Luton".

Your predecessors may have run Luton at one time, now it is the Religious Al Qaeda psychopaths who have taken over. I think you will find that the British population of Luton are about to reclaim their streets and put a stop to your criminality before it is too late.

Every British citizen throughout Luton and Dunstable knows exactly what beast they have living amongst them destroying their communities and their friends and families lives and I put a call out to each and everyone of them reading this to stop being frightened, intimidated and forced to fear these people. There is 60 million of us in this country and 3 million of them, it is about time their aggressive murderous behaviour is stamped out for the safety and security of our children's futures.

There are laws in place to protect the innocent British public from people like you and we hope that those laws will now be exercised otherwise my words will ring true and then lets face it there will be no hope for this country and my only advice will be to move to a country willing to fight for and defend its people, a country like Israel which faces Moslem murderers on each side of its borders.

The Police and Security services now have the opportunity to show the British public that the Rule of Law applies to the Moslem community as much as it does the British community.

This Pakistani Moslem from Luton shows exactly through his words what type of people we have intimidating the vulnerable in our communities, hear his beastly savage murderous words.

Matthew 10:28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

1Chronicles 16:22 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

One way or another I now look forward to hearing of your demise, and the demise of your whole family run drug empire.

This is my country and the community where I live, and you, your family and your friends by your actions have out stayed your welcome.

The time has come to stamp out your Islamic degradation of my Christian society with your Al Qaeda Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan that is being used as a weapon of war against my country.

I pray that the Living God whom I serve will now illuminate you and your co-workers of Death's actions, to those who are looking, and that this now is the start of your demise, and the demise of those British traitors who work along side of you and threaten the National Security of my country.

People need to now decide where they stand and who do they stand with.

None of us can go back from this now, you and your people were the ones who started this by sending your suicidal Moslem misfits off on their murderous journey from Luton on 7/7 and the planned atrocities that were facilitated in Luton by your fellow Al Qaeda brother Mr Q Khan - The Fertiliser plot, the biggest ever in British History.

You have declared war on my country as the facts in the public domain clearly state.

No surrender is the reply from those of us who care about this country and the sacrifices made by their brave forefathers in defence of this once Great land that is being destroyed in this our generation by the likes of you and your Pakistani Moslem brothers.

So sleep well Bobby Khan the Pakistani Moslem who proclaims to run the streets of Luton.


Anonymous said...

Lionheart....your strength amazes me....I have just recited day 2 of a nine day Novena to St. Jude...until the Novena is completed I will ask for nothing else but your safety.

Lionheart said...

thank you anonymous.

God bless

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who is Odinsgal88?

Sounds like a member of C18!

Lionheart said...

seems i cannot keep away..

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I enocurage you to keep writing. I like reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart,... I on my journey for a Crusade will be adding you to my blog and often check back,... I if unity in the ranks happens would love to come there soon and stamp out these filthy dogs from your streets.....

I'm sure the more this tips the edge, the sooner England will rise and the Queens guards will dis-solve parliment and with the true soldiers of England we shall reclaim our land.....

The day is coming soon,.....

Lionheart said...

Ill add you too Road2Hell...

The time is upon us before it is too late.

My community has been over run by these monsters and no one is there to help me defend my community from the onslaught.

Lets hope that the forces that be do not leave it until it is too late.

God bless you brother


Anonymous said...

bobby khan is brown bread found in the britania pub which he had paid cash for err "hello" looks like he died in pain so this is for all the girls he has beaten,and the familys hes destroyed im british and allways will be if they want a war im allready there and waiting you will know who i am because i will be at the front!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

YEY! Is Bobby The Monkey Boy really Dead? Any links about this? Rot in HELL Bobby Khan, eF U, you rancid piece of bacon, you BIG load of pig feces, you little girl-raping-monkey swine! HAHAHA...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
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hear no real evil
speak of NO real evil

absurd thought -
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or if you ignore them
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absurd thought -
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you have NO rights

to hate religions
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for sick ideologies

that deny human rights
KILL adulterers and gays


Anonymous said...

all u h8in muda fukaz
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Anonymous said...

ooooo, silly schoolboys now lookin to be hard, it was quite funny reading your comment, showing the world your mentality has done us all a favour and highly amused me ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

oh, n if u dont like white people u know wot u can do

Anonymous said...

u all h8ers r dirty n sik how can u say things lyk dat bout a dead man he was my dad n ur sayiy all dat i no he did sme bad things hey every1 does no 1 is perfect y couldnt u say it 2 his face u r ppl who dnt av a lyf u dnt deserve 1 go on if u fink ur so big show ur faces say ur name or adress if u fink u dat


Unknown said...

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