15 June 2007

My Political stance

The Murky world of Politics

In the 31 years I have been alive politics has meant absolutely nothing to me until now. Now that I have awoken to the dire state that my country is in and the future the British people now face due to Tony Blair's modern day Labour government and the devastation they have caused to this once Great Land and people.

People will read my blog and see my support of the BNP and because of the indoctrination of the masses of gullible British sheep people by Labour and Conservative they will automatically jump to the conclusion that I am a right wing Nazi racist.

BNP = Nazi racist in the British people's psyche.

I have never voted and am a part of No political party, some of my closest friends, they are more than friends they are family to me, are from different ethnic backgrounds and each of them would stand in any court of law on my behalf and agree with me, so I am not a racist.

My writings in support of the BNP is because they are Anglo-Saxon British citizens exactly the same as me whose country this is, whose forefathers fought and died for this country and who want to preserve the British way of life - Our British identity, history culture and heritage for the future and for our children's futures.

Is that not what our predecessors went to war for in the last 2 Great Wars?

I used to think the BNP = Racists and because I have such close friends of different nationalities the BNP = Racists stuck in my mind so I knew it was something to avoid like the plague because I was not a racist.

It was not until I started to look myself because of certain situations rather than listen to what I heard on the TV or in newspapers did I see that everything they stood for was something I agreed with.

The preservation of my British identity, history, culture and the way of life that I had grown up with. How could that possibly be wrong from an Englishman's perspective?

This is my country - Great Britain - I own war medals handed down to me from my Granddad fighting for Great Britain and I have children growing here in Great Britain. In my eyes Great Britain should always be Great Britain.

We stand today as a Nation because of our history and British identity.

I then continued reading between the lines and could quite clearly see that this was not a racist Nazi party that I had always perceived because of the false reality enforced upon me through the media.

I use the analogy of a lifeless seed that is planted and over time evolves and grows into a beautifully scented Rose.

This party was planted afresh with new roots once Nick Griffin took over the leadership of the party and it has evolved and is evolving into a political party for the British people reflecting modern life in Britain in the 21st Century and the serious issues facing our communities and country, also realising that our society is now a multi ethnic society.

No one can deny that our country is in a dire situation now because of this Labour governments enforced multi cultural Utopian dream, the dream that no one asked for or wanted, other than the Islamic Kingdom. they know full well what their intentions, goals and objectives are for our country because it is laid down in their Koran so they have been happy to force Labour to give into their demands for their block votes and then Labour cover it up under the banner 'multi cultural' society and then pass laws to protect their treachery.

Yes we are a multi cultural society with innocent peaceful people of different nationalities living here with us, but this is Great Britain with our British way of life. We should never be forced to change that under any circumstances. If people have been invited into our country they should live by our way of life and if they do not like it they should leave and go find a country that fits the way of life they are seeking. Would we go to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan and try to force them to live how we want to live? No they would chop our heads off if we did.

Here in Great Britain we have illegal immigrants on our streets robbing, raping and killing innocent British citizens. We have legal and illegal immigrants from all across Europe taking the jobs from the British population and taking from our tax paying welfare state. We have illegal immigrants here from all over the world placing a burden on our NHS forcing it into 3rd World status and we have legal and illegal Moslem immigrants from all over the World who ultimately want to take our country over who are living in their council homes provided by us, receiving benefits from our welfare system who travel home to their respective countries and marry bringing their new spouses back to Great Britain, sometimes more than one because we now have legal polygamy in Moslem communities across our Nation , so they bring them back to our country to take more money from our welfare system and NHS. They then take even more from us once they start having children with a birth rate of 3.5 to the British 1.5 and all of the terrorist sympathisers amongst them who are planning and plotting mass murder against us and the eventual take over of our country are taught by their leaders not to work for our country, they must take from our welfare system to help cripple our Nation as part of their Islamic War against us.

We are paying for the growth of Islam and its war against our country and by the year 2025 the Moslem population of Britain will be the majority out numbering the indigenous population.

If we criticise any of the above we are classed as racists and in Tony Blair's modern Labour Britain no one wants to be classed as racist. Look at the media attention of Jade Goody from BB and the most recent supposed racist BB incident.

