19 June 2007

Islamic Barbarism & Savagery upon our streets

The age old Moslem practice of honour killing

A prime example of the enrichment to British society that our Moslem guest contribute.

Last week in the paper there was a shocking story of a young Iraqi lady who was brutally beaten around the head with a dumb-bell bar by her brother, who was ordered by her father to murder her. The brother did not have the heart to kill his sister so the father and her uncle then hired local Kurdish assassins to do the job instead.

On the orders of her 52-year-old father and uncle, Ari Mahmod, 50, she was strangled with a bootlace by Kurdish assassins, her body stuffed in a suitcase and buried six feet down in the garden of a house belonging to an associate in Birmingham.

Her crime? Having a relationship with a local boy rather than accepting a forced marriage with a cousin back in their native homeland.

This is the mentality of our Moslem guests who are living within the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain. This sad shocking story is not the first example of this type of Islamic savagery and sadly will not be the last. Honour killings and forced marriages are Islamic practices that no Western democratic society is ever going to be able to change because it is in the make up and fabric of Islam.

This is one aspect of the Islamic barbaric reality that surrounds us.

After they had murdered this poor young girl, her killers stuffed her body in a suitcase and then tried burying her in a friend’s garden.

My only thought here is; can you imagine how many more poor young Moslem women there must be across Great Britain who have been murdered under similar circumstances who are now buried in somebody’s garden?

This type of behaviour is so normal that this young girl’s sister is believed to be the first ever family witness in such a trial in the U.K. This behaviour is so acceptable that the girls own mother and 3 other sisters would not cooperate with the police through fear of upsetting the honour in the community.

She is believed by British police to be the first female family member ever to give evidence in an "honour killing" trial.

Indeed, her mother and three other sisters refused to cooperate with the police for fear of upsetting the community.

The civilized people of Great Britain are being forced by our government through their ‘multicultural’ utopian dream to integrate into, and embrace Islam as a part of a New Great Britain.

I for one do not, and will not, integrate and embrace any such barbaric savage behaviour and this is all Islam contains as we keep witnessing time and time again.

The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain cannot integrate into our society because it is completely contrary to their false Islamic belief. So we the innocent people of Great Britain are forced by this government to give up our British way of life, so as to fall in line with Islam as the ‘multicultural’ enrichment of Great Britain.

These Labour leaders are delusional if they think Islam with its inherent barbaric practices are going to enrich our civilised society.

It is about time people started waking up and facing facts.

According to Bekhal, integration was the very last thing on her father's mind, although she says he seemed happy to accept Britain's hospitality in the form of a council house and benefits.

Full story can be read here:- The Daily Mail

How much longer are the good people of Great Britain going to sit back and allow this horror to grow in their midst?

Our hearts can only go out to the innocent and vulnerable in these Moslem communities that are in our country at the moment. The time will come of that I am sure when the British people will see the reality of the horror in their midst and then stretch out their arms to help and embrace those in need of our help.

The innocent and vulnerable born into the savage Islamic Kingdom need our help and protection as much as the non-Moslem people of Great Britain.

Islam is a demonic murderous beast that needs removing from our land.
I pray that Jesus will reach out with His love and protection to those in need of Him now within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain.

May God bless, protect and guide those in imminent danger of death; I pray that they will seek out the safety and sanctuary of God’s Church.

In Jesus name – Amen


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