11 June 2007

The End of the beginning

This country is not Britain for the British anymore, the rule of law that applies to the non-Moslem people of Britain does not apply to Islam and its Moslem followers.

The 2 faces of Britain

The British cloak of Injustice

Lawless Britain

The Police and security services who you pay your taxes towards for your protection and security will enforce the law against you and turn a blind eye to the Moslems living next to you unless it really encroaches upon peoples lives to a point where they have to act. Look at all of those preachers of hate who still walk the streets of Britain declaring treason and acts of war against your country as an example.

This Moslem Class A drug dealer:
Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection has been operating openly for 7 - 8 months with the polices full knowledge. It is located within 150 yards from a school with school children using the premises yet the police have done nothing, with this gang continuing to openly sell Heroin & Crack in the community.

It is common knowledge that all the main Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealers have been plying their trade for many years unhindered, with the polices full knowledge of who they are and none of them being arrested unless the police are forced to act like they were with me. Look at the consequences for me now though!!!

What is the point in having a police force that does not do its job?

How many young people in Dunstable are now hooked on hard drugs through this one gang because of police inaction?

What if it is your son or daughter!!!

I gave the police the information the first time to have this person stopped from pumping his Heroin & Crack into my community and ended up losing my business, losing my home, becoming bankrupt and then living with the threats of very serious assault. He spent less than a year in prison came back into the community started selling his Heroin & Crack again and bought his chicken & chips business to wash his money through.

Did the police help me?

They severed all ties with me because at the same time I gave fact based allegations of corruption so they left me out on the street to face these threats alone from the Pakistani
Moslem Mafia from Luton, probably hoping that I would be silenced and my allegations of truth would go away.

God had other plans and sent me to Israel and this happened:
The International Solidarity Movement unmasked

They could not sweep me under the carpet and ignore my allegations anymore because more people were beginning to hear about what had been going on with me, including the other work I was involved in!!! so called me in to speak to a D.I who confirmed all of my words about the allegations.

I am from the streets so know how to look after myself which is what I have been doing for the past year.

I had two death threats aimed at me both in the presence of credible witnesses. Did the police ask to speak to them or interview them regarding the threats against my life? NO

I have just been left to try and pick up the pieces from the polices inaction's and incompetence's whilst having Moslems wanting to kill me.

I now live with threats against my life by Moslem terrorists linked to Al Qaeda so my blog is the response.

I am homeless and have had no alternative but to sleep in a car at different stages, I am completely bankrupt living hand to mouth, I have no bank accounts so cannot work, I can no longer use my I.D because the Pakistani Moslems can trace me and all because I stepped forward to help the police prevent Heroin & Crack being pumped into my community.

I received no money for my actions and money was not discussed, I did not come forward because of money, I came forward because it was the right thing to do and now look at my situation.

Is it any wonder that the public has no confidence in the police, is it any wonder people would rather turn a blind eye to Moslem criminality, is it any wonder that those who are pumping their Heroin & Crack out into my community are doing it unhindered and have been doing it unhindered for the last 20 years.

The government of this country is not on the side of its people, the police and security services are not on the side of the British people so what future is there for Britain and your children's futures???

There is an alien force with clear set goals and objectives that is intent on your demise to the point of death, this is the future for you and your country.

The Brink of a Revolution

I would like to thank everyone who has followed my blog over the past several months and for all of the comments you have left. they have been very encouraging and helped me realise that I was not alone in what I was writing about. I will check when I can for any new ones and reply if possible.

It has been hard keeping my blog going due to being homeless with no permanent base or Internet connection but I have done it thanks to friends and the local library.

Hopefully this will not be the last of my blogging because I have so much more to write about.

Be warned if your considering putting your life on the line for what you believe in, that is right and just for the protection of your community and country because no one will respect you for it and you will end up dead. Think about the life and the people you are about to lose and leave behind, then think again.

No one will thank you for it!!!

It is a very sad thing to say considering what sacrifices our brave forefathers did for us, but you will find that you are on your own because those who are there to protect us are ultimately not on our side (their pay packet speaks more than your life and their country) and those who profess to be on your side only are when it suits them.

My apologise to anyone I have been in contact with but I can no longer communicate, at least this has been the last thing to go. My life line that has now been taken away from me because it no longer suits people.

"The Great British sell outs"

God bless


Email me: Lutonlionheart@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Even though, at this time, my faith eludes me, I still use prayer in times of need. I am an honest doubter.

I have asked and will continue to ask St. Jude (Judas Thaddaeus) to watch over you in the absence of knowing how else I could help you.

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, Im so sorry to hear of your plight. Your posts have been so genuine and couragious; Is sad to see you go out like this. I wish I could help but I can't. Please stay safe Paul for the battle is early and your leadership will be greatly needed going forward. May I suggest you skip town for awhile; perhaps locate to a welsh community with BNP foot patrol, at least in the interim. Remember Lionheart, the Light of Christ is with Thee.

A Canadian

youdontknowme said...

Even I am astonished by this. The police have a duty of care to you. Sue them for everything they have for not protecting you then get out of that neighbourhood.

I have enjoyed your blog. Infact yesterday I made you blog of the week and now you are leaving.

Fidothedog said...