The state controlled media manipulation forces people to say nothing and accept the complete degradation of our country by illegal immigrants and our Moslem neighbours under the banner of 'multi cultural' society.

Who is paying for this destruction of the United Kingdom - Your homeland?

The sickening thing is that each and every hard working British citizen is paying for the destruction of their own country with their hard earned taxes and all because of this failed Labour government and its 'multi cultural' Utopian dream that has almost completely destroyed this Nation which we will never recover from.

We have our most vulnerable people in society, the elderly, not being able to stay warm in the winter, being abused in nursing homes because of lack of funding and poor staffing, we have millions of young unemployed wandering the streets feeling hopeless ending up on drugs. All the main services of the tax paying welfare system being crippled. Not by the hard working British tax payer who pays for it, but the Moslem's and the illegal immigrants who have flocked to our country to receive hand outs from the good honest hard working people of Britain.

All because Labour has opened the door and invited them in, protected them and their destruction of our country by passing laws and then forcing the British people to comply with their will or face arrest and imprisonment as racists if they disagree with what is going on around them.

Am I a racist for not wanting to see my country destroyed, am I a racist for caring about the poor elderly British citizens who freeze in the winter time because there is not enough money left in the tax payers pot to keep them warm, am I a racist for caring about the millions of young people out of work mixed up with drugs because their jobs have been taken by immigrants, am I a racist for worrying about my country being taken over by Islam, am I a racist for wanting Britain to stay Britain for my children and not become an Islamic State?

At this moment in time Great Britain is slowly but surely sinking into the abyss of destruction, we cannot escape that fact anymore, it is a very worrying true reality we face, and the most scary thing about what is happening is that the alien Islamic Kingdom is growing upon our destruction seeking to take over our land. The longer this destruction continues the closer we get to them achieving their aims especially when they will be a majority in 2025.

The good hard working British people who pay their taxes whose forefathers fought and died for this Nation do not have long to save their country and preserve their children and grandchildren's futures.

We cannot escape the facts facing this country anymore and the sooner this forced destruction is stopped, then the sooner we can start to clear up the mess of Tony Blair's modern Labour governments complete and total destruction of Great Britain.

I have no political affiliation and then only reason why there are writings in support of the BNP on my blog is because when my life was threatened by Pakistani Moslem's and I wrote and article about it, they were the only ones who supported me by using my article to show people what is happening in this country.

I support those who support me.

This is when I started looking at the BNP website and reading what they were about and I could not disagree with them and their views and beliefs because much of what was written I could not deny.

These were my country folk who were fighting to preserve Great Britain, how could I not agree with them when I had experienced personally Islam threatening my life and taking over my community.

So when I heard David Cameron on TV in a packed room full of Moslem's saying to the group that Moslem extremists calling for Sharia law in Britain were as bad as the BNP I was disgusted.

How dare David Cameron use British people who are fighting to preserve the British way of life as a verbal sacrifice to appease these Moslem's who ultimately want to take out country over. How can Moslem's who want to destroy Britain be classed as the same as British citizens whose forefathers fought and died for this country. It was disgraceful and showed how out of touch with true reality the leader of the conservative party is.

It is this type of media manipulation the main political parties use to destroy their opponents. They publicly lynch them in the media to try and prevent people from looking at them and voting for them.

The BNP have been easy pickings because of their chequered origins before the new roots were put in place.

That is the old reality though, there is now a new reality upon us, people are seeing through the lies and spin because survival of our Nation, our communities and our streets is now at stake.

The main political parties will do anything in their power to stay in power, they even set up organisations specifically to try and blacken and smear the BNP name. It is amazing the lengths that the political elite will go to, to destroy their opponents.

No surprise really though when you think of the large salaries they are on including the added financial benefits they receive and the big business interests that can be served by having people in positions of power and influence.

All of this at the complete expense of the gullible British sheep people who wander through life, working hard, paying their taxes, taxes which keep increasing to pay for the added burden of Labours failed 'multi cultural' Utopian dream upon British society. The dream enforced on us against our will by Tony Blair's and his Labour government.

