23 June 2007

The British people's side of the Story

Please Read this post: Luton & Dunstable - The Pakistani Moslem threat

This is where I live and I ask anyone who is concerned enough about what is happening on the ground here in the UK to expose this daily destruction of British life to the wider Global audience.

I have as many witnesses as you need and can let you see with your own eyes what is going on.

It is about time this daily destruction of my community and country is exposed and brought out into the light.

I ask any reporters/journalists from around the World to come and report on this situation my community and country faces personally.

You report on the Moslem side of things, now do you not think that it is about time you report the British peoples side of things and what is happening to their communities and country?

I wait with anticipation to see if there is somebody out there who wants to report on the plight of my community.

The real story of what is happening to British society by the Islamic Kingdom with their Al Qaeda controlled Afghani Heroin must be told, then people will be aware of what is happening under the surface of day to day life of main stream Britain and the consequences we face.


Web: lionheartuk.blogspot.com

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Flanders Fields said...

LionHeart, I suspect that you may be interested in exploring this movement resisting Islamification of Europe. Maybe a broader movement can assist local efforts and draw more attention to the dissatisfaction that most feel but don't reveal. The link is to their info blog: http://siad.wordpress.com

More direct info can be found at my blog article: http://myflandersfields.blogspot.com/2007/06/stop-islamization-of-europe.html