Well hope you keep well and I have enjoyed the blog, should have commented more but I read the posts so I guess thats the main thing(even if being a lazy fuck at times meant I did not post)and I agree with your points on the moslem terror threat/social takeover of the UK.

Keep well and even thought your blog may have closed its staying on my blogroll for others to read,

Anonymous said...

Lionheart- these are the trying hard times that we as christians will endure.remember the first christians were shunned,jeered at,sneered at beaten and tortured yet they never quit ,they never gave up -even unto death and that is where many of them knew they were headed but no-one would imprison their mind,their belief in christ and the freedom of their soul which they commended unto the care of christ.even though some went through their torments physically on their own -they were not alone they knew they had brothers and sisters who were undergoing the same abuses and pain.take heart Lionheart there are christians who believe in you and have you in their prayers and who also have their own struggles against the growing tyranny to wage- alone.yet we are not alone we are slowly a growing brother and sisterhood in Christ.Unlike muslims who describe their grouping as a "brotherhood " of islam -we as christians see that our sisters are equal to us as men and deserving of mutual respect- western women must hear the call and understand that they have every right and ABILITY to fight this growing tyranny that is islam- on the SAME terms as men.Lets face it we cant call the west Christian anymore- christianity is derided and has been kicked into touch by pop-culture.people claim to be about freedom but run out on you -leave you in the shit at the first sign of trouble-men fear women and so have convinced them that they are only worthy,if prancing around a pole naked-seeing women as sex objects and that they should shut up and clean up after them- these "blokes" are usually the first to piss off when they know their up against it numbers -wise or when the going gets tough.we need to toughen up in the west stop seeing Paris ritz and britney as good models for our sisters to emulate- try sigourney weaver in Aliens instead- a stong woman ,feminine,clever,humourous,daring ,intelligent,loyal and a fighter- brave and prepared to go against the odds to remain loyal and defend one of her own.Joan of Arc -another woman of sterling quality- forget these stick insects who have nothing but mindless, shrivelled souls inside-not the kind of people to count on when the you're outnumbered and the enemy are coming up fast.and make no mistake this is europes situation -the enemy is here and we are going to be outnumbered.It is time for Christian women to reclaim their position of strength and equality alongside their christian brothers- as Christ always espoused.it is time for all christians to wake up and be counted to stand up to the growing evil in our midst-to make our voices heard even if that means death - this is how it was for the early christians and described how it would be again.
Lionheart, temporarily move elsewhere for the time being.somewhere that you can get yourself sorted and among people who realise what is going on.get your finances going and condition and discipline yourself physically,mentally and spiritually.then talk to people who you know are sympathetic to what is going on - simply to build your morale again.then when you are sufficiently recuperated- begin on your mission to spread the word again -all with the ultimate aim of going back to Luton stronger and with a greater network of people.these things take time and effort- patience and persistance and prayer is what is needed my brother- dont lose faith ,brother -there are many times we are feel truly alone-YOU ARE NOT -remember the first christians went through this exact same thing feeling that all were against them-and went to their deaths but knew and trusted that they were doing Christs work,and Christ looked down upon them with a glad heart and sent his holy spirit to guide and comfort them- pray for such guidance and comfort brother- calm and still your mind and an answer will come but it may be an answer you dont expect.

God be with you,Lionheart,


Anonymous said...

good riddance

Lionheart said...

yes but my words remain...


Anonymous said...

Dear Lionheart
Your plight is truly heartrending. And so undeserved. My respect for the police has reached rock-bottom after reading how they have betrayed you. Are there no Judeo-Christian Evangelical groups in England who could help you? Or just ordinary Judeo-Christian believers and churches?

I am curious about the BNP because, being Jewish, I have always heard about how they hate us and consider us enemies of Britain to be expelled or worse..! It seems not to matter to them that our fathers fought in all the British wars, as my father (a refugee from Nazi-Austria) did in the British Army during WW2. He joined up in 1939, fought in France & Belgium and was demobbed in 1946. But we only received British citizenship in 1947! But what is the BNP's policy to Britain's Jews? Positive or negative? That is the pertinent question.

Lionheart said...

It must just be my luck because it seems everyone i have helped recently has betrayed me and left out on my own.

God has taught me some very big lessons, its just a shame considering the level of the threat I now face from people for helping others.

I am waiting for the tide to turn.

There are groups that I could turn too but at the moment I am standing firm in my faith, doors have opened for me so I am just waiting on God now.

From what i know from a very good friend who is a member of the BNP and knows the workings of the party, the anti-Jewish stance was the old leadership, the new leadership views things differently. The Jewish people have alot in common with the British people.

We fight the same enemy.

If I thought they were anti-Jewish then I would not support them in anyway, they are just normal British citizens like me who are concerned about their country.

Green Arrow and Drakes drum are BNP supporters and also stand with Israel.

The BNP is not the party it once was from what I have learned and all i have experienced so far from them is good people.

The true British patriots stand with Israel and the Jewish people because you are our friends.

The neo-Nazi racist face they once had is now gone, that was the old reality under the old leadership.

They still carry the label though which they are gradually shaking off.

I am not an authority on the party so do not quote me on anything but what i have learned and heard so far is exaclty what i write.

If i thought it was any different i would not write or say what i do.

The BNP are the only true party for the true British people whose streets are being taken over by Islam.

The situation is dire here in England.