The thing now though is that we are past the point of no return and Great Britain is sinking into the abyss of destruction so people are waking up and wondering what has been going on, exactly like me. Then the truth and reality is revealed and it is shocking and scary especially when the future of Great Britain now hangs in the balance because of Tony Blair's Labour governments last 10 years in office.

The survival of this Nation now hangs in the balance over the next 10 years.

The last rites for Great Britain have not been given yet, it is now the British public's responsibility to arise and turn back this tide of destruction before it is too late before we go through the last rites stage and then the 'death' of our Nation and children's futures, never to recover because Islam will have conquered our land and enforced Sharia law upon the population.

Would I vote BNP? Yes if I needed too.

Dunstable where I live has a very good Conservative leader Andrew Selous who works tirelessly for the people of the community, which I can testify too. He has achieved a lot for the people of the community, he has raised the Heroin issue in Parliament and he has an excellent name and reputation. He cannot be faulted in his leadership role for his constituency where I live so why change something that works well.

If I lived in Luton I would certainly vote BNP because Labours Margaret Moran does nothing but appease the Moslem community for their vote. A community which has taken over the streets of Luton so the BNP would be the only viable option to bring about change.

Before my life was threatened and I awoke to the dire situation my country was in I knew nothing about politics.

Now all I know is that we do not have long to rid our country of this failed destructive Labour government because of what political power has done to this country, and try and clear up the mess before it is too late.

Conservative and BNP are the only options left for Great Britain.

I feel sorry for Dr John Reid, Labours home secretary because I know he is a good man with the best interests of our country at heart. He is the best man for the job he is in, but he is fighting a losing battle against the Labour powers who are ultimately in control.

Let's hope his is a humble man and switches sides and fights for the protection of his Nation along with the rest of us.

Am I a racist for my views and beliefs? That's for you to decide and pass judgement on. I know who I am as I stand before Almighty God and my friends know who I am too.

Solidarity with my country folk in defence of our Nation is my top priority now. If we lose our Nation then no one will be safe here no matter where people originate from.

Join the British people in defence of their land or please do not criticise and judge those who are standing up in defence of their homeland.

God bless you


p.s One more act of betrayal Tony Blair has just forced upon the British people before leaving office.

His departure is imminent so before he picked up his box of belongings from clearing out his office he decided to leave the British people with one more gift to remember him by.

He has just handed over access of our DNA database to 27 other EU countries without asking anyone. So if you like me are on that database we now have some of the most corrupt Nations in Europe having access to your most personal information - Your DNA

How dare he do that without consulting the people who are on that database?

It is a wonder this man can sleep at night after what he has done to this Nation and its people.

His acts of betrayal are legendary and he will go down in history as the greatest destroyer ever in the life of Great Britain.

If ever a man was in league with the devil then it is him and there is talk of him now working for the Catholic church.

God help the Catholic church if he does, that would be just as bad as having known paedophiles working in the ranks.

Email: Lutonlionheart@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

John Reid was a card carrying member of the commie party until his early 30s, that was way after the Soviet invasion and crushing of Hungarys "rebellion". The UK commie partys alliegance was to the USSR not our country, so John Reid cannot ever be trusted, in my opinion. A starry eyed student can be forgiven for being a commie, not an adult, John Reid is a traitor.
Politics isnt as complicated as most people believe. The reason labour want muslims over here is simple. they encourage "white flight" driving mainly conservative voters overseas, whilst the muslims themselves will vote for the party that doles out the most benefits ie labour.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have been following the BNP for awhile now, but Im glad you heeded my suggestion to read their itnerary and perhaps get involved with the party. What you said above is so true and so glaringly obvious; perhaps you need to ACTIVELY get involved since this blog will never have anywhere near the readership necessary to make a big impact. Your conviction is intense, you articulate well; perhaps you need to contemplate joining ranks with the BNP and bring your oratory skills to the next level.

A Canadian

Unknown said...

You need to check out the accuracy of the May 15th Prophecy in regards to what is happing in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria and the return of the Hidden Imam


Anonymous said...

This problem is growing in Ireland.Frankly Christians need to unite on this and settle any differences after victory.
I am a Christian and Roman Catholic who opposes utterly radical if not all forms of Islam coming to these islands, both Britain and Ireland.Ireland has a long history of upholding western culture and civilisation.It was Irish monks who were extremely well educated that re-educated Europe after the fall of Rome.
Many went to their deaths bringing the light of Christ back to all the corners of Europe.
Paedophile priests are NOT part of the Catholic teaching these were people who obviously got into these institutions because they knew they would be away from mainstream society and under the radar to perpetuate their filth and disease upon children they may be teaching.These people have no business being in the catholic church - nor does any priest, bishop or pope that plays a blind eye to it.
That is how the Catholic church and ordinary catholics feel about it. It was a corruption and a decay under our very noses - and we want it cut out, purged and ridden from our pure faith.
Lionheart if you are disparaging my faith ,i have to disagree and oppose you on that.The Irish people are a good people ,though now I fear we are suffering the same onslaught by liberals - tying our hands as our country is blindly going the way of Britain in immigration.We are ,or at least were ,like Britain, a Christian nation.Even before that our 5 nations, including isle of man, were of the same stock of tribes. Until the saxons/angles/jutes invaded you guys.
I want my nation to go back to its rightful peaceful state of being whole again - North and south being correctly a nation once again, this is the way it was before Britain invaded and the right and proper way of things.
Now, I understand, there are people there, who are British - descended from people who were planted in the north.They came in and simply kicked the original owners (the irish) off their land. This was wrong, an injustice - hence the reason people have been fighting to get,the birthright,that what was wrongfully taken from them.
If that was Britain ,you would do the same,...and look ....it is Britain, your land IS being taken ,just like your ancestors took ours....so if you are arguing that we had no right to fight for OUR OWN LAND - IRISH LAND,CELTIC LAND. Then you cannot claim Britain for the British.Yes friend, yes ,as stated there are british in the north now too,but britain has no legal right over northern ireland.It must out of simple justice go back to its rightful owners.
My position is that no violence should ever be tolerated against our british ,protestant, christian brothers.I want to see a united Ireland ,I believe ,that, is morally just, but it must now be done by vote, by agreement of all those who live there even though i find this hard and dont agree with it - (would you agree that the future of luton has now to be put to the vote of all who live there just because the muslims now want it to be part of islamistan not britain).....no its rightly and justly british ....as is northern ireland rightly and justly ..Irish.But as i said, we must vote on it for the sake of all the people who deserve, just a chance at normality ,up there.
My point is that if you are against catholics and the irish,I had to take issue and stand up for my faith and nation and oppose with you. If you still have a problem with catholics and my faith, then I only ask that you realise that as christians we face an oncoming horde. All christians that believe that ,christ is the light and the way, MUST unite to battle this ,otherwise we will be our own undoing.They will divide us and laugh as we bicker and butcher amongst ourselves.
All must Christians unite as the quarrelsome european nations did under christ. Put aside age old differences ,we will settle our differences with reason and brotherhood/sisterhood after the storm. It is the way of Christ ,our Lord and saviour.
We are brothers/sisters in Christ.Failing that, we are neighbours on these islands, bound by a intertwined history ,however troubled.These islands have a similar ancestry and most importantly a love of freedom characterised by all the tribes of the west.Borne out of the roots of western civilisation typified by the Spartans at the battle of THERMOPYLAE.
Let us unite under Christ to oppose this evil and to confront this growing tyranny.It is here, and now is the time.
As at Thermopylae and many ,many times since ,the west has had to answer the call to stem the tide.We are the few...the chosen. We are sons and daughters of this legacy. No retreat, there will be no surrender.

Anonymous said...

"A man stands with his brother against his cousin.
A man stands with his cousin against a stranger".

Indeed the time has come for all Christians to stand together.

Lionheart said...

Hi Celtic, I am in no way disparaging my faith, I know from your words that you are a true Christian Brother and you are a fine example to the Roman Catholic church, you show a true perception breaking down the lies that satan has put up about the Catholic church.

I was not going to put that part on the post because I did not want to offend you personally but I felt i should as it had come out when i wrote my post. It is good because you speak the truth from your perception, agaain breaking down the lies and sharing the truth.

You are right we must all unite and we are uniting, and as you say any differences can be talked about after. The Islamic enemy is the most pressing threat to us all so as brothers and sisters of the faith it is our responsibility to stand together.

Please do not take offence to my words, it was meant to be.

God bless you brother


newGeneration said...

bunch bullshit aint it

Lionheart said...

NG - You, your family and your Moslem friends time in my country is almost up.

Wait to see the response from the British people when your Moslem brothers attack us again.

You can apologise all you want and say "Islam is a Religion of Peace" but we the true British people of this land are fed up with your lies and murder so those words will no longer mean anything.

I expcet people will hunt You out, the same as people are hunting me out.

Dark days are coming and you and your people are the ones who started this.

Mr Q Khan from Luton

The 7/7 bombers

Daily destruction with heroin and crack.

the further Luton links to terror.

All from your community, with you, your family and friends harbouring thse people.

Your delusional NG, wake up and read the facts in balck and white.

I think your the stupid one here, how can any sane person ignore the facts?

what does this say about you?


God bless you brother in the name of Jesus


Anonymous said...

Brave Lionheart, in order to ensure that the BNP has purged itself of anti-semitism, please inform them of the origins of the English/British peoples which I sent you some time ago.

I think it is about time the British people learnt who they really are and from whence they stem. They will be surprised, pleasantly I hope! And if not at the beginning, once it sinks in, the real Israelites will rejoice and greet their Judah-brethren with joy (and vice-versa I hope!).

Anyway, here is something from the Bible which may make these facts easier for some to digest. God promises that in his due time, he will REUNITE Judah (the Jews) with the Lost Tribes of Israel (not only the British...!) and return them back to the Land of Israel to live together.

He will make a REAL peace covenant ("Brit") with them (not like the disastrous manmade Oslo false
"peace" treaty)and together the entire Israelite people will rebuilt His Sanctuary (Temple) in Jerusalem/Zion:

Ezekiel 37: 15-28 - The word of the Lord came to me, Take a stick for JUDAH and the children of ISRAEL associated with him and another for Joseph [the tribes of Epraim & Manasseh, Joseph's sons] and ALL the House of Israel and JOIN them together into one stick that they may become ONE.....then say to them, thus says the Lord God: "I will take the people of Israel from the nations among which they have gone and will gather them....and bring them to their own Land and make them ONE NATION...and one King shall rule over them [the Messiah, not Prince-Sheihk Charles!]...and they shall no longer be divided into two nations....They shall dwell in the Land where your fathers dwelt that I gave to my servant Jacob, they and their children and their children's children shall dwell there FOR EVER and DAVID shall be their prince for ever...I will make a Covenant of Peace with them and it shall be an EVERLASTING Covenant. I will bless them and MULTIPLY them and set up my Sanctuary in their midst for ever more....I will be their God and they will be MY people. Then the nations will know that I sanctify Israel when my Sanctuary is in their midst forever."
Amen, Jewish Lady

Anonymous said...

I'm patriotic and proud of what England once was, I believe in our traditions and morals.
I shan't cower but stand up with pride that I am patriotic! I'm not racist and have ethnic friends (who believe in the British way of life, not wanting to come here and impose their believes apon us..Moslems..they don't want to be British? Kick them out!)
Because of the fact I stand up for what I believe in, many black individuals would love for an opertunity to plant a knife between my shoulder blades but still I will not abandon England!
I'm 14 and gathering support!

This England never did, nor never shall,
Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror!

I'll die before it does!

Scott The Gent

Anonymous said...

Greetings from the USA! I agree with you Brits. Seems as if the other europeans dont get it either.

Fuck Islam, plain & simple. Frankly its not just Islam, its all the 3rd world immigrants. Frankly how the can they be "productive" if their country is a shithole. At least when Japs, Chinese & Koreans come to our country they stay quiet & dont dilute our country & they return home! But the Asian people are pretty westernized, thats why.

Its a double standard, we can't bring out industry or entertainment in their country, cause it will "poison" thier culture. But its okay for them to change OUR LAWS!? fuck all the inferior 3rd world trash. we try to help them, they bite us, we dont owe them shit anymore, cut & try.

These are our lands & By the grace of the almighty God, this is our Manifest Destiny!
1776! One Country, One Language, One Flag!

Don't like America or speak english? no!? then get the fuck